Fan Club Party - Smiley Hollow on June 13, 2000 - Page 2

Enjoy these photos from the Fan Club Party taken by fans who have graciously allowed me to put them on the website. These first three pictures were sent by Beth. She also included a photo of Marty after he "crashed" Travis Tritt's fan club party. Mario Mattioli took the one of Gregg Stocki and Hilda Stuart. Mary Runyan took the photos of Briley and Brad Davis, Brenda talking with Marty and the GREAT one of the man himself.

Marty from the side Marty and Leamon Flatt
Them Double Trouble Guys are B-A-C-K Gregg Stocki and Hilda Stuart
Briley Davis and papa Brad Marty tells Brenda Metz to get some rest!

Martypals--for life:

l-r: Mary Runyan, Beverly Kerr,
LaDonna Cable, Sheila Walters and Sherry Mattioli

The Mississippi Mudcat himself These three fabulously good looking gentlemen
all born in October 1982.
l-r: Jarred Turner, Travis Hood and Dustin Runyan
Just call them "Triple Trouble"

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