Photos from the Tour - Page 2

Tulare, California
On our way to Tulare goin' through the Grapevine A roadside attraction Buck Owens Boulevard in Bakersfield, California
We find Nina's, a great trailer park/Mexican restaurant across from the gig Nina makes it clear Tulare ... guitars and grain elevators
Marty Kenny Vaughan and Marty Brian Glenn performs
The crowd Connie Smith's biggest fan The shirt
Marty and Merle say goodnight to Tulare

Dixon, California
The barnyard within a barnyard Another view Merle and Marty congratulate each other on "Working Man Blues"

Klamath Falls, Oregon
Bobby Pinson The Old Crow Medicine Show Connie Smith and the Men in Back
Marty and the Superlatives pose with their picture Brian, Mount Shasta, Marty and Kenny The spotlight gets a little help

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