Great American Country Breakfast - Planet Hollywood on June 14, 2001

Benefit for the Loretta Johnson Medical Fund

After spending the evening with Marty at the Fan Club Party, it just left me wanting more Marty. So I'm glad we got tickets to the GAC breakfast so we could spend a little more time seeing him.

We arrived downtown shortly after 8:00 a.m. (maybe it was closer to 8:30) and the line outside the Planet Hollywood was already way down the sidewalk, but it was moving already. Kevin dropped us off and went to park the car (he found a spot for only $3.00). He joined us just as we got close to going in. We didn't have to show our letter, just gave them our name, and they checked it off on their list and stamped our hand. Then we headed up stairs. We just stayed in line which led us through the breakfast buffet. It was already packed up there. There was a stage area and the tables in front of the stage were roped off. We had our hands full with our plates and juice and nowhere to sit. A gal told us we could go downstairs, NOT!, so some band members were getting up from the roped off tables and we asked if we could sit there. They said go for it. I figured they would come and move us, but they didn't, so we ended up with front row seats for the whole show! The three Johnson sisters sat at the table next to us.

The breakfast was good. Scrambled eggs w/cheese, bacon, hash browns, (Nick had cereal), and a variety of juices. We saw many familiar faces this morning. Sheila, SherryM, MarryR, Debby, Margie, Ellie, LaDonna, and Bev. After the show I met Serena Wimmer in the gift shop.

Marty came in and everyone shouted and clapped. He looked great again in a black jacket and pants with a hot pink, lace-up, top. He welcomed us and said, "Sorry I'm late, I was cooking bacon!". Someone shouted that they remembered when he served pizza. He talked a little more then introduced George Ducas.

George played several songs and he was really good. I think the next act (Lila McCann) was late getting there because I saw them off to the side tell George to play one more song. He did and she still wasn't there, so they said again to keep playing. That's when Marty decided to pick up a guitar and join him on Willie Nelson's "Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground". I was so excited to see Marty come on stage with a guitar! Since he didn't perform at the fan club party, we were finally going to get to hear him sing a little. He mostly played but did sing a few lines of the song. The crowd went wild and it left us wanting more Marty.

Lila arrived. Marty introduced her by saying it was Flag Day, and she was wearing a flag bandana. Lila only sang (I think) 3 songs. Two new ones and her first hit. She was cute and very good. After she was done performing, she got down by the Johnson sisters and gave them all hugs.

Chalee Tennison was next. Very pretty girl and a great voice. I wasn't familiar with her songs, but enjoyed listening to her. Next was Chad Brock. He sang a couple songs along with his hit "She said YES". He held a glass of water during his first song or two. I'm sure these performers voices are used to singing during the night time hours not at 9:00 in the morning.

Then Marty called the Johnson sisters up on stage. It was a very moving moment. I'm sure there wasn't a dry eye in the house. They were presented with a check for $2880.00 and said there was more coming. These ladies are just so sweet. They really enjoyed watching each act. I sure hope they can find a cure!

Marty was great in between acts. He told the Mr. Cobb story and also told a story about a woman that died during a hot, outdoor concert in California. Marty was quick witted all morning. He introduced the last act, Eric Heatherly. Eric was really rockin. Then we looked over and saw Marty and Maria-Elena saying their good byes, and out they went. Eric mentioned he sure wished Marty wouldn't have slipped out because he would have asked him up on stage. I wish that would have happened also.

It was really a great morning. I enjoyed seeing all the acts and Marty was a great host.

Review and photos by Lori Shirley, Boone, Iowa

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