Crystal Palace - Bakersfield, CA on July 12, 1999

Second Show

As always, it's so wonderful to see Marty's shows. It's really special when you get to explore a new territory as well! I'd never been to Buck Owens' club before, so these shows were a treat! Deanna and I were at the same table for the first and second shows just in different seats. If you've never been there, the only way I can describe the club is like a big movie set! The outside of the club is like a huge city. There are what appear to be little "shops" there, like Sweet Rosie's Bakery, a law firm, etc. On the inside is this massive bronze statue of Buck that stands in the center of the lobby. Merchandise is to the right and you enter the actual showroom beyond that.

The showroom itself continues the feel of a "city" with all the windows for these "stores" containing all of Buck's mementos from over the years. When you actually get around to the front of the stage, there is a dance floor, seating at the edge of it, then seating on two levels above that PLUS a second story with seats there! Really, if you are ever in Bakersfield, check it out! Very cool place.

Anyhow, on with the show!

Once again, Marty's all in black! Marty and the guys opened with a supercharged version of "Rocketship" which we are all pleased to see back in the set list! Then, on to "Are You Ready for the Country," "Doin' My Time," "Whiskey" (and the usual banter about Travis), "Blue Train" (talks about Johnny Cash). That song is one of my personal favorites to see Marty do live. Then, on with "Tempted," "Oh, What a Silent Night," "Burn Me Down," (band intro), "Sometimes the Pleasure's Worth the Pain," "Red, Red Wine and Cheatin' Songs," "Hobo's Prayer," "Now That's Country" and "Hillbilly Rock."

For the encore, Marty had been doing "The Pilgrim," but scratched that and did "Hey Baby"! That was a treat for sure! The show was over, but Marty didn't leave. He stood on that stage for about ten minutes and signed autographs for people that just walked up! He was real nice about that. It was all over too soon, but there's more Marty in southern California coming up August 3rd!

Review by Sherry Wise, Norwalk, CA

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