Grand Ole Opry - Nashville, TN on March 13, 1999

Saturday night.....9:30 Nashville's Grand Ole Opry!!!!

Trisha was beautiful, the nerves of the first show had passed and she was herself having fun!!! Vince was fine as always. comes Mike Snider, who says he wants to call out one of his picking buddies and out strolls Mr. Stuart, resplendent in his black embroidered suit and hot pink shirt!!! (We Marty fans made a mad rush for the stage!!!) He did the Mr. Cobb bit with Mike, playing the perfect straight guy for Mike!! I just LOVE to watch him laugh, Marty has such a deep, infectious laugh, you never know whether you're laughing at the joke or at the fun Marty's quite obviously having!!!! ;-) Marty played with Mike and, as always all eyes, mine included, were on Marty!!!! All too soon it was over!!!

Then it came time for Marty's too short 15 minute segment......he and the Cowboys did "Doin' My Time"....they sure can "get down" as they say!!!!!! Mercy!!! Then Marty introduced John Prine but, though I was listening to John, I was mostly watching Marty. He gets into other's music and his concentration, his whole soul is consumed as he listens! Then Marty and John did one. All too soon it was over and Marty said good night to us and with a few handshakes, a greeting to a few of us gathered around the stage, and a wave good-bye, he strolled off of the stage.

Mike looked nice in a suit. Yep, a suit!! Brad, Steve and Gary were definitely enjoying the show!!! I didn't get to see Gregg from where I was, cause though I had a second row seat, it's quite hard to take pictures with folks jumping around you on the Opry benches. So I got in front of the stage on my knees and took pictures. I will let you all know when I get them developed!!!! Hopefully I got some pretty good ones!!! I'll let you all know!!!

Anyhoo......hope that helps you all know how wonderful it was to see him on the Opry stage for the first time since November, far too long, he was greatly missed!!!!

Review by Shelby Jean Gootee, Nashville, TN

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