Cowboy's - Calgary, Alberta on September 22, 1998

Cowboy's - Edmonton, Alberta on September 23, 1998

What can I say but that it was sooo good to see Marty AND the guys again! It's been a long time since I saw them last at my last Fan Club Party. Now I feel a bit better - I got my Marty "fix" for another little while I guess. I traveled 6-1/2 hours to Calgary for the Tuesday night show and then 3 hours back up to Edmonton for the Wednesday night show and, even though it was totally exhausting, it all went away come show time both nights.

These venues are what makes a Marty concert so much more special because they are not huge arena/concert halls, but rather small honky tonks-- even smaller in comparison to your Wildhorse Saloon. It's a much more intimate atmosphere to see anyone - not only Marty. Alan Jackson has played there as have the Mavericks and many others. I was right at the base of the stage both shows right in front of Gary and it was fantastic to see and hear everything so up close. It's also nice that they DO recognize us after seeing us so often - even Marty. And Mike, WOW Mike was so sweet - yup I did write that correctly - Mike was sweet! And smiled alot those two nights - well maybe only the second night.

Both nights, Marty began with my personal favorite - "Hey Baby" and just hearing that song at the very start of the shows made me feel so much better because yesterday (Wed.) was the second anniversary of my dad's passing away from lung and brain cancer. Needless to say I had been on a downer for a few days. Marty will never know how much better he made me feel. He made someone else feel better Wednesday night too. I guess last year when he was here, he had visited a gentleman in the hospital who was in a coma. Marty spotted him in the crowd last night and recognized him by telling him that "God is smiling on you!" The man received a round of applause. I'll bet that made Marty feel good too! He did the biggies of course like "Oh, What A Silent Night," "Burn Me Down," "Tempted," "Little Things," "Half A Heart," but I was really impressed with the new one - "Southern Accent." Wow what beautiful song. As usual HE WAS BETTER THAN FANTASTIC!!! I still feel he is so underrated and overlooked, but what can we do? Sure would like to see this become an annual event. I guess I'll just have to talk to the "Cowboy's Management"!!!

Review by Helene Rioux

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