Medina Entertainment Center - Hamel, MN on October 30, 1998

Marty put on a good show Friday night. Almost 2-1/2 hours. He said he had to make up for cutting the show early the last time he was at the Medina. A few things bugged me though.

There was a lot of stalling going on prior to Marty taking the stage. First the top forty local warm-up band played for 90 minutes. The crowd was really getting restless and drunk. Then it took 60 minutes of changing the stage and the DJ's throwing out prizes before Marty and the band took the stage. Marty's excuse was that he was talking to Travis on the phone. Of course the crowd loved that excuse, but I thought it was bullshit - a lame excuse. An artist doesn't get involved in a long phone conversation with a buddy when he/she knows there is a show to do.

When Marty took the stage he was really squirelly - more than what I have seen in the past.

Marty played the honky tonk material since it was a honky tonk crowd. He did do his Johnny Cash set, which included "Southern Accents." After he talked about working on the Unchained album. Marty didn't do the Monroe tribute. I was hoping to hear "The Pilgrim" ( I think that is the title ). Marty did an instrumental version of an Elvis song on his mandolin and had the audience sing it. My date was really impressed with the mandolin playing.

Marty was wearing his purple Nudie Suit - the one Elton John once owned.

After the show my date and I got in the meet and greet line. My friend made several observations about the obsessiveness of the female fans. After 45 minutes of waiting Marty entered the meet and greet area. I told him the Garth joke that was posted on the Highwaymen list group and got several items signed for myself and friends.

As I expected it was a good show, I had good seats and my date was also impressed with the show and meeting Marty.

Review by Steve Pacholl

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