Casey Jones Train Fest - Jackson, TN on May 19, 2001

First off, Judy Trickett and I got on the road to get to Jackson for the event around 1:30 p.m. Of course, got on the wrong turn-off and headed to Union City, TN two times, and the second time I had Judy stop at a convenient store to get the right directions. Got, it, and then we headed on our way.

We arrived in Jackson at the festival around 5 p.m. I told Judy I was gonna ride the big umbrella ferris wheel, and I did -- the only carnival ride I got on the whole night.

Judy took my lawn chair and I had her blanket. We sat back from the stage a bit at first. We ran into Margie Sullivan, and she asked Judy if she was intending to move closer to the stage when it was close to time for Marty to come on and, of course Judy said, "Yes." So, at closer time for Marty to perform, they moved closer, along with another girl in the fan club. She had a towel to sit on. I had left the blanket in the car, but I decided to go for the grass instead, and it was a little muddy, but I didn't care. We sat in front of the stage.

One band was performing. I don't know who they were, but the lead singer was pretty good -- NO MARTY, but he could sing like Elvis Presley.

As we were waiting for Marty, patiently, along comes Cindy Allred. She and I went to the cars to get her chair and I got the blanket and did use it.

As it was getting closer to time for Marty to come on, we were still waiting patiently. Saw the bus pull up. It was a big brown tan bus. WHEW, I knew it had to be Marty and the guys. Margie told us it was.

Saw, Steve, Brad, and Spike! Great seeing Spike. Hadn't seen him in a long time!

They set up for Marty and, after that band got done performing, Steve, Brad, and Spike did soundcheck, No, Marty didn't come on for that, ratz!

When soundcheck was over, the host from Jackson for the festival came on and made announcements, but nothing was said about a meet'n'greet, and I was beginning to think, well, guess it was because of the bands they had, or the venue. A security guard guy came out in front of the stage, and Judy asked him about pictures, standing to do so, and he said yes we could stand to get pictures, and even stand while Marty was performing if we wanted to! I thought, YIPPEE!

Two radio deejays came out, one a girl and the other a guy, they talked for a few minutes, and still nothing was mentioned about a meet'n'greet. Then, I thought, oh well. I wish Marty would do one! Some one asked the guard about it, and he said the night before there was no announcement for fan club to meet who was there (Jessica Andrews). People in that fan club just automatically lined up to the right side of the stage, and there was one.

Saw Melanie Renfro, she came over and talked to Cindy, who sat by me. Her parents, Gary and Barbara were there also.

So, after the two radio deejays got through talking, it was time.

Lights went down, and here comes those Rock'N'Roll Cowboys, and out comes Marty -- standing ovation he got, from everyone. He was dressed in a white t-shirt -- could have been one of the sleeveless like he used to wear -- the black coat with pink horse shoes, and those terrific black leather pants. I swooned! Gregg Stocki wasn't there to play drums. It was Harry Stinson, who did an excellent job. Steve Arnold, and Brad Davis were there!

He started the show off with "HILLBILLY HIGHWAY"!

The songs he did sing, don't know if I am getting these in order, but maybe close, "HEY BABY," " I DON'T WANT NO OTHER BABY BUT YOU" (whew I love this song!), "THE WHISKEY AIN'T WORKIN'," " LITTLE THINGS," "TEMPTED," (in doing this song, Marty asked the audience what we wanted to hear, lots of us screamed loudly "TEMPTED"). " NOW THAT'S COUNTRY," "SOUTHERN ACCENT," "HONKEY TONK CROWD," "HARD TIMES AND MISERY," "BLUE TRAIN," "LONG BLACK VEIL (oh man, hadn't heard this in a while and, when Marty sang the part, "I have been in the arms of my best friend's wife," I yelled, "Whoa," and Marty heard me, and just smiled!), "HILLBILLY ROCK," and "WESTERN GIRLS."

At the end of the concert, all of us still standing, Marty walked to the back of the stage. And then the guys left. The crowd was screaming, "MORE MARTY, MARTY, MARTY, MARTY," including me!

So, he came out first, and then here comes Steve, Brad, and Harry for an encore. The encore song was "HOBO'S PRAYER."

Then at the end of the song, that was it, still no announcement for a meet'n'greet, but we all lined at the stage, and of course myself, Marty leaned over and shook my head, he automatically knew me, and I said, "I love you Marty." He replied, "I love you too." And something else, I thought he said, see you backstage. But wasn't sure! Evidently it was.

I saw some people getting back stage passes out, and we were still wondering if he was gonna meet with fan club members. Ffinally I spoke and told Judy and Cindy, "There go people with backstage passes. Let's go." So, Margie, Judy, Cindy, two other girls in the club, and I went, and then came the Renfros. They had forgottten their cards.

When we got to the line, we asked if Marty was intending to meet with us fan club members. So, the lady guard called back on a walkie talkie, and Cindy said loudly, "There aren't many of us." I bet Marty heard that. They told her, "Yes, for us to stick around." Then she got a call, that Marty said for us to come on. We met by his bus.

Cindy asked Marty about the Renfro's forgetting their cards and the guard that told us to go on back wouldn't let them come because of that reason. Marty, had to think, he wasn't sure what to do, then the other guard asked him if he wanted those people to come back, and he replied, "Yes I do." So, they were allowed to come on. Cindy that was so sweet of her to do that for them! She is a true fan club member to do that for fans of Marty!

Judy and I asked Cindy to take our picture together with Marty, and whew, I needed that. He hugged me to tightly around my waist, I did him the same, and then I told him "We love you Marty." He replied, "I love you too." And I kissed him on his right cheek, again without asking him, I just did! I used to have to ask him, but since the 2000 fan club party when he planted that kiss on me, with out asking or telling me, I feel like I can kiss Marty with out asking as well.

I had Marty sign one thing, a 5x7 picture I had blown up taken of the first night in June 1993 at Opryland Themepark, when I met him. I told him where the picture was taken, and told him 8 years ago, and he said, "I remember!" I said, "You can remember 8 years ago." I said, "You have a good memory."

Then we walked off, I didn't want to but I had to.

Well, then guess who we run into, and he gave us the biggest hug, and me several hugs and kisses and I did him the same way! BRAD DAVIS!!!!! So, I asked him could Judy take a picture of me and him together, and he said, "Sure." And we did! I told Brad, I loved him too, and he replied, he loved me. Wow, Brad loves the Marty fans also!

I didn't get to talk to Steve, he was visiting someone. I really wanted to, but maybe at the party I will see him! Then, we left, and Cindy came out after wards, and we went to the cars together.

This is another night I will always remember!

Marty was so sweet as always, and what a performance, man he was really wired up. He was MARTY STUART!

Review and photos by Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, KY

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