Favorite Country Music Artists

Check out these websites for some of our favorite country music singers.
Marty's Sherry's
Johnny Cash Bellamy Brothers
Lester Flatt Rosanne Cash
Merle Haggard Rodney Crowell
Waylon Jennings The Derailers
Bill Monroe Steve Earle
Willie Nelson Emmylou Harris
Buck Owens Jim Lauderdale
Connie Smith Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Travis Tritt Joy Lynn White
Hank Williams, Sr. Kelly Willis

Marty's Favorite Country Music Artists

Johnny Cash When Marty says, "I love Johnny Cash," he means it. Marty was a fan long before he ever met the Man in Black. One of the highlights of Marty's musical career has been getting to play music with Johnny Cash. Sadly, we lost Johnny in September 2003.
The Official Johnny Cash Website
Dr. Mellow's Johnny Cash Page

Lester Flatt Had it not been for Lester taking a 13-year old boy under his wings, where would Marty Stuart be today? Lester was a mentor for Marty--he taught him the ins and outs of the music business. I believe Marty is who is today because of this wonderful man. The fire for music that burned so passionately in Marty as a young boy was fanned by Lester Flatt.
Unofficial website for Flatt & Scruggs

Merle Haggard Merle Haggard's music is timeless. Truly one of the great legends in country music. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who is not a fan.
The Official Merle Haggard website
A great Tribute page with links to all the web info on Merle
Merle's page at Countrystars.com

Waylon Jennings Ol' Waylon....the premier outlaw of country music. He's mellowed over the years but still puts out superb music. Waylon speaks the truth--I like that in a person. And I like Waylon's music too. Sadly, we lost Waylon in February 2002.
The Official Waylon Jennings website
Waylon's page at Countrystars.com

Bill Monroe The Father of Bluegrass Music--a man who created a style of music all its own. Mr. Monroe was one of the most gracious and respectful men in music. Each time I saw him perform, I was in awe of "the man." I know he's a favorite of Marty's.
A nice webpage on Mr. Monroe at Cybergrass

Willie Nelson Willie is just Willie. There is no pretense. I give Willie a lot of credit. He's had his battles with the law and, somehow, comes through with his head held high. Willie is a brilliant songwriter with a brilliant mind. He continues to fight for the farmers of this country.
Willie's official website
Willie's page at Justice Records
Willie's page at Countrystars.com

Buck Owens The creator of the Bakersfield sound. It was pure country all the way. Buck's uniqueness and his smile are hard to resist. His music licks are so recognizable. I'm glad his music lives on in the hearts of people like Dwight Yoakam, Dale Watson and The Derailers.
The Official Buck Owens website
A great website on Buck.
Tour Buck's Crystal Palace concert hall and restaurant

Connie Smith What a lucky guy Marty is to have married this beautiful lady. Connie's voice is seamless. I never tire of listening to her records. She is a very classy woman who has always been gracious any time we've talked. There's a lot about Connie on the Marty Stuart Fan Page. And a friend of mine, Alex, has created the ultimate Connie Smith Fan Page.
Connie Smith Fan Page
Slipcue's biography of Connie

Travis Tritt Marty and Travis compliment each other. Travis' music rarely strays from his solid Southern Country Rock sound, yet it's his ballads that catch my attention. "Anymore" should have been song of the year somewhere besides in my heart. Travis tells it like it really is. He's also a great entertainer!
The Official Travis Tritt website
Travis' page at Warner Brothers Records
Travis' page at Countrystars.com

Hank Williams, Sr. The impact Hank Williams, Sr. had on country music is unbelievable. His music is more popular than ever. Marty had an imaginery visit with Hank in one of his songs. Marty also collects Hank memorabilia and has shared it with the rest of the world via a special exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Hank's spirit lives on.
A short article on Hank
Hank's page at Countrystars.com

Sherry's Favorite Country Music Artists (besides Marty)

Bellamy Brothers This duo is completely overshadowed by B&D. Howard and David's style of music--well, it's fun! Their music is so consistent and I think they are still great. The last time I saw them, they were in Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts and heading to the men's restroom (Fan Fair '97).
Their official website
The Bellamy's page at Countrystars.com

Rosanne Cash I never thought of Rosanne as the daughter of Johnny Cash. She's always stood out on her own--as a singer and songwriter. Who else (besides Emmylou Harris) can take a Beatles' song and make it her own.
The official Rosanne Cash website
An unofficial site created by Van Beydler

Rodney Crowell

Rodney is the consummate singer/songwriter. There is no one better in my opinion. His heart and soul pierce each lyric. His songs can make you smile or bring a tear to your eye. The night I got to meet him will stand out forever in my mind. He was so incredibly nice. It's easy to see why the Nashville music community loves and respects him so much.
A superb Rodney page created by Macreena Doyle

The Derailers

This mega-hot band plays country music at its best. There aren't enough good adjectives to describe their sound or performance. I think The Derailers are the best band out there today. If Tony, Brian, Mark, Ed and Marty come to your town--you'd best go and take a listen. These guys are GREAT! Come back to Nashville soon!
Jack Scully's site on The Derailers is a must see.
Real Country's Derailers' Page

Steve Earle


Steve is one of the best songwriters around. His words shoot straight from the hip and he isn't afraid to speak his mind in his music. A truthful soul--that's what makes him good. He's lived a hard life--and we've heard all about it through his music. Steve is a cool guy. I met him backstage at the the Grand Ole Opry and he was just plain Steve. I love his music. Marty does too.
This website is a must-visit for any Steve Earle fan
Another great website on Steve

Emmylou Harris Emmylou has the voice of an angel. She takes a song and makes it her very own. She is the best female country music singer.
The Official Emmylou site is LOADED with information
Emmylou's page at Elektra
Emmylou's page at Countrystars.com

Jim Lauderdale I don't know much about Jim, but I know I really enjoy his music. He's another one of the great songwriters.
The Jim Lauderdale Official Website

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band These guys have been around for years (they were just babies when they started). Their style of music is a blend of folk, pop and country. I don't think they've made a bad record. I hear their songs (old and new) on today's country music radio stations and the NGDB sounds just as good as ever.
This site had all the NGDB info
A good page for the NGDB fan
NGDB page at Countrystars.com
If you're a fan of Jeff's wife Matraca Berg, here's her site

Joy Lynn White Joy has got a voice that country music should be embracing but isn't. I've been a fan of hers since the beginning of her career. Her albums have gotten terrific reviews--they are that good! She put a couple of Jim Lauderdale's songs on her last album "The Lucky Few." She's a good songwriter as well.
Joy Lynn's Fan Page

Kelly Willis As you can tell by my list of favorites, I am not into mainstream country music. Kelly Willis is too good for country radio. The first time I ever saw her perform (on Austin City Limits), I was hooked by her rockability sound. She's another singer who should be a superstar but, due to the powers that be in the music business, isn't!.
The Official Kelly Willis Website
An excellent website with lots of information on Kelly
The Kelly Willis Fan Page

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