Mainstream country radio ignores Marty
A fan speaks out

Jeff Small from Summitville, Indiana attended the Winchester Bluegrass Festival and relays his conversation with a radio station that was broadcasting live from the festival.

Hey, I want to know...

If Grateful Dead fans are "Dead Heads"; If Buffett fans are "Parrot Heads"; Are we "Pilgrim Heads"?


We are at the Winchester show...and I notice a radio station broadcasting live. I turned to my buddies and said..."now that's a joke, I've got to ask them some questions." My buddy, Chris, says "oh, no!"

Here is the conversation.

Smally: Why are you guys here?

Radio Girl: For Marty Stuart, our DJ is going to introduce him.

Smally: So you guys play Marty regularly?

Radio Girl: I guess so.

Smally: Do you play stuff off of the new album?

(about this time, the "Prissy Radio Lady" (PRL) in charge of this joke notices that I have her little gopher cornered and steps in)

PRL: What is the problem?

Radio Girls: He wants to know why we are here.

PRL: Is that a problem?

Smally: No, I just wanted to know what you play of Marty.

PRL: Well we played a spot for the festival that has hits in it from the past...Why, are you with Marty?

Smally: No.

Chris: He should be.

Smally: I just think that it is funny that radio won't play Marty but, by golly, as soon as he comes to town, they're on the bandwagon.

PRL: Are you saying we are fighting to be out here?

Smally: No, I just think it is odd that you don't play Marty, but want to broadcast from his concert site.

PRL: We would play Marty if we had requests for Marty.

Smally: How can people know to request Marty if you don't play it. You know, who are these 6 people that say what will be hits and what won't, they're wrong. Marty released a new single and you guys don't
play it.

PRL: Marty hasn't had a hit song in a long time.

Smally: I know that... and it doesn't help when you haven't put a record out in three years, but he has a new record out, the reviews have been great, it may be the best country record of the 90's, but you don't hear it on the radio.

PRL: Are you with Marty?

Smally: No.

PRL: I didn't know he had a new CD, I haven't heard it.

Smally: Is that right!

(then the DJ comes over)

DJ: What is going on?

PRL: This guy is complaining about the radio.

DJ: What's wrong?

Smally: Nothing...I just thought it was hypocritical to play the format you do, then show up here and play radio buddy to Marty Stuart and not know one thing about what he's doing.

DJ: Are you with Marty?

(The DJ then tried to patch things up by offering me a backstage pass, but I showed him my Fan Club card and said I could already meet him anyway, no thanks.)

P.S. I called that radio station for 3 hours today trying to request "Red, Red Wine And Cheatin' Songs." I got the runaround. The last time, I finally asked "Is this a song you play?" The DJ said, "I know we have it...but it is not something we would play."

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