Grand Ole Opry - Nashville, TN on February 12, 2000

Hey everybody. We just returned from Nashville and seeing Marty at the Opry. Loved it! He wore the black coat with the horseshoe on the back and arrows on the sleeves. The black leather! His hair is shorter, lots shorter and grayer. WOW! He looked super duper.

I went down front when he performed on the 7 p.m. segment and did two songs. One of the songs was in memory of Hank Snow. On the second show, he hosted a 15-minute segment. He had Mandy Barnett on and the Melvin Sloan Dancers. Marty had Leroy Troy with him and you should have seen it. I laughed through it all. Marty even danced a little.

I met three other fan club members and there were a few other Marty fans there.

The best thing was after the Opry, we went to the Waffle House and guess who comes over shortly after we arrived there? Marty! He had some friends with him. He pointed and waved at me through the window when he was coming in. I did the same to him. After we ate and were ready to leave, Marty called me over to his table. I walked over to him. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly. I said, "Hey Marty.....great job on the Opry. Was that your new band?" (Talking about the Leroy Troy Band.) He said, "Yes it was, for tonight." We both giggled and I said, "Just kidding, just kidding." Then I said "I miss you." He replied, "I miss you." Then I told him, "I will see you at the Fan Club Party in June." He said, "Okay, see you then." I asked him something else, then I said, "Love you." And he said, "Love you."

We also ran into Marty on the road in his Cadillac when we arrived in Nashville. WOW!

Review and photo by Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, KY

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