Upper South Carolina State Fair, Greenville, NC on September 4, 2002

The concert was held in conjunction with the fair on the grounds of the Greenville Speedway a paved NASCAR track. The big outdoor stage was set up on the inside edge of pit road facing the stands.

Marty and the boys hit the stage at 8:30 p.m. with fireworks lighting the sky behind them. I think they were surprised too 'cause they were all smiling and looking back around to see the display which lasted a few seconds into the first song.

Marty was wearing a white bolero jacket with black laces, black tank top and black embroidered pants. The band wore matching black suits with lime green piping. Marty introduced the band as the "Fabulous Superbs." They pretty much played their new set of songs. Marty didn't play mandolin. They rocked for about 75 minutes.

There were a couple of hundred people standing on the track in front of the stage and a couple of hundred in the stands. The crowd was very responsive hootin', hollerin' and singing along. It was HOT about 89 degrees at show time. It was the first time I've seen sweat rolling off Marty. It was so hot Marty made a joke about calling off the show saying, "What do you say we all go down to the Waffle House and get something scattered , smothered and covered ?"....... He laughed then said, "Well, if you get scattered and smothered, you better be covered!!" After a couple of songs Marty and Kenny had to get out of their jackets. The new guys each did a song and it seemed like there were a lot of songs for the amount of time the show lasted.

Along with the finale of "Hillbilly Rock" came more fireworks and again the boys all looked surprised and turned around to watch and never missed a beat. They came back for an encore of 1 or 2 songs then it was over. The fan club meet and greet was held back beside the bus. There were probably 30 fans and folks with VIP passes from the radio station in line and another 20 or so on the track trying get a look and wave at Marty.

We congratulated him on the songs the Dixie Chicks recorded. I highly recommend that album. You can really hear Marty's influence on "Tortured Tangled Heart." We really enjoyed seeing the show in the setting of the fair and the speedway.

Review by Danny Meadows, Charleston, SC

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