Fan Club Party - 2000

What can you say about the Marty Party 2000 but - WOW ! It was in the nineties at Smiley Hollow, but I don't think anyone minded the heat!

Marty got there not long after Karla and I arrived. He was wearing a denim shirt, jeans and boots. Of course, he looked REAL good!

Miss Hilda walked right up to us to say hello and give us a hug. I think she remembered us from last year. What a nice lady ! After she got there, she changed into a t-shirt that said "Marty's Mom" on the front, and she wore it the rest of the day. She is such a good sport.

Before the on-stage festivities began, I was out front talking to a friend when Marty came up behind us, put his arm around me and gave me a big ole hug ! That really made my day, I'll tell you. He talked with us for a few minutes about surprising Travis at T's fan club party on Monday and then he went off to do some more visiting and get ready for his on-stage appearance.

Jodee started off the show by making some announcements, including one about the passing of Gary Hogue. You could almost feel the sadness in the barn, and I thought Jodee was gonna break down. Can't talk about that much more, too tough.

When Marty came on-stage, you could feel the place rocking ! I got tear-filled eyes again while Marty spoke about Gary and about how as long as he played music, Gary Hogue would always be sitting right there beside him on stage. It was very touching, and you could tell the genuine love that Marty had for the friend he had lost.

Marty sang a few new songs he had written and they were AWESOME ! He had a special guest come out, a songwriter named Don (don't recall his last name) who Marty has been writing with lately. Don sang a couple of the tunes with Marty, and they were great as well.

Marty also invited Leamon Flatt onstage. Leamon did a rendition of "Father's Table Grace" that was just beautiful.

Miss Connie was on a singing gig of her own in South Dakota, so she wasn't with us. But boy was she talked about ! Marty brought her up several times (I won't repeat what all he said - but Connie is probably gonna whip him when she gets home - LOL) and fan club member Melanie Renfro got up during the talent contest and sang two of Connie's songs. She did a great job, too!

Marty did his meet-n-greet and as usual, everybody that got to say hello and get a handshake or a hug went away happy. I am not sure how, but somehow Marty and I ended up getting our picture taken together a couple of times, so I sneaked a few extra hugs in there while I had the chance ! Shelby Jean had a video camera on me and Marty at one point, and she said she was gathering blackmail material - LOL ! Marty said she would do it too, so I guess I will be fanning her face and feeding her grapes for the next year, or until I can get something on her !

What a wonderful day ! I have to say that being at a Marty fan club party is sort of like being at a family reunion, with Marty right in the middle of all the loving and visiting that's going on! I can't say enough words about how much fun and enjoyable it was to hang out with my Marty Friends, but I can tell you that seeing him and the kind and sincere way he treats people makes me awful proud to say that I am a Marty Stuart fan!

No way I could cover everything, but I think you get the gist of things. It was a blast! Jodee, you did a great job putting that thing together, girlfriend!

Review by Joyce Porterfield, Hiram, GA

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