Here's what the fans are saying about Hillbilly Rock

"Brilliant, catchy, and traditional country music. A great album that showcases Marty's awesome sound. The album has the usual rocking, honky-tonk numbers, including: 'Cry, Cry, Cry' and the title track 'Hillbilly Rock'. I found his cover of Johnny Horton's 'The Wild One' quite unusual, as I personally find it to be one of Johnny Horton's "worst" songs; but Marty's cover does breathe new life into this 60's number. Gotta say my favorite is the last track 'Since I Don't Have You', a traditional and beautiful song that is best heard when there's no alcohol within reach. I'd say the album rates just a bit lower than This One's Gonna Hurt You, but it is well worth your money and I have no doubt you'll wear out the disc." -- Jess (Coal Country, PA)

"I bought this album on a cassette tape when it first came out in 1989 and since then have practically worn it out. I'm buying the CD to replace it. Marty does some mighty fine guitar and mandolin playing on this album. His vocals are excellent too. Make no mistake; this is definitely traditional country music, with Marty's rockabilly style in full force. Marty covers Johnny Cash's 'Cry Cry Cry' and does some really good guitar licks on it, it's my favorite song on the CD. I also like 'When The Sun Goes Down', a song Marty Stuart and Mark Collie wrote that is reminiscent of Merle Haggard. 'Me and Billy The Kid' is a great song too. All of the songs on this CD are keepers and you won't be disappointed with it." -- D. Schug (El Paso, IL)

"I love the album! I don't know anybody else that can jam on a mandolin, like he does. 'Me and Billy the Kid' is great! He pays homage to Johnny in 'Cry Cry Cry' and 'Western Girls' Rocks! 'Hillbilly Rock' describes the contents of the album perfecly!" -- A Customer

"A little rock, a little country, a little bluegrass. That sums up this album. Marty is a country gem. This album is Marty at his best." --Virginia J. Pierce (Leesburg, FL)

"This is his best CD that he has ever recorded. I feel the hillbilly rock is one of his best songs. I like how he put it together." -- anonymous

"I love this album and had lost it. Now that I found it, I'm gonna buy it." -- anonymous

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