What Marty's Fans Say About the Fan Page

From Tony Trout:

Thank you for all the work you have put into the Fan Page.

From gokkasten:

WOW, because this is excellent work. Congrats and keep it up!

From Aude (who lives in France):

No way I could otherwise but leave a word here for Sherry to thank her for her kindness, her patience, plus the great joy she gave me. I was not especially a fan of Marty, but she was there anyway. She's a precious doll. Must tell this website is a goldmine, awesme job done here. Way much more than we may image. So praise and kudos.

From Sharon Crownover Hood:

Hey Sherry, I am glad you are still doing Marty's fan website. I lost contact with you somewhere down the line, but now can reconnect with fellow Marty fans. YEA! Keep up the great work you're doing.

From Beth Ann Anderson:

Sherry, I love what you've done for Marty and the gang. I love your site.

From Brenda Metz:

Still the BEST site around. No one does it better.

From Lynn Tooley:

I love this site!

From Cassie:

Cool new design of the website! Great job. I really love it!

From John Sturdivant, Jr.:

You guys sure are lucky to have such a great site to come to and keep up with Marty. "Hats Off" no pun intended ... LOL ... to all that make this happen!

From Paula Lyons:

You are doing great with the site, Sherry.

From Sue Leech:

Great website.

From Sue Remmy:

So glad you have kept the site for all these years, Sherry.

From Christine:

Nice site.

From Sally Knight Raburn:

Thank you for the tribute to Gary Hogue. Even though it was been several years, I didn't even know he had passed away until today. May God's blessings be with his family.

From Kolla Jons:

You keep us, the Marty fans, going.

Jennifer Tidwell:

I really love your site.

From Cliff W. Deem, Sr.:

Very good job!

From Richard Murphy:

I find this site very interesting and informative.

From Dorothy Whisnant:

I love this website.

From Larry Wilson:

Great website. Lots of pictures.

From Pat Adams:

I enjoy the website.

From Alan in Texas:

Great site!

From Danny Mewbourn:

Love this site.

From Christopher A. Preen:

Hi Sherry. This site is awesome. It's nice to see there are so many other Marty Stuart fans.! He is simply the best! Thank you and have a great day.

From Janet Peterson:

The site is great!!!!

From Kim Baker:

Wonderful site on Marty.

From Alexa Sherry:

Sherry, Marty Stuart site is a grand website. Thanks for putting it up.

From Brenda Kay Salye

You are doing a VERY good job with this website. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work, Sherry.

From Bad Habit Band:

Hey, very nice site and info.

From Doris Notaro:

I love this site. Very good.

From Sweetvirgo1:

Anyone wanting to know what's up with Marty can find it all out on the non-official site at martystuart.com. They keep you on the up-and-up and provide you with any links you might need in case voting is required.

From Jim and Joan Strutz:

Great job!

From Roxanne Johnston:

Hi! I just discovered your WONDERFUL Marty site! This is a Marty fan's heaven. Thank you. I'm fairly new to the computer, so that's why it's taken me a while to find you all here. When Marty sent out the letter stating there would be no mailings, only a website, that's when I KNEW I had to learn how to run a computer or lose out on Marty news. After 13 years in his fan club, I couldn't do that. I will be coming back here OFTEN!

From Peggy Davis:

Hey Sherry! I love your fan page.

From Rosalie Keough:

Sherry, you are one of the sweetest persons that I know next to our man Marty. Marty and everyone who visits your webpage are very lucky to have you do the things that you do for all of us. There has to be a special place in heaven for you. Again, all of your hard work is appreciated! Especially here in Pennsylvania.

From Kolbrun Jonsdottir:

I have to pay a visit to your website once a week, then everything is all right. The official website is no good for us, the fans. You are so much more active. That's not good for Sony Music, is it? You keep us informed on what is happening in Marty's music.

From Pam:

Sherry, thank you for keeping the fans up to date on the latest with Marty and The Fabulous Superlatives. Your website is THE BEST!

From Marilyn Johnson:

Thanks, Sherry, for your efforts to keep Marty's fans connected. You are a jewel!

From Lisa B:

A friend of mine who knows I like Marty told me I had to see this website. There aren't enough words to describe how fantastic this site is. I was here for more than 2 hours yesterday reading and I'm back today. I can't believe that a fan would take this much time to give Marty's fans complete coverage os his career. Thank you so much.

From Marcia Howell-Chaney:

Love the Fan Page. Like seeing and hearing anything that concerns Marty.

From Cynthia Jordan:

Hi Sherry! Really enjoy your website. I think I may have met you at one of the fan club parties.

From Sylvia G.

This is the best website on Marty Stuart.

From Alexandra Chambers:

Sherry, you continue to amaze me with the time and effort you put into this site. It is impossible to find a better site for all things Marty. Keep up the fantastic work.

From Linda Smith:

Great website. It's even better than the official website. I love it.

From Cindy Goettcher:

Cool website!

From Jennifer Webb:

I have to say that I really like your website. It's truly better than the actual fan club site, and the work you put into this really shows. THANK YOU!!!!

From Debbie M.:

Sherry, you continue to do an amazing job with this website. Marty should be proud of you.

From Hannah Smith:

Awesome website.

From Karen Fullwood:

This site is addictive. It's the A-Z encyclopedia on Marty Stuart. You must work all the time on this site. I don't know that I have ever seen a fan site with this much information on the artist. You probably don't hear this enough, but "Thank you" for all the hard work you've done to make this the best Marty Stuart website.

From Bob Garcia:

You fan page is the best! I have enjoyed it for many years. Thanks again for all the work and effort you put into this fan page.

From Carol C.:

I love this site! Sherry -- way to go! I check it all the time (okay, every day) to see what is new! I'm a new fan and really enjoy the information you provide. I had the pleasure of seeing Marty and The Superlatives in Laughlin a couple of weeks ago and would never have known about the opportunity if not for this site. Thanks.

From Lisa:

I am enjoying reading your Marty Stuart site.

From Garry Galbreath:

I just wanted to thank you for the job you do in maintaining the Marty fan site. I have become a fan fairly recently and find myself coming back to the site again and again. It finally struck me that there is someone behind the site working hard to maintain it and add to it, and I just wanted to thank you for that. It contains a wealth of information, and I can see that you have been at it for a long time.

From Grant Rampy:

Thanks for the work you do on the site. Pretty impressive.

From Erwin Bradley:

I love the fan site. Thanks!!

From Kurt Schwarz:

Keep up the great work on this site.

From David Peroni:

Keep up the great work on the Fan Page. I am enjoying it every chance I get to sign on.

From Mr. J. Loren Simpson:

I really appreciate your website. It allows me to see who's gonna be on Marty's show ahead of time. Thanks for the website.

From Linda Martin:

Thanks again for all you do. I enjoy the fan page so much.

From Peter Balzer (in Switzerland):

Your fan page is very good and it shows so many informations on Marty.

From Talbot Hauffe:

I happened across your website and have to tell you it is FANTASTIC! What an excellent job you've done there. I love all the information and pictures you've put together.

From David Carter:

I love what you are doing with the Fan Page. Great job!

From Debby Miller:

My gosh, Sherry, you are totally amazing. I missed the Tournament of Roses parade this morning and was so mad at myself for forgetting. But I thought "I wonder if there's anything on Marty's website," so I check out the Fan Page and there it is --. I also do not get the RFD channel and I await in great anticipation each Sunday afternoon to see the recap of the show. You have no idea what that means to me. The recap is incredible ... I can only imagine what the entire show is like. I catch what I can view on the official website or You Tube. Just wanted to give you a big "thank you" for taking the time to do this for the fans.

From Del Bittle:

Sherry, the time, the dedication, and the love you have put into your website for all these years is truly amazing, and as we know, not without its challenges along the way. In Websters, under the word "fan" is your name in bold type.

From Mary Runyan:

Sherry, I'm just amazed at the quality of the pictures on your website and the "word for word" dictation of The Marty Stuart Show. I just loved it. And you work full time. Your new name is "Wonder Sherry"! You are definitely in the wrong business. You should be designing websites at an enormous salary!

From Chris Schimmel

I just wanted to thank you for the recap and screenshots of Marty's TV show for those of us who can't get the channel. I know it is a lot of work, and I really appreciate all you're doing.

From June Yovanovich:

I can't get the RFD Channel at all. Thanks to Sherry's hard work, I am able to see most or all of Marty's show on her website. Sherry, you are a jewel.

From Judy Simonton:

Thanks for the recap and screen shots of Marty's show! Also for the new pictures. Made me smile and, believe me, I'm not smiling a lot these days!!

Thanks also for all the hard work you do on Marty's fan page. I realize I often take having such a fabulous fan site available to look at for granted and forget about all of the hard work, time and money you put into it. I just want you to know how much I appreciate it and YOU for all that you do!!!

From Kurt Schwarz:

Sherry, I just wanted to let you know that Marty and Connie were in Cleveland, Ohio on Wednesday night (October 28, 2008) for a preview opening of the Sparkle and Twang exhibit. My wife and I were lucky enough to attend the private VIP reception and spent a few hours touring the exhibit. Fantastic! I thought about you and your website while we were there the other night. Keep up the great work.

From Patricia Dalton:

Sherry, I wanted to see the Opry show and then look at your webpage on it and WOW what a great job you did! The pictures are great. How cool you can capture stills from the video. I was also able to hear about what went on that wasn't being televised. A big, huge THANK YOU!!!

From Heidi Corzine:

Thanks again for maintaining such an AWESOME website about Marty and Connie. You are a wonderful person and you do an excellent job keeping all their fans updated about their happenings!!!

From Debby Phelix:

Your new site looks wonderful. As you know, it's easy to start a website, but it takes a lot of time to keep it up to date.

From Dolores Holiday:

I just wanted to let you know that the new site looks great. You do a wonderful job of keeping all of Marty's fans updated.

From Darlene Renteria:

Sherry, I've been meaning to tell you how much I like the new Marty site. I went and checked it out days ago but kept forgetting to compliment you on it. It looks great!

From Rosalie Keough:

Sherry, what a nice change on the website!! Honestly, I thought that you might be tired of doing this. I was feeling sad. I don't know what I'd do (and I'm sure others) without your website. WOW, just so glad to see the change and to know that you will still be here.

From Judy Simonton:

Great job on the website, Sherry. It looks fantastic!!

From Lori Shirley:

I think the website looks wonderful, Sherry. It's very neat and fresh. Great job.

From Mary Runyan:

Sherry, the new website looks great. I was so surprised when I got on the computer tonight! Really nice!

From June Yovanovich

Sherry, Really love your Marty website. It's great. Thanks for all of your hard work in keeping up your Marty website. Just want to let you know how much you are appreciated and loved.

From Jeni Webb

I just visited the website. It looks great, as usual. Keep up the great work. With life these days flying by as we seem to watch from the sidelines, it's comforting to know that you keep our passion alive. I don't visit the other sites. After I found yours, I never found the need.

From Paula Lyons, Portsmouth, OH:

I've been impressed with your dedication, to Marty and his music for many years. I like you, have been a fan for over 16-17 years. And I know about all the hard work you have done with this and I would like to THANK YOU!

From Jon McAuliffe, Ashland, MA

The website is just awesome. Marty's one of the great treasures of country music and your site is very much appreciated.

From Robyn Galloway:

Thanks for all you do on this site, Sherry. Good work!

From Bamagirl:

You can find out almost anything you'd like to know about Marty here. Sherry, you're the best!! Keep up the great work.

From Jeff Mosquito:

Just found your Marty page. Absolutely wonderful! Keep up the good work and now that I know where you are in computerland, I'll keep checking back!

From Marc Dottore:

Hi Sherry. Marc Dottore here. I am Marty's manager. Just writing to say thanks for running such a complete Marty site. I am very pleased to see the features on the current records and the recent Lake Night Jam.

From Denise Freeman:

Thanks for keeping your website up and running. I depend on you for all my Marty info.

From Rebecca in Nashville:

Great site!!! I love Marty Stuart and Emma's Flowers!!

From Fran:

Just wanted to say what an awesome website Marty Stuart has.

From Bess Wilson

Continued thanks for all that you do with the website.

From Debbie Owen:

I want to say that you do a great job with this site and I'm glad to be able to come here for all the Marty Stuart updates and such. Thanks again for staying on top of all things Marty and for sharing with all of us.

From Linda Martin:

Dear Sherry. Thank you for adding Connie's tour page onto your site. Since her fan page has gone down, that is great of you to do that. I am equally a fan of both her and Marty and sure do miss getting into on her as well. Thanks for the great job you do!

From Kolla Jons:

Hi Sherry. I can see you keep the best update of what Marty is doing. You are doing a great job. Thanks for your support to Marty and us "the fans."

From Brenda Sayler:

Sherry, Just wanted to say GREAT pictures of Marty and Keith Urban that you took! I just wanted to send this to say you are doing a GREAT job with this website! Thanks for all the goodies that you post for all of the Marty Fans.

From Patricia Dalton:

Thank you Sherry for all the time you put into updating the Fan Page. You're the best!!!!!

From Ruth Gross:

You still have the best site around.

From Dolores Holiday:

Hey Sherry! I still think your site has the most information you can find on the net about Marty Stuart in one stop. Keep up the great work!

From Marcia Howell-Chaney:

You have such great photos and information on Marty. I just wanted to let you know you have done a terrific job with your website. I look forward to seeing more in the future. I've been a Marty fan for about 8 years and belong to his fan club.

From Regina Watts:

Thanks for maintaining such a great site. I'm having a wonderful time there.

From Kurt:

Thanks for this cool website.

From BunsieBee:

The Marty Stuart Fan Page is a wonderful website. Keep up the good work! Marty Stuart is always number one in my book. Go Marty. Good website, Sherry!!

From Kolla Jónsdóttir:

I just want to let you know that you are doing a great job keeping this website. Thanks a lot!

From Sammy Smith:

Thank you so much Sherry, I love the site and have viewed it for years. I AM THE BIGGEST MARTY FAN IN ALABAMA. We love him and your site.

From Rosalie Keough:

Hey Sherry. Way to go on the website!!!!! You certainly deserve it. Country Online knows something good when they see it. As I've always said, "This site makes my day complete." I just love it. Have a good day and congratulations.

From Betty J. Brown

Sherry, just wanted to let you know that your site is great. I was checking out the main site, or Official site, and could not find anything on there about his new CD. I have heard his new song and just love it. Eventually I am going to rejoin the fan club, but it won't be for a few months.

From Erin Burris (webmistress of TakinTheCountryBack.com):

Sherry, No time, no chat! Just wanted to let you know that I have been surfing your site on a daily basis in the past week. Thanks for keeping up such a wonderful site on Marty. I appreciate it, and I know all the other Marty Stuart fans do too.

From Valri Purdy (the Crazy Truck Driver):

Just wanted to tell you the website is fantastic. It is entertaining and thorough, yet simple to maneuver through. Many sites either have little info available or require a surveyor to find your way around. Keep up the good work!

From Claudia Reese:

Thank you so much for your site -- You do such a great job. Marty must appreciate you very much.

From Annie Haller:

Hello Sherry. Just browsing through your website. I didn't get to attend the Fan Club Party this year (2003) and it was so nice to be able to read about it and see photos. Keep up the good work.

From Lynne Riordian:

Real nice website!!

From Ginger:

I love Marty and always have. His music is first rate. Marty needs to update his website though. His TV appearances haven’t been updated since 2001. If I want to find out where he is or what he is doing, I have to check your website. Your website is always up to date and very professional. I love everything about it. I really enjoy reading the articles from different newspapers, etc. on your site. It really keeps me informed. So, if you see or talk to Marty, please tell him he needs to update his web site more often. Thanks.

From Sue Gubbe:

Hi Sherry. This is a great website! I have been visiting it for quite some time now. You always have good, up-to-date information on Marty, Connie, and the band. I am a HUGE long-time fan of Marty's and I like to read everything I can about him as well as see him whenever I can. Keep up the good work.

From Toni Wilkerson:

Sherry, I just wanted to say thanks for the webpage. It's always useful and current, and I really enjoy the sound bites and information that it supplies. I'm sure glad that I know there is some place I can ALWAYS come to for current tour info. I also enjoy reading the message board and concert reviews done by Marty's fans. Your work is appreciated here!

From Billy Stone:

Hello Sherry. First of all, thanks for the wonderful work you do with the website. It always looks great and is always up to date, even more so than the "official" website.

From Patricia Lynch:

Hi Sherry, Just wanted to say "Thank you!!!" for a truly great website. I visit every day. It is the most informative and updated site on the web. Great job!!!

From Mary Runyan:

Your site is such a positive outlook on Marty, when others would choose to hear and tell mediocre or worse things about him. I appreciate being able to hear about the positive and uplifting aspects of Marty's life. Your site is innovative and you can see it takes more time than most could or would ever dream of taking to further someone's career. I've been a Marty fan for 10 years and your site has made those ten years all the more enjoyable, through thick and thin. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a dedicated fan and friend to Marty. I say "friend," because only a true friend could be the kind of fan who does all you do.

From Judy Simonton:

I can never get enough news on Marty. As someone who lives out of town, I don't have the opportunity to read the Nashville paper. Your fan site is my only link to that kind of news. Your site is always up to date and it has what I want. Yes, I can find out tour dates and TV appearances on your site, but I can also read about Marty sightings around town and little tidbits of information about both Marty and Connie, articles dating back to the early days of his career, concert and book signing reviews that make me feel like I was there, fantastic pictures from everywhere, plus so much more! I can always count on your site for an Opry summary, which means so much since I can't get CMT and can only pick up WSM-AM 3/4 of the time. As a true Marty and Connie fan, I can never get enough news about my favorite couple. This Marty and Connie fan truly appreciates the time and effort you put into the fan site. It's the best!!

From Beverly Kerr:

There are a lot of things on your website that are not on the official website. Our concert reviews, Fan Fair photos, fan photos, Marty sightings, links to other sites pertaining to Marty and so much more. The official website doesn't have a Message Board or Fan Comments or Marty Moments. It doesn't have a lot of reviews or interviews that you have on there. As fans, we get to participate in your website. There is nowhere on the official website to post your comments or photos. Sherry, your site is FANtastic, FANfriendly and FANtabulous.

From Mark T. Wallenfang:

Sherry, I'm not sure what your reward or motivation is for publishing this website on Marty Stuart. But I must tell you, it is absolutely a great site! Not only for content, but the way you've got it laid out, the graphics, the links, the way you constantly update it, etc. Since country music has gone so far down hill these days (I'm sorry, but my own personal opinion is it's turned to washed out pop music that's almost reminiscent of the "urban cowboy" scare back in the 70's), it's really great to know that there are others out there who appreciate the real deal. Thanks again for everything you do and I hope you never stop!

From Mel Angel:

Hey Sherry, just wanted to drop you a note about your website. It really rocks! I remember the early days and all your trials and tribulations, and it's amazing how it's grown. It's a terrific site. You should be proud ~ I'm sure Marty is. It's a great tribute to Marty and the guys and I still enjoy visiting it. Thanks for keeping it updated and online ~ I know it's a lot of work, but really does mean a lot to a lot of folks.

From Darlene Renteria:

Your website is very upbeat, informative and joy to surf through. I know you work so hard on your website, not to mention the cost, and you do it all out of the goodness of your heart.

From John and Linda Ammons:

Your website about Marty provides a medium and a place for all of us that love him to congregate and share. You are providing Marty and his fans a priceless and invaluable service. Thank you. We love you for it.

From June Yovanovich:

It takes talent to maintain such an informative and varied website. Frankly, I don't know how you do all that work. Either Marty or his people should be THANKING YOU because there aren't too many people who are as devoted as you are and would put all that time, money and energy into such a devoted website. I love the website.

From Lori Shirley:

You are thanked from the bottom of my heart for all you do. I remember when I first found your site (many years ago) and emailed you, thanking you for all the great information. You, in turn, asked me to join the Martypals, and I've loved it ever since. I wouldn't be as big a fan of Marty as I am today if it wasn't for your website and generosity. So, thanks for keeping your site. I wouldn't know hardly anything about Marty if it wasn't for you keeping us up to date, the good and the bad. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!

From Danny Meadows:

Hey Sherry. You do a wonderful job on the fan page. It really keeps us interested and up to date with Marty's adventures. It really is one of the coolest websites I've seen. It must take a whole lot of work. Kathy and I really enjoy visiting the site.

From Kathy Vierra:

I appreciate all the time and effort you put into the website. Your dedication to Marty is wonderful and your hard work is much appreciated by us all!!!

From Cathy Mcbee:

Just wanted to say thanks for keeping the website and the list. I think you're doing a GREAT job.

From Rosalie Keough:

I love your site and it brings lots of joy and interest to all Marty fans. You are my cup of coffee in the morning. I don't know what I'd do without this site. It is such a pleasure to me. As always, I appreciate all of your hard work that you do for us Marty fans. In my book, you get an A+.

From Ellie Viscione:

I know how hard you work on the website and you know how much I appreciate it. I know you want to give the fans the most info out there on Marty and you do!!!

From Tracy Slone:

You do a lot for getting the word out about things that have to do with Marty.

From Cindi Connolly:

I really enjoy your page because it has so much information and is up to date. Hang in there if you can for those of us who enjoy your page.

From Ron Frankl:

Just wanted to say Hi and say thanks again for the great work you do on the website.

From Gaëts Gravelle:

I'm one of Marty's fan club members and I love the site for the fan page.

From Heather:

The website is wonderful and you do such a great job with everything and a lot of people really appreciate what you do. I check it almost daily.

From Sue Remmy:

I am so grateful for the website and all that Sherry does for the fans.

From Toni Martin:

I truly enjoy the website and love Marty.

From Sandy Osborne:

I have always appreciated the information on your website, especially the Calendar of Events which always has good information and phone numbers for Marty's show. I check it often. I was so happy that I did because I found out that Marty was going to be in Wheeling, WV in time to get front row seats. I also called some of the other fans so they could get seats, too.

From Shana Boyd:

I very much appreciate your website and the time you must put into it. I visit the website quite often.

From Serena Williams:

You do a wonderful job. I love this website and I visit it instead of the official one. To me, there is more information for me and things I can do.

From Evelyn Totty:

Your webpage is my home page and I love it because it helped me to see where Marty is when I didn't get a newsletter. That is why I have my computer. Because of Marty and the webpage too, plus all the Martypals I have become friends with over the last few years. Jodee had told me about your webpage and that she knew how much I loved Marty and that I would love your webpage, AND SHE WAS RIGHT THEN. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Thanks for everything you have done for me.

From Debby Phielix:

You do so much for Marty and your page looks great.

From Dan Miller:

I want to let you know that I really appreciated your site when I was doing research for the article I wrote on Marty. I visited the site and downloaded a lot of the articles that were posted there and got a lot of great information which helped me prepare for the interview. I know that it a lot of hard work keeping a website going and you deserve a lot of credit and thanks!

From Debbie Hays:

As a long-time Marty fan, I had to check out the website -- it's fantastic!!

From Sharon K:

I'm sort of new to the web and I have just found these pages. I'm blind and really find it easy to use. Sure wish I could see the pics, though. Thanks.

From Ann Kramer:

What a great website! I'm thrilled to have found such a great place to catch up on my favorite singer!

From Lori Becker:

What an awesome webpage!

From Carol:

Hi Sherry, you have a good website. I haven't finished looking at it all yet...but I will.

From Brenda Metz:

The other day I sent a new friend of mine (who is a big Travis fan) to your Marty website. She went in and, boy, was she impressed. She said that it is the best site she has ever seen and it was as uplifting as Marty is. She also said she wished Travis had a site like that. I told her you put many, many hours into it and it was a labor of love. She said she could tell. Just wanted you to know how others see your website and how much your hard work has paid off. We all on the list know how good it is and I, for one, want you to know we really appreciate all you do for us and thank you for keeping it so up to date for us all. I love it. It is my home page because I check it every day that I am on the computer. Again, thanks.

From Kenneth Roberson:

This is a very nice website you have.

From Martha Whitehead:

This is a great site. So much updated information and great pictures of Marty.

From Chicosladyfair:

Love this site!!! All the photos are awesome!

From Noreen McCubbin:

Glad I finally got a computer and went into the website tonight and found all of this good stuff. Keep up the good work.

From Jeni (Chesko Webb):

I have been to your site thousands of times. I have enjoyed it tremendously. I wanted to tell you how nice I think it is of you to keep everything posted for the fans to follow. Keep doing what you're doing. It is really a blessing to have this at any given moment.

From Roberta Engelhart and Gary Lanphear:

You have done a terrific job on this website.

From Karen Digman:

WOW, what a great website!!! I just recently got online and came across this. I was a big Marty fan in the early 90's. I wish we had this when I was a "groupie." Thanks for all the great info.

From Bea Huston:

Nice! The photo gallery was enjoyable. I enjoyed the drawings. Very talented! Updates were nice. Keep up the good work!

From The Ancient One:

My compliments on a great site for a great entertainer. Well done!

From Liana Blount:

Great Site.

From Leslie Boyd:

Keep up the outstanding work, Sherry! I always take time each week to see what is new with Marty.

From Melissa L. Watson:

Nice website!

From Pauline Wagner:

Keep up the good work, Sherry

From Dawn Edge:

This website is great. I get a lot of information. Thank you on all your hard work.

From Grant Barrow:

Great work. I will be back often.

From Abbey:

Hey, great page!

From Jeremy Edge:

I think this webpage is really cool.

From Cindy Kay Webb:

Sherry, I really do like your webpage.

From: Ethel Powell:

I really like the webpage.

From Lily Luster:

Love the website!!!!!

From Barbara Wolfe:

I have enjoyed being on this website. It was awesome!!

From Karen Wright:

I check this website every day to see what's up with Marty. Thanks for all the information.

From Susan Leath:

I just found this webpage and I'm impressed!! It looks good.

From Kristin Holta:

Hi there Sherry. I was in this webpage to see what you have updated. As always, you have done a great job with it. I find everything that I need to know here. Have a great day.

From Sherry Wise:

Congratulations on getting the martystuart.com address, Sherry! There will be many more fans able to find this site thanks to that address. You do such a wonderful job with this site and I wanted to stop by and say thanks for all your hard work.

From Debby Miller:

WOW! This is the most comprehensive website I've seen on any country music singer. I have enjoyed looking at all the photos you've put on this website. I especially love the soundclips of Marty's voice. Keep up the great work.

From: Stacey Calvert:

Keep up the good work on the webpage. You are doing a great job.

From Wonita Harris:

I am sending this for a friend who does not have a computer. I mentioned that I had just connected to the internet and she asked me to look up if Marty Stuart had a website. I said "who?" She said, "You have no taste in music, just do it." So here I am. I haven't told her yet that I am leaving a message, so she will be thrilled. I know she is a great fan. I have printed out a lot of your webpages for her which I will give her.

From Marcus David Kennedy:

Cool website.

From Nancy Muse:

This is a great site!!!

From Judy Simonton:

Great site, as usual. You always do such good work, Sherry, and I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this site. Thank you for the fan club party update. I planned to attend this year, but couldn't because of work conflicts. Sounds like I missed a great time! I was just wondering - if Marty couldn't tease Connie, what in the world would he do for fun???? Ha!

From Elizabeth Stone:

Sherry...you did a fabulous job of showing those of us who didn't make the fan club party, what we missed. Thanks for all your hard work, Sherry. YOU are the truest Marty fan EVER!

From Donna Adams:

This is a great website!!!!!!!

From Tracie Reaves:

Love your website!!!

From: Cindi Connelly:

Your webpage is excellent. I was having difficulty finding out what happened to Gary and you were the first page that gave me any details about his death. I also want to thank you for posting the picture of my parents on their anniversary at last year's fan club party. It was a special and fun day for them and this gives them a memory.

From Joy Towery:

Dear Sherry. I just found your website. It's great.

From Anne Ruth:

I enjoy Marty's fan page.

From: Hilda Marie Dean:

I like your website.

From Cheryl Barnes:

I am over at my sister-in-law's babysitting and experimenting with her computer. Whenever I have access to a computer, this is where I end up. www.martystuart.com. Although I have never found this page before, hopefully I'll be able to find it again. I guess you can tell I don't know beans about computers. I did want to let you know I'm here.

From Ruth Gross:

Great page, as usual!

From Michelle Sullivan:

I have just purchased a computer and this was one of the first websites that I wanted to visit.

From Dorothy Shafer:

Dear Sherry. You have created one fabulous website for Marty's friends and fans. You are one of our lifelines to news on Marty. Thank you again and keep up the great work!

From Irene Roe:

Hi Sherry. You do a great job with the Fan Page. I enjoyed all the info and the updates. Keep up the wonderful job you are doing.

From Tim Luzier:

Hello Sherry. Great website. All the Marty info is great. Please keep up all the great work as Marty takes a little break.

From Deanna Stevens:

Sherry -- thanks for keeping the website going during Marty's intermission. This is still my favorite site to go to whenever I get online. If there is news, you will have it on here for us. You are the best at keep all of us Marty fans informed and I want to tell you how much you and your wonderful website are appreciated. I hope Marty knows how much you do to further his career!

From Luanne Palmer:

I love this website, with all the pictures and sound and everything. Really cool! I am going to miss not seeing Marty on the road this year, but he sure deserves a break and some rest and relaxation. At least I can tune in here to catch up on things.

From Mr. Wolf:

Hey, this is a great page you got going here.

From Connie S. Jacobs:

Love the page. I know you must spend tons of hours on it but it is certainly worth it and we Marty fans do appreciate all your work.

From Renae McNamara:

I love your site!!! Thanks for having such a great Marty website. I notice you update regularly. Keep up the good work.

From Janice Posey:

Just comin' around to check and see what's new. Still LOVE this site. I'll be checking out this again later.

From Aaron Rother:

I check out your site all the time.

From Brance Taylor:

I would like to compliment you on the Marty site. It is incredible. I am a representative from the Historic Talladega Ritz Theatre in Talladega, Alabama. As you have posted on your site, we are hosting Marty and Connie this year at The Ritz. As we are getting ready to go to print on our brochures for the fall season, I have been resarching the careers, bios, etc. of both Marty and Connie and found some of the best pics to be on your site. The promotional sent to use from their management teams was very limited. I was wondering if I could have your permission to use a couple of the images from your site in our upcoming brochure? The Ritz Theatre and I would really appreciate your cooperation.

[Note: They graciously used several of the photos from LaDonna Cable of Marty and Connie performing at Dollywood. LaDonna was thrilled to give her permission. Later, Brance emailed me "Sherry, you are a dream!! I appreciate your hard work on this -- tremendously. I hope it is not all in vain. The contract says that any promotional material not provided by management must be approved -- surely if they are not going to do their job, they will not nix our efforts. We'll see this week, won't we?"]

From Del Bittle:

What would us Marty fans do without THIS page? I pray it keeps on going while we have a short intermission.

From Phil Lucas:

Congratulations on your most comprehensive and interesting site. It is, I think, the most comprehensive I have seen, at least equal to Yoakam Holler, or perhaps even better. I have spent quite a long time reading here and will need more time to explore yet. Once again, to you, a WONDERFUL site.

From: Jill Meister:

Sherry, this is a wonderful place. I look forward to the updates. Thank you for your dedication to Marty and all his fans. Keep up the good work.

From Carol Chandler:

This is the first time I've visited your webpage. Thank you for sharing your site with us. We have really enjoyed it.

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From: Gary Johns:

This is one of the best websites I've seen to date.

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Great page!

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Thank you for putting this website together.

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I just found this website. It is a very good one.

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This is a great site and a nice addition to the official website.

From Leslie Boyd:

Sherry, Congrats for making your outstanding site a .COM!! Well deserved, I must say. Keep up the great work, as usual.

From Alice M. Town:

I really enjoyed looking through these Marty pages. I love anything to do with Marty Stuart. I have tons of things on Marty here. I was going through all this plus a lot of others because I thought I could find some email addresses to the Marty fans I have got letters from. Can't find any. I sent money in about two, maybe three years ago when I think a guy was handling Marty's fan club, but I never heard or got anything from them. No answers when I would write either. I don't know what was going on then, but yes, I love to read and look at anything to do with Marty. I just call him "my boy."

From Leslie Boyd:

I have been looking at your wonderful site for a while now and realized I have never signed your guestbook. I truly enjoy all of the articles and photos of both Marty and Connie. I think they are one of the sweetest couples in Nashville. I get a kick out of seeing them together. Keep up the great work on the site.

From: Judy Simonton

Thanks for all your hard work keeping the fans updated and for supporting Marty's career!

From Cathy Morrison:

Sherry! KEWL! I like the new website...especially the scrolling marquee with appearance dates. Haven't had the time to check out everything yet but will get around to it in time. Keep up the good ... no ... GREAT work!! (Wish I knew how to create a webpage.)

From Joyce Porterfield:

Great website, Sherry! I love those trivia questions. I'm still working on those darn cryptograms, though.

From Orodeo:

Sherry Mattioli has a wonderfully complete unofficial site concerning Marty. All it needs is a bit more traffic. Copy and paste the following and at least give it a look see. You won't be disappointed. Go to the home page and look at all the Marty and varied pages. Marty should be proud, but I think he's mad about it. Good figure. She is maybe the best friend Marty will ever find.

From Sungirl59:

I always just find Sherry's site by typing in: www.martystuart.com, the domain she fought so hard for. It is an exquisite site for both Marty and Connie. Orodeo, I see your posts on Sherry's site, so I guess, as I have, you would have seen various comments she has made about her fight with lawyers over the domain name of her site. She won and well deserved. She is loyal to him and I don't recall her ever mentioning he was involved in the legal fight about the domain.

From Wayne and Janice Posey:

This is a fantastic website. Keep coming back to see what's new.

From Melanie Renfro:

Sherry, I just wanted you to know that I love the webpage! I've been so busy with work and other family things that I haven't had a chance to check it out in quite a while. I'm sure my folks and I will see you around somewhere. Keep up the good work. I'm sure that Marty really appreciates it. Take care! Thanks.

From Ann Scott:

I enjoy this website that keeps me informed of all that is going on. Keep up the good work.

From Richard Malone:

I've been in the entertainment industry for over twenty-five years as a regional artist and artist manager. I worked for Gary Stewart from 1991 until 1999 as his tour manage, band leader, booking agent, general flunkie, and friend. I LOVE your website. It is sooooo awesome. I would have given anything to have you taken interest in Gary or myself like you have Marty! Thanks again for what you have done for my late brother, Gary Hogue, as well.

From Linda Riggs:

I thought this website was wonderful. It has so many different facets. I only have gone through a few on the first time being here. But will return to review more options.

From Lisa Sammons

Sherry, you definitely deserve an award for this website. I have been a fan of Marty's and the R&R Cowboys for a long time, My best friend Kim has been my informer on so many things happening and now I know where she's getting all of her info.

From Darlene Renteria:

The best site there is for Marty info! Keep up the good work!

From Janet Sherrill:

I love Marty ... He's the best!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the updated information.

From Eric Webb:

I really enjoyed your website. I only was able to find the Marty Party site until a friend told me about a search engine and then I found yours. I am so glad you're helping Mr. Stuart out by letting other people know who he is.

From Susan Martin:

I love this website of Marty. Keep up the good work.

From Matthew Listerfelt:

Hi Sherry. Thought I'd check up on what's new. I'm coming down to Nashville October 17 to the 23rd. I'll be at the Bluebird that week, trying to get some bites. Maybe do some "open mike nights." Maybe I'll see you. Anyway, site is still awesome! Take care.

From Maricela:

Great website! I love Marty Stuart.

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You have done a wonderful job in this website. It is all awesome! Keep up the great work.

From Anne Haller:

Nice website -- better than the fan club newsletter!

From Leslie Anne Rawlings:

Sherry! This is great! Thanks for taking the time to keep us all up to date on our favorite guy!

From Brenda Graves:

This is a cool page.

From Erin:

Thanks for a great (and informative!) website.

From Joey Totty:

Hi Sherry. I am Evelyn Totty's husband. She told me about your website on Marty and she was right. You have a terrific website. Maybe we can talk to you in person soon. Take care.

From Ruth Gross:

Wonderful site!!!!! Wonderful subject matter. Yeeeehawww!!!

From Janice Posey:

We love this webpage.

From Kelly Akers:

I love your site! I choose it FIRST when there's something I want to know about Marty (i.e. concert dates, TV appearances, etc.). You've done a great job. Thanks for sharing this site with Marty Fans.

From Michelle Copelin (wife of Marty's former tour manager, Mike Copelin):

Enjoyed the website. You have done a great job and put in some hard work into this site. Thanks for being a friend and fan to Marty.

From Jackie Bowen:

Hello Sherry. Your site is great. Keep up the good work.

From Patricia Dalton:

You know I have always admired you and if you are tired of hearing my praises, too bad, because I'm going to tell you again how great I think you are. You spend countless hours putting in tons of love and hard work into your Fan Page. You are the kindest, most caring person I have ever had the good fortune to know and, even though I have never met you in person, I feel like we have become good friends.

From Penny Risk:

Sherry, I know I have already signed this ... but I thought I'd do it again. Thanks for all your hard work!

From Beverly Kerr:

Sherry, I finally realized that I've never signed your guestbook, so I thought I better. I check your site every day. Sometimes more. I think your site is the best. I appreciate all the information and long hours you put into it. Again, I thank you for putting my drawings of Marty on your site. Can't wait to meet you at Fan Fair. "Marty Party in Progress."

From Vickie Proffitt:

I like your page. It's great. Thanks for it.

From: Johnny Isaacs:

Great Page!

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Thanks for taking the time to give all of us this great information on a fantastic musician.

From Patty Double:

Everything's great as usual!

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Again, thanks for all the time, effort, and info that you put out.

From Evelyn Totty:

Hi Sherry. I really love the website on Marty. So many great things to read about him. And all the gorgeous photos, also. Keep up the terrific work you are doing. See you at the Fan Club Party on June 14.

From Lori Shirley:

Love your website, Sherry, and thanks for keeping us so informed on Marty info. You do a terrific job and I really appreciate all you do.

From Maria Branch:

Hi! This is a great website. Thanks for having such a great website for Marty fans.

From Deanna Stevens:

Sherry, Thank you so much for the great information you provide us Marty fans. Thanks to your website, I have made many Marty friends that I enjoy seeing at the area shows. I had a great time in Sparks, NV. Keep up the great work. We do appreciate all your efforts!!!

From Emily Tinnel:

I really enjoy this webpage!! I am a big fan of Marty's and I think you guys keep his fans updated and informed well!!!!!

From Pam Tremblay:

I just visited your Marty page. You have the most comprehensive pae about Marty! Thank you! I spent over an hour browsing. Thank you for the best Marty page on the net!

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Great site. Thanks!

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It is obvious that a lot of hard work has gone into building and maintaining this site. Good job!

From Betty Brown:

Hello Sherry. Hope you're keeping busy with your website for Marty. It has been a long time since I visited this site.

From Angie Rhoads:

Hey Sherry. This is a super website. I enjoy visiting it and seeing what's going on.

From Penny Risk:

Sherry, thanks again for keeping us so well informed on the goings on of our favorite Mississippi Mud Cat! Take care and I hope to meet you soon!

From Dawne:

Sherry, I love your page. It is very informative! I come here almost every day to see the updates and to keep up with Marty and the Rock N' Roll Cowboys. Keep up the good work!!

From Dawn Watson:

Love the info, Sherry.

From Bette Brown:

Your website is the best and gets better every time I log onto it, and you are the best too! Keep up the good work.

From Jeff Small:

I really enjoy the information about Marty on this site.

From Steve Arnold:

Hi Sherry. This is Steve Arnold, Marty's bass player. The Rock and Roll Cowboys would like to thank you for this incredible website! (Many thanks to Mario, too!) Your time and hard work are greatly appreciated. I come to this site on a regular basis to get the latest news on upcoming events, tour dates, etc. I even come here before I bother to call the office to see where we will be playing in the future. All my family and friends have this website address so they can keep up to date with what's going on with me and the gang. Thanks again for your support. It really means a lot to the band and Marty to have such good friends. It is always a pleasure to see and talk to you and our "road family" (fans). See you all soon!

From Nola Heatherly (mother of country singer Eric Heatherly):

Thanks to Sherry ... she leaves nothing to be desired by Marty's fans. She has even provided a seating map of the Ryman Auditorium for Marty's Fun Fest Show. Now I know exactly where my seats are located. Marty's fans have CAPTURED all of Marty's shows so wonderfully that I feel I have actually been there. The photos are BEAUTIFUL! WOW! What a website!

From Carol Reinhart:

Sherry, you have a wonderful site and I come in to visit often. There is just so much here to enjoy. Thank you!

From Penny Risk:

Sherry: You have a great website and I am sure Marty is so grateful for all the hard work you've done. I personally want to thank you. It's so nice to bring all the Marty and Rock Roll Cowboy lovers together to share their excitement for the music we all love so much. I also think we should all make sure to let Jodee know what a wonderful job she is doing also. Without these two great women, we wouldn't so well informed. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

From Lori Mattioli:

Hello Aunt Sherry. I just wanted to let you know that I was here. You have an awesome website. I just knew you would. I listen to Marty Stuart every once in a while and he's just as great as always. You were right. There is just too much for me to look at all at once. I'll have to come back at another time. Keep up the good work.

From Danny Meadows:

Your website is terrific. My wife Kathy and I enjoy it a lot.

From Judy Simonton:

Great website.

From Kim Moore:

Great site, Sherry! Keep up the good work! Thanks!

From Marilyn Johnson:

Great site.

From Patricia Dalton:

Sherry, I just finished reading your review from the Opry. Great review! You made me feel like I was there. Loved the pictures you and Mario took. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

From Gail Poreda:

Hi Sherry. I visit a lot, but I keep forgetting to sign the guestbook. My favorite place on the web is here. Thanks for all the hard work you put in on keeping us up to date on Marty!

From Cindy:

Keep up the great job you are doing with this website. Sherry. I will stop by often and am STILL looking at all the wonderful pages.

From LadySong:

I love your page. I come here often. Keep up the great work. Marty would be proud .......

From: Tenn Lady:

Hello. I just love your page! I am new to the internet and found your page on search. It is a wonderful page. I love Marty Stuart. Have for about 11 years ago ... keep up the terrific work.

From Dawn Watson:

Since I found this page back last month, I've found several new friends. I even gave a concert review that would bring tears to your eyes. And I hope if Marty sees this page, he will read the concert review I gave on him. Love this page, Sherry, and thanks for all the help you've given me!

From Andrea Finkbiner:

Cool page, but what do you expect from a COOL GUY!!! Will continue to check out from time to time for updates. Keep up the great work. Thanks.

From Cathy Evenson:

I have just got a computer that allowed me to get online and I have truly enjoyed this webpage. I have spent numerous hours just trying to read as much as I can. Keep up the good work.

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First, to your webpage. It sure looks great.

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I have a new computer and I have discovered this website, so here I go...the best time of my life. Thanks for providing such wonderful material on Marty. I have been on here for three hours and now I'm late for work.

From Rebecca Raines:

I enjoyed your place. It's very interesting. I'll probably visit you often. Keep up the great work.

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Keep up the good work. I love the home page and the Wall of Friends.

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It was nice entering and viewing your website. Thanks.

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Really enjoyed reading all the info.

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You've got a very good website.

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I like this fan page very much. I plan to visit it again.

From Angie Rhoads:

I love stopping by your website and try to make it in every day to keep up with the latest on Marty. Thanks for all your hard work and the wonderful stories. Some day soon, I'll have to share a few of mine.

From Reneé Ollhoff:

Once again, Sherry, thank you for all you do for us Marty Fans or should I say fanatics!! I am honored to have gotten to know you over the past six months. I can't wait to see you at "Smiley Hollow" and hug you for all you have done for us. This website ROCKS!!! Marty must be proud of all you do for him. We sure all do. The Wall of Friends is AWESOME as are the Marty Moments!!! Glad to see we are there. Keep up the good work and remember you are always in our prayers.

From Tammy Gutierrez:

We just got our computer and got online, so I plan on visiting this website often.

From Kim Moore:

I just wanted to stop by and say "hi" and "keep up the good work, Sherry!"

From Lisa:

Great website. Thanks for all your hard work.

From Kathy Miller:

Loved viewing the photos of Marty. I have some good ones from The Palace at Myrtle Beach.

From Renee J. Hill:

Your Marty Stuart Web Page is the greatest out there. I am so glad to see that I am not the only person that thinks Marty is the best in the business. Keep up the wonderful work.

From Jodee Stocki (Marty's former Fan Club president):

Thanks for keeping everybody up to date on Marty and the Rock & Roll Cowboys. Are you a FAN or what? I know you spend a lot of time on this site and it really shows. You've done a great job. I'll see everyone at the Fan Club Party at Smiley Hollow.

From K. H. Lysgaard:

I must say that I like this site very much.

From Patty Double

Love the Marty Fan Page. Thanks for having it. I just got with it and got a computer in November. Still learning. Have a great New Year everyone.

From Syble Marie Smith:

I had no idea about all this info on Marty. A fan club member I met Saturday night at Horseshoe Casino was a fountain of information on Marty and his band members, especially the steel guitar player. I have been just reading and looking at all the pictures since I got to work this morning. I think this is great. I don't have the name of the girl who was so informed about all of this, but she is from Alabama and travels to lots of shows. I would love to be in contact with her in case she reads this. We stood in line together from 6:30 until 8. The long wait was worth it. We both got the tables we wanted for a great show. Enjoying the webpage.

From Heather Rusché:

Hi Gang! Sherry, you have done such a WONDERFUL job with this website. It is by far the best out there on Marty. You let us know the very latest and keep us in touch with other Marty fans. I only hope that Marty himself realizes what an asset you are to him and his career. I know I will do all I can to make sure he does. You are a wonderful friend and I am happy to call you one of mine. Luv ya.

From Sherry Wise:

Hey Sherry! There's still no website on the internet that tops yours! Thanks for all the hard work you do on this. I truly hope Marty will take some time out his busy schedule to stop by and look at this.

From Tracey Wilcox:

We just got online and the first thing I looked for was information on Marty. This is a really great website. I plan on visiting it daily. I just wish more people would be on the chat line at different times. I check it all the time and nobody is ever on. Love to chat with other Marty fans.

From Margaret Ouderkirk:

Sherry, I think you do a wonderful job with this webpage, and the chat room is a blast. I love when we have the informal chats. Marty Stuart is the greatest and you sure make him shine. Thanks for everything you do!

From Lori Goss:

This is the best website I've seen. Great job!!!!

From Holly Hagelin:

Love dropping in at this website to check up on Marty. Well designed. Have tried the chat room but at lunch time here in Maryland, no one is ever there. (I go to my local public library to get on the net. I don't have a computer at home). Been nice visiting 'ya. Hope to chat at 'ya soon.

From Macreena Doyle:

I've been remiss in not signing this sooner ... Sherry is a wonderful person and fantastic friend, in addition to running the absolutely best Marty Stuart site there could be. He could never have a more loyal or dedicated fan ... way to go, Sherry!

From Jamie:

Great website on the best country artist! Thanks and keep up the great work, Sherry.

From Jennifer Clark:

Sherry, Keep up the good work! This website is awesome. While I'm at it, we need to recognize Jodee Stocki, too. I think she is a great addition to Marty's staff and will serve the fan club well!!

From Lance & Tena Smith:

Great site!

From Elizabeth Stone:

I love this website! Good job!!

From Marcia Ballard:

Great website! I check it out often. I've been a member of Marty's fan club for about six years. I appreciate all the effort you put forth to keep us current with Marty news.

From Edtha Moody:

Thanks for the website and all the info. I look forward to visiting from time to time. Not as often as I would like, but as often as I can. I need a Marty fix ever so often. Once again, thanks very much. An avid Marty fan!

From Patty Double:

Love Marty Stuart and this webpage. Happy New Year!

From Lori Shirley:

Happy 1999! In my opinion, this website is THE BEST place to be. I check it out daily to keep up with Marty happenings and a huge Thank You Sherry for all you do! Because of you, my family and I have become even bigger Marty fans this year and love it. Hope to meet a lot of the coollist gang in the future.

From Sherry Wise:

Just wanted to stop by and say great job on this website. It's better than any websites I've seen! Congratulations and keep up the wonderful work. I hope Marty appreciates it as much as his fans do.

From Jill Brown (who lives in England):

Sherry. Thanks for the webpages. It makes Marty and Nashville seem to much closer. I don't feel so cut off over here and can keep up with all the news. Keep up the great work and Happy New Year to you all.

From Reneé Ollhoff:

Hi Sherry!! Long time no visit your website. Where does the time go? Thank you for all you do for Marty's fans!!!

From Brenda Metz:

Hi Sherry. Thanks for such a great webpage. Keeps us very informed. Hope Marty has seen it. I'm sure he was impressed. You have worked very hard and it shows.

From Dixie Lee Riley:

I very much enjoyed stopping by your site. This is my second time online for the site and my first on this computer. I look forward to more news and reviews. Happy New Year and Marty Party on!!

From Maricela:

Great website! I love Marty Stuart!

From June Yovanovich:

This is one of THE BEST websites! Love everything about it. Sherry, you are the greatest.

From Rita Marshall:

Sherry, Thanks for this great website. I don't know of anywhere else you can go and find up-to-date info on Marty. Thanks for all your hard work. Happy 1999!!!

From Gail Poreda:

Hi Sherry. This website is the best. Thank you for all the work you do to keep us all informed about Marty!

From Donna Schmehl:

This website is really nice. I try to check it out at least once a week, probably more now that the holidays are over. I don't want to miss one minute of Marty. If he's going to be appearing on TV (gotta set the VCR), or if he's in my area (gotta take a day or night off and get my ticket). Trouble is, he doesn't come to the Reading-Lancaster area often enough for me!!!! Anyway....I love the whole Marty site. Keep up the great job. Also, the Christmas cards were fun. I'll send Sherry a picture for the photo album soon, since I didn't get prints made in time to send with my cards.

From Karla Turbyfield:

Sherry, Your site is phenomenal! Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping us "Marty-informed." Have a great 1999!

From Justina:

Hi Sherry. What an excellent site -- the best I've seen!!! It's obvious that a lot of love and hard work have gone into creating and maintaining it. Many thanks from a fellow Marty Fan! I'm enjoying the coollist and my frequent visits to your site. A Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family. Love and Luck.

From Marianne Stephens:

Sherry. This is an outta sight webpage. You do a good job. Keep up the good work.

From Bernd Wolf:

Hi Sherry. This webpage is just GREAT! I'll check back VERY often to keep informed about what's going on. Congrats again. A guy like Marty deserves such a wonderful page!

From Lisa Rummelt:

Sherry. You have a great webpage here. I'm glad that I have gotten to know you and everyone else through this website and the coollist. Plus the wonderful Christmas cards. I hope that in 1999, we will all get to know each other even better. Who knew a year ago (will be in January), that I would meet such wonderful people. Keep up the great job you are doing with your webpage here and I'll see you on the coollist.

From Kim Moore:

I love this page, Sherry! You do a great job. Thanks for keeping me up to date with Marty's busy life. He is even coming to my area for Jamboree in the Hills in July. Might see some of you there. Thanks again, Sherry!

From Tami Bessey:

Love the Fan Page!

From LaDonna Cable:

Hey Sherry!! Thanks for all the efforts you put into this site. I have really enjoyed reading the articles you are entering! Plus I check your updates daily. You always keep us informed. Thanks so much. I really enjoy all the folks being brought together by you and this site!!! Take care and Happy 1999!!!

From Jan Williams:

Sherry!! Truly THE MOST AWESOME WEBSITE for a "Hillbilly" if I ever saw one .. and I bet "THE HILLBILLY" would agree with me. I am proud as a peacockette (?) to be associated with the fan club AND THE coolest email list ever!! If you ever figure out how I can move the Crystal Grand down here, I will be in ecstasy's haven for HILLBILLIES. Keep up the great work Lady!! Hugs!!! From Wisconsin and me!

From Kathy Patterson:

Hi Sherry .... Everything looks so neat and cool. Thanks so much for all you do for Marty's fans. VERY MUCH APPRECIATED for the neat website.

From Mary Runyan:

I don't feel like a guest. I feel like a permanent resident when it comes to Sherry's Marty Stuart Fan Page. It is the first place I go each and every time I get on the internet. Sometimes for a few minutes; sometimes longer, depending on how much time I have. Where would we Marty fans be without such an informative and constantly updated website. Thanks Sherry for keeping all of us permanent residents so informed. I enjoy this website immensely.

From Sherry Wise:

I think SherryM goes the extra 100 miles to make HER website something to talk about. I really mean that, Sherry, and you know it.

From Jana Jeffs:

Hey Sherry. Love your website. I visit it several times a week to see what's going on! Thanks for all your hard work!

From Margie Sullivan:

Hi. I love your site. Check on it all the time. Love all the emails and Christmas was great. I enjoyed all the cards I received and loved sending them to fellow fans. I hope to see and meet a lot of you in June at the party.

From Stephanie Pennington:

I love your website! I visit it every day to see if there are any updates. I just joined the Marty Stuart Fan Club in September and I received my first newsletter the other day. Keep up the excellent work on the page!!!

From Ruth Pudzis:

Sherry. I've just been informed of your website through a girlfriend on the Marty board at AOL. I've just checked out the cool photos from the Birthday Bash and will continue to check out this website for all the news about Marty. Marty is a great guy whom his fans adore (me being one of them). Thanks for putting this website together!

From Lori Bent:

I really enjoyed your website. It has to be one of the best if not THE BEST one I've ever seen dedicated to one person. Marty is a talented musician and a wonderful person. Thanks for making such an informative site about him.

From Melinda Angel:

If you haven't yet, please visit Sherry's fan page for Marty. It is a wonderful tribute to Marty. She has spent countless hours developing the site, and spends more all the time updating it. If you haven't seen it, please stop by and visit the site and let her know what a terrific job she does supporting Marty! : ) As Marty fans, we all owe her a huge debt of gratitude for this exceptional presence for Marty on the Internet

From Willie Wilson:

Sherry, the page looks nice.

From Ruth Campbell:

My friend, Sherry Wise (out here in California), has been raving about you for quite a while. She recently mailed me a xerox of your unofficial newsletter and it was fantastic. I saw that it included your website address, so I clicked on it a few minutes ago, and I am totally amazed. YOU'RE INCREDIBLE!! I was trying to decide whether I should email you, and then Marty's "Little Things" suddenly came on the radio. Since our radio station (KZLA) rarely plays Marty, I decided "It's a sign!" and thought I'd write -- to applaud you. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

From Chelsea491:

I just wanted to say that your website is great!!! How do you get all the info that you have? Are you friends with Marty?? Or work for him? I think that you have one of the best websites that I have seen!!! I just wanted to tell you just how much I enjoy it and am impressed by it.

From Lisa Sanders:

I just got online today and the first thing I searched for was a Marty Stuart website. Imagine my surprise when I came across this one. It made my day! Sherry, you have done a wonderful job. Thanks for giving Marty fans just one more thing to look forward to!

From Marie Garon:

Hi Sherry, Just wanted to drop you a quick note and ask if you are exhausted! You are one terrific person and I can't believe how up-to-date you keep the website. Every time I go on there (which is almost every day, even if only for a few minutes), there are new things added. I can't thank you enough for doing this because so may times in the past we always found out about Marty things after they were already over before your site. Thanks for all you do!

From Sherry Wise:

This has to be one of the best country websites around!!! I truly hope that Marty himself has had a chance to visit here and see all the hard work that Sherry has put into this for us fans. Please, Sherry, keep up the good work!

From Betty Brown:

I like your website. It is pretty awesome.

From Sheila Walters:

Hi Sherry! Merry Christmas! I don't know how you do it. The site gets better every time I check it (often). It is the BEST way to keep up with Marty. Thanks for all your hard work. I appreciate all you do.

From Patricia Dalton:

Sherry, I love the Marty Stuart Fan Page!! I'm proud to be a part of the Marty Stuart Fan Club! Keep up the great work!!!

From Renee Ollhoff:

I LOVE SherryM's website and cruise through it often to see what she has accomplished now. I am showing people her site all the time and saying, "This woman knows her stuff!"

From Karla Turbyfield:

First of all, THANK YOU, Sherry! This website is wonderful. A pure joy every time I look at it. I can't believe all the work you put into it. Beautiful!

From Gttysbrgr:

Without blowing sunshine, I must again compliment you on this site. I visit both rock and country sites frequently, both by fans and "official" and, by far, yours is the only one I have added to my "favorites list." I have been mixing down recordings that I have done over the years and, recently, completed some Marty party ones as well as recordings done locally. That is what prompted me to go searcing Marty websites. I like his official site, but, as a fan like yourself, there is always that perspective that is fresh and informative. Great work, Sherry.

From Sheila Walters:

Dear Sherry. What a great new site! It has everything on Marty. It made my day. He is also my favorite. I'll be watching for more updates. Keep up the good work.

From Jana Jeffs:

WOW! What a great website, Sherry! You have done Marty proud. I have been a member of the fan club for going on six years. Marty's music touches my soul.

From June Yovanovich:

Hi Sherry. I have been logging on to your wonderful website ever since I listened to your enthusiasm regarding Marty Stuart. Remember, I sat one row in front of you at the concert. Thanks for all the enjoyment you bring to Marty fans with your great webpage.

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