Fan Fair - 2002

Enjoy these pictures from Serena Wimmer. She enjoyed the Fan Club Party, the Late Night Jam, and Marty at the booth.

Marty performs at the Jam Montgomery Gentry rock the house
Richard Young of the Kentucky Headhunters and
T. Graham Brown stop by
Pam Tillis sings two of her dad's sonsgs
Newcomer Joe Nichols - awesome voice Marty's reading some lyrics
taped to the Ryman floor
Travis Tritt joined the party, too Marty in his Fan Fair booth
Laura Kerr shows Marty something as
Marioa-Elena Orbea looks on
Bev Kerr is showing Marty a drawing as
Carolyn Thumann and Marty's mom look on
Marty in his Fan Fair booth
Photos by Serena Wimmer, Copper Hill, VA

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