Transcript from Music Celebrity Chat - March 24, 2000 (WKRN-TV)

Moderator: You can start sending your questions for Marty Stuart.

whodeanie: Would you ever consider making a complete album of Johnny Cash songs? ..please...

Marty Stuart: whodeanie.... I'm doing it one song at a time! Perhaps someday...

Carol Wilson: Hi Marty it is me Carol the other better half of Lester Wilson

Marty Stuart: carol.... Hi! Found any good records lately?

SherryM: Hi Marty! Your album, The Pilgrim, is a masterpiece. What's next for you musically?

Marty Stuart: sherry.... I'm writing it right now! It's too early to tell what the baby's going to look like....

Gramma: will you be preforming at the IFCO FunFest or just presenting the award?

Marty Stuart: gramma.... I probably will perform...

ladonna: Give us a hint of who your special guest will be at the fab club party!!!!

Marty Stuart: ladonna... no, I don't... maybe Elvis.... either Elvis, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, or Hank Williams.... depending on who's available

Jeff: What is your favorite Connie Smith song?

Marty Stuart: jeff.... Where is My Castle?

serena: Hi Marty! Have you ever considered doing an all bluegrass album?

Marty Stuart: serena.... absolutely!

TWIB:Hey Marty!! I loved last weeks Opry. Was just waiting for Minnie Pearl to walk out on stage. Will you have the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band back on?

Marty Stuart: TW.. there are 2 more appearances that I know of... one is at the Ryman with Earl Scruggs on May 17th... it's going to be a festival-type show that has LeRoy and the Jug Band, Connie Smith, Joe & Jeannette Carter and me... We're celebrating the beginning of a new art exhibit by Tom Allen

Marty Stuart: The second appearance by Marty and Jug Band will be July 8th in Murfressboro TN at Uncle Dave Macon Days

Carol Wilson: Lester says give him a call he is looking over my shoulder

pilgrim: Are they ever gonna do the opry live on the net???

Marty Stuart: pilgrim! yes, I understand that they are...

whodeanie: What type of cameras do you like to use when you shoot your photos? They are great!

Marty Stuart: whodeanie... I use the same Nikon F2 that I've used for 10 years....

litlegreen: Hi Marty, I have been a fan for many years. Do you have an official web site?

serena: You wrote the score for "Daddy and Them" has it been released nationwide yet? I haven't seen it in my area.

Marty Stuart: serena,,, No, it doesn't come out until fall...

Jeff: If you could have dinner with any person in the world, who would it be?

Marty Stuart: jeff... Jesus Christ

Diane Sullivan: I think you are good looking

Marty Stuart: Diane... thank you, but think again....

litlegreen: Will you be going to Pittsburgh Pa soon?

Marty Stuart: litle.... not that I know of....

slogan: Marty: Are you enjoying your time off?

Marty Stuart: slogan... yeah, I'm waiting for that to start any day now!

Marty Stuart: It's a fulltime job doing nothing!

Jeff: How many United States Presidents have you performed live for?

Marty Stuart: jeff... three.. Carter, Bush, and Clinton

Marty Stuart: I'm going back to the White House to perform again...

sailorgirl: Marty, will you be at Fan Fair this summer besides at your Fan Club party?

Marty Stuart: sailor.. yes...

pilgrim: what is the name of your book? Is it available only by your fan club??

Marty Stuart: pilgrim... Pilgrims, Sinners, Saints and Prophets

Marty Stuart: It's available at all major book stores,, as well as the fan club

pilgrim: will you tour at all in 2000? No dates on your website yet....

Marty Stuart: pilgrim... no immediate plans to tour this year... I might do some select appearances with select artists... keep watching...

mamaphil: are you a godfather to any of Travis Tritts children?

Marty Stuart: mamaphil... No, but I am Travis Tritt's godmother,,,,

REAPRO1: This will sound crazy but with the basketball tourneys going on who are ya'll cheering for?

pilgrim: How is Johnny Cash's health now?

Marty Stuart: pilgrim... I just talked to him yesterday and he sounds like the man in black oughta sound... full of life! full of fire!

LoriS: Are you coming to Iowa with Bob Dylan?

Marty Stuart: Lori.... perhaps....

ladonna: Marty what do you think about the song "Murder on Music Row"?

Marty Stuart: ladonna... I dearly love it!! I think it's the best country music protest song since Okie from Muskogee

LisaRummelt: I finally saw and bought "Fire Down Below" Any more acting in the future?

Marty Stuart: lisa... I'm better at making music for movies than I am acting in them,,,,

litlegreen: Would you do a charity performance for a Fire Department?

lizstone: Hi Marty , Liz Stone here.. Seattle WA, are you and the Sullivan's gonna have a cd out soon?

Marty Stuart: liz... they have a new one coming out within the next few weeks called "Tomorrow"... I produced it. It's on Ricky Skaggs' label

Jeff: What's your favorite movie of all time?

Marty Stuart: jeff... The Last PIcture Show...

slogan: Marty, : Sandra and Delphy say Hello from Texas

Marty Stuart: Hello to my original fans! Much love to you and your families!

Marty Stuart: Glad to hear you're speaking again!

countryfan11: What kind of guitar do you play?

Marty Stuart: countryfan.... my electric guitar is a Fender Telecaster... my acoustic is a Martin

jason: do you think the public will like the new hall of fame

Gail: What is the most unusual gift a fan ever gave you?

Marty Stuart: Gail... an artificial leg....

Marty Stuart: they wanted me to sign it and send it back...

TWIB: Marty, I heard you do a song on the Opry called "Southern Accents." Is that song on any of your CDs?

Marty Stuart: TW... no, I learned it from Tom Petty

Marty Stuart: It's on one of his albums... as well as Johnny Cash's last record.

serena: Someone asked Brad earlier if he had a favorite NASCAR driver how about you or do you have time to keep up with sports?

Marty Stuart: serena... Kyle Petty.. he was my former roommate..

Marty Stuart: Ask him about that sometimes...

NoShowJr: Do you still speak to Kyle Petty even though you're no longer roomies?

Marty Stuart: NoShow,,, absolutely! I still owe him $25 back rent.

lizstone: You are the best Marty! I have been watching your career for the past few years and I am proud to call you my favorite Country Star! God Bless you and your family---are you gonna start playing Bluegrass festivals now that you don't have to do the Country thing so much?

Marty Stuart: liz... it's been discussed that I would do some select shows with Earl Scruggs... but I'm still first and foremost a hillbilly singer who likes to plug in and play loud!

jason: who do you like to perform with most marty

lizstone: Marty, I am getting my first bluegrass acoustic guitar, I have a 20 year old Takamine, which Martin do you suggest ?

Marty Stuart: liz... the Marty Stuart signature model...

litlegreen: How is married life treating you?

Marty Stuart: litle... great!! I love being Mr. Connie Smith!

Carol Wilson: Will you be doing anymore concerts with Travis?And will you do one with Lynyrd Skynyrd?

Marty Stuart: Carol.... that's never out of the question!

Gramma: what song did you do on the Opry tonight?

Marty Stuart: gramma... I'm not on the Opry. tonight... I'm just driving Miss Connie to the Opry.

lizstone: Marty, who is your favorite singer?

Gail: Will the Rock and Roll Cowboys be at the Fan Club party?

Marty Stuart: Gail... I'm not sure...

jason: what is your favorite album that you have made

Marty Stuart: jason... The Pilgrim.

mamaphil: Just wanted to tell you that your music means so much to me and has given me inspiration and hope. God Bless You and take care

Marty Stuart: mamaphil... thank God for that.. and may God bless you too....

pilgrim: How is your dog????????

Marty Stuart: pilgrim.... LAZY!

Jeff: What CD are you currently listening to in your car or at home?

Marty Stuart: Jeff... new songs I'm writing and Dolly Parton's new record called The Grass is Blue...

Gramma: any chance Connie might come and chat with us some Friday?

Marty Stuart: Gramma... She's here right now... on her way to the stage...

Marty Stuart: (Connie---->) I'm on at 9:30 tonight... I'll see you on the radio...

Gramma: break a leg...:-))

Coltrane: Hey Marty....remember Coltrane?!

Marty Stuart: coltrane... as in John Coltrane? Who could forget him?

pilgrim: Is Ray Flacke still in Nashville?

Marty Stuart: pilgrim... yes, he plays at the Gibson Cafe with Jamie Hartford on Broadway

ladonna: when are you going to write a tell all book!!!

Marty Stuart: ladonna.... 25 years after I'm dead.....

LoriS: Do you miss the road this year?

Marty Stuart: lori... moments... I have my moments...

jason: who do you look up to the most marty

Marty Stuart: jason... Jesus Christ

Suz: Hey Marty- I saw you years and years ago when I was little and my dad used to play at the bluegrass festivals in eastern PA with his band. I think you're great

Marty Stuart: What's going on with Sunset Park?

Marty Stuart: Suz.. thank you very much!

jftrickett: Marty do you and Connie plan to do a duet together sometime

Marty Stuart: jftricket.. I'm trying to convince Connie that needs to happen

ladonna: marty are you doing the Opry next weekend

Marty Stuart: ladonna.... no...

pilgrim: Any new exhibits at the hall of fame you thought of?

Marty Stuart: pilgrim.. When the new Hall of Fame opens in spring 2001, the Marty Stuart collection will live there... it's a new collection and it will evolve, yet live there permanently...

LisaRummelt: Do you think country music will ever get back to "country"?

Marty Stuart: lisa... of course! The truth always returns...

sailorgirl: Marty, what kind of books do you read? You obviously getsome inspiration from them. Absolutley loved the Pilgrim

Marty Stuart: sailor... I seem to have better luck writing books, more than reading them.... Right now I'm reading a book called Dutch.. a biography about Reagan....

Sally PA: Marty have you seen Travis lately and how is he doing?

Marty Stuart: Sally... not since before Christmas.... he's recording a great record right now, being a great daddy, and probably getting ready to go do some shows this year... I've never seen him happier.

Coltrane: Marty....congratulations on the Heritage Award you will be getting at Uncle Dave Macon Days!

Marty Stuart: coltrane.... I'm honored to recieve the Heritage Award.. I'm in prestigous company with the former recipients...

Sally PA: Are you looking forward to the Fan Club Party?

Marty Stuart: sally... absolutely! Bring some people with you!

rootsmusic: Marty, has the CMF ever considered adding more artists, songwriters, and music scholars to the Hall of Fame selection committee?

mamaphil: What is the craziest thing you and Travis have ever done?

sailorgirl: Will you be in a booth signing autographs at Fan Fair?

Marty Stuart: I look forward to seeing everybody on May 17th at the Ryman Auditorium... it's going to be a very special event... thank you for talking with me tonight... God Bless!

Moderator: Thanks all for another great chat! Join us next week when Steve Wariner & Jerry Kilgore will be the featured guests, live from backstage at the Grand Ole Opry! See you then! Good night, all! Be safe!

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