Crazy Horse Saloon - Santa Ana, CA on July 11, 1999

Second Show

Janice and I arrived at The Crazy Horse Saloon about 8:15 p.m. Our tickets were for the second show which started at 9:15. They showed us to our seats and they were so close I couldn't believe it! Our table was actually right up next to the stage, right in the center in front of Marty!!! Sherry W, Heather and Deanna came in from their Meet and Greet after the first show, so we had a few minutes to visit before the show started. It was good to see Marty pals there. They are all so nice.

Then the lights dimmed, they announced "Marty Stuart" and there he was in front of us, not more than 5 feet away. My sister Janice and I looked at each other with HUGE grins on our faces and said at the exact same time "this is SO COOL!" Marty was looking great and he was full of fun. I'm hoping that the Western Girls describe what he was wearing, because I'm not very good with details like that. He was wearing black with roses going up the side of his pants and towards the end of the show he puts on his purple long coat. I got the set list of songs from the second show and he had added songs he wrote in on the side. So it still probably won't be written in the exact order he played then in.

He started with "High On a Mountain Top," "Doin' My Time," "Whiskey Ain't Workin' Anymore," "Hey Baby," "Sweet Love," "Blue Train," "Tempted," "Dark As a Dungeon," "Burn Me Down," and "Oh, What a Silent Night." Next he started playing some of the songs off The Pilgrim CD and telling us all if we haven't already bought it that we should go out and get it. He said every house should have two or three copies of it! He went on to play "Sometimes The Pleasure's Worth The Pain," "Red, Red Wine and Cheatin' Songs," "Hobo's Prayer," "Reasons," "Draggin' Around These Chains of Love," "The Pilgrim," "The Greatest Love of all Time" and he even squeezed in "Now That's Country" and "Hillbilly Rock."

He gave an awesome performance. The Rock and Roll Cowboys were great, but it all ended to soon for me. He talked about how this was his last show at the Crazy Horse in their location in Santa Ana. It has been there for 20 years and will be in Irvine next year. He said goodnight to everybody and when every one was applauding, I stood up and pulled my sister up by her arm and told her to shake his hand. He shook both of our hands from the stage!!! We were already on cloud nine and hadn't even done the meet and greet yet!

We got in line for the M & G. The line was moving quickly and we were next to see him in no time at all. Janice saw him and realized we were next and grabbed my arm and said "oh my gosh, he's right there!" I am always so dumfounded when I actually get to talk to him. I feel like I'm tongue-tied. He is so nice, he said, "Hello, how are you?" I introduced him to my sister and had him sign the cover to my Pilgrim CD. He signed it "Love, Marty Stuart" and he signed a picture for my sister. We walked away with a autographed pictures and CD covers, smiles on our faces and an exhilarated feeling from seeing the show. It was by far the best show I have seen him perform yet and one I will remember forever.

Review by Patricia Dalton

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