Appalachian Fair, Gray TN on August 17, 2001

What can I say......... the angels smiled down on us and brought us good weather after all that rain in the A.M. Marty was REALLY HOT! One of the women yelled for him to take off his jacket and he said "You take off your dress!" "I promised Connie I wouldn't show my butt anymore." Then he just laughed and laughed. He was in TOP FORM. Loved his tight leather pants and that leg action, Wow. As LaDonna said, there were alot of fan club members there and it was lots of fun talking to everyone. I saw Evie and Judy during the second show and they had row #1 seats right by the walkway. They should have some great pictures.

Jay just thought of another funny thing Marty said. He asked everyone to raise their hands if they were born and raised in the country. Then he asked them to raise their hands if they ever peed off the back porch. When not too many raised their hands, he said, "You're all lying if you say you were born in the country and never peed off the back porch." It doesn't sound as funny now as it did when he said it on stage. Marty is so down to earth. He had a large crowd at the fair, so I hope it means that he will return next year.

Review and photos by June Yovanovich, Afton, Tennessee

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