Transcript from Chat - July 1, 2003

Baltimore,MD.: Hi Marty, it's good to see you back. My question is how did you like singing with other music artist(s) such as Travis Tritt in the past?

Marty Stuart: Singing with Travis is like singing with my brother. What's not to love about that?

Leesburg, FL: Marty, are you self-taught on the mandolin or did you have to take lessons like most people?

Marty Stuart: I'm self-taught. I learned at first by slowing the record player down and then I was fortunate to learn at the feet of so many masters when I was so young. I especially enjoyed the times when we would tour with Bill Monroe. I used to ride on the bus with him late at night and have non-verbal mandolin lessons.

Keller, Texas: I have followed your career since you were 13, at which time I knew you were going to be a star. What was the defining moment for you, when you realized that you had finally become a "star"? From Sandra Peacock.

Marty Stuart: When people in Keller, Texas that followed me since I was 13 finally caught on! My love to Gary...

Peoria, IL: I have always enjoyed you when you have been on the Grand Ole Opry. How long have you been a member?

Marty Stuart: I joined in 1992.

Charleston SC: Who's going to be with you at the Ryman Bluegrass night?

Marty Stuart: I'm still working on that cast. I have to get the Electric Barnyard Tour off the ground and then I'll come back to bluegrass.

Clinton TWP, Michigan: Would you ever consider putting out a country Christmas CD?

Marty Stuart: Absolutely! I just produced a Christmas album on Andy Griffith called "A Christmas Guest". And last week, me and the Fabulous Superlatives recorded a Christmas song I wrote entitled, "Even Santa Claus Gets The Blues" that will be on a country record this Christmas offered by CMT. And may I be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Johnson City, TN: Hey Marty!! I bought your new CD this morning at 7:30 a.m. It is truly an awesome CD! Are you going to release "Here I Am" as a single?

Marty Stuart: It's OK with me. Thanks for buying it.

Gray, TN: Are there any new artists whom you are impressed with?

Marty Stuart: Norah Jones, Keith Urban, Joe Nichols.

Johnson City, TN: How about Trace Adkins being invited into the Grand Ole Opry?

Marty Stuart: Congratulations to Trace Adkins!

Gray, TN: Are you going to find time to appear at the Carter Fold anytime soon?

Marty Stuart: I'm planning on it this Fall. I understand Johnny Cash is up there right now. If you see him, tell him I miss him. Tell him to come home soon. I also understand they are going to reconstruct A.P. Carter's childhood cabin in the near future. I fully intend to be there for that event.

Peachtree City, GA: Just a few comments for you. I really enjoyed "The Pilgrim" and also the smaller city aspect of your current tour. Trying to win tickets to the private concert here in Atlanta. Any plans for future appearances with Ricky Skaggs. What an awesome show that would be. My best to you and Connie!

Marty Stuart: Thanks for your comments on "The Pilgrim". I'll be in Atlanta tomorrow along with the Fabulous Superlatives to meet with our corporate sponsors for the Electric Barnyard show. I'm talking about Waffle House. I'll also be doing Rhubbard's show tomorrow evening...hope you can come by. Ricky Skaggs and me can be seen on a Gaither Homecoming Bluegrass event this winter.

Aurora, IL: Marty, there seems to be a lot of discontent surrounding the Opry right now, due to the older artists receiving less TV time. What is your view, considering you are what I would call a "bridge" between the present and past and the fact that your wife is a veteran Opry member?

Marty Stuart: My heart goes out to the person trying to book the show. It's a hard task to please the corporate powers that be and the heart and soul factor of country music. You know where my heart lies.

Montgomery, AL: I know you are a keeper of the flames of country music. One of your mentors is among American music's last, great heroes -- Johnny Cash. The tribute album you produced to honor his music is fabulous. (I have even read that it was that work that led to your current relationship with Columbia records. Isn't fate funny?) Can you tell us how he is doing, how he is coping with the loss of his soulmate, June Carter Cash, and if he has new music being planned? Thanks and good luck with your new project! The tracks I have heard are straight ahead country and I look forward to picking up my own copy!

Marty Stuart: Johnny Cash is doing OK. Several of us are gathered around him playing music for him while he sings new songs. He's been recording and singing himself through the pain. I applaud him for his dignity.

Leesburg, FL: I just noticed that you did not include a Travis song on your play list for CMT. Why not?

Marty Stuart: Yes, I did. They must not have included it. I distinctly put at the top of my list, "Where Corn Don't Grow".

Cincinnati, Ohio : Not a question, just a comment to Marty: So glad that you are in the limelight again and that people are paying attention to what you are doing, which is great county music! True fans such as myself know how wonderful you are and are so happy for you at this time in your career! Love & Luck, Sue

Marty Stuart: Thank you, Sue. In the words of the old Johnny Cash song...Sing it pretty Sue!

Boise, Idaho: We really enjoyed your performance at the Boise River Festival this past week. Do you hope to come back here some time in the future? Chris

Marty Stuart: Yes!

Carlisle, PA: Hey Marty! How's the family? My friend and I were wondering, what do you think of today's music scene?

Marty Stuart: Family is fine, thanks. Today's music scene is not a lot different than it ever has been. Just a new set of characters. I'm glad I'm still one of them.

Hummelstown,PA.: What or whom inspire you to write "Farmers Blues"?

Marty Stuart: Connie Smith and I wrote that song at our kitchen table last Labor Day. Without thinking about it, I think I wrote it about my Grandpas.

Nashville, Tennessee: I saw on one of the Websites, that your wedding anniversary with Connie Smith was coming up soon. What all do you have planned to celebrate the day, since you'll be on the big tour with Merle?

Marty Stuart: I think we'll be attending a Merle Haggard concert...which is fine with both of us!

Madison WI: How would you describe the sound of your new album?

Marty Stuart: Country music.

Baltimore, Maryland: Marty, you recently played at Rockabilly's in Baltimore, Maryland. Do you like playing small venues? Sorry, I wasn't able to attend. Did you like it?

Marty Stuart: I loved Rockabillys. I had been working hard all week long, visiting radio stations, doing lots of press to promote our new album and tour and to finally get to my band in a world class honky tonk like this was like finding water in the desert.

Duncan, British Columbia: You seem to have a lot of renewed energy. Why do think that is?

Marty Stuart: New music, new tour, new beginnings, new car, new lawnmower. Same ole friends.

South Haven, MI: Do you think you'll stay on the music scene for awhile or do you think of venturing in other directions (i.e. music production, etc.)? P.S. My mom adores you!

Marty Stuart: I'm emerging from three years of behind the scenes music production...all rewarding in their various ways but now it's time to have a parade.

Reno, Nevada: Will a soundtrack for "Daddy and Them" be available soon? We miss seeing you. Love John & Linda

Marty Stuart: I hope so! It's a wonderful soundtrack.

Gray, TN: How do you relieve stress out on the road? Marty Stuart: Work out and then play the show.

Hummelstown, Pa.: What is your favorite meal?

Marty Stuart: My mama's fried chicken...butter beans...rice & gravy, candied salad...fresh corn, watermelon, iced tea...biscuits, cornbread, applesauce cake, lemon iced box pie. Go directly to emergency room!

Dover, DE: Your wonderful duet with Steve Earle on the Buddy Holly tune "Crying, Waiting, Hoping" was, in my opinion, one of the finest dedication album remakes I've ever heard. How did that duet come about and any chance of your working some more with the talented Mr. Earle?

Marty Stuart: Steve had just emerged from some time off and I was so happy to see him it was like getting a brother back from the war. I had been offered the chance to do this record...I called Steve and asked if he'd do it with was produced by Richard Bennett, who was producing me at the time and had co-produced Steve on "Guitar Town". I still remain one of the first and foremost die-hard Steve Earle fans.

Orlando, FL: I saw you at Fan Fair in Nashville and you were great! Do you agree with changing the name of Fan Fair?

Marty Stuart: What's wrong with it the way it is?

Mentor, Ohio: Any chance you will be playing in the Cleveland area in the near future ? We'd love to have you visit !!

Marty Stuart: I think so. Check the Electric Barnyard schedule.

Wilmington, NC: You've worked with some legends and turned out some great albums. What do you enjoy most -writing, producing, or performing live?

Marty Stuart: All of the above but there's really something special about God giving you the gift of the song.

Johnson City, TN: What instruments can you play?

Marty Stuart: Guitar & mandolin...that's all that's worth talking about.

Jacksonville, FL: Hi Marty! Looking forward to seeing you in Tallahassee in August! What is your favorite song on your new CD?

Marty Stuart: Today? "Farmer's Blues"...tomorrow? I don't know!

Springfield, Illinois: Hi, you have always been one of my favorite country stars and I am so glad you are back. "This Ones Gonna Hurt You" is my favorite song. Will you be releasing something soon?

Marty Stuart: Today! Is that soon enough. The album is called, "Country Music" by Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives. It's a good one! Hope you like it.

Johnson City, TN: Your "Country Music" CD is awesome. Will "Here I Am" be released as a single? Truly Amazing - Thank you.

Marty Stuart: It's OK with me! Thanks for listening.

South Windsor, CT: Love your music and think you are a hell of a guy. How do you maintain a balance between cool, hip and country in your appearance.

Marty Stuart: I had no idea that I did.

Nashville, TN: I liked the exhibit at the new Country Music Hall of Fame on your collection of memorabilia. Do you continue to collect? What's your favorite item?

Marty Stuart: I don't actively collect as much as I used to however I can't resist a treasure hunt. My favorite item? Maybe Hank Williams guitar or Connie Smith...that's the real treasure!

Johnson City, TN: Love your new Band The Fabulous Superlatives!! Do you ever see any of the Rock & Roll Cowboys and how are they doing?

Marty Stuart: Sometimes. Brad Davis is on tour with Sam Bush. Steve Arnold is landscaping... Greg Stocki is on tour with the Rocking Roadhouse gang... and I miss Gary Hogue every day of my life. I love those guys. I have nothing but fond memories of the Rock & Roll Cowboys.

Hendersonville: I work with Sheb Wooley...saw you at June's funeral.

Marty Stuart: We should meet under happier circumstances. Give my love to Sheb. He's a great cowboy.

York, PA: Hey Marty! I've always had a million questions for you and now I have the chance and I have mental block. I would like to say thanks for the DVD. Also, Country Music is as awesome as I expected. Hope you all have a great time on the EBY tour! Hope to catch up to you in OH or VA. Take care. K.K.

Marty Stuart: You take care as well...

New York, NY: Marty, I hear your apart of the Louvin Brothers tribute. Can you tell me anything about this release?

Marty Stuart: I recorded a duet with Del McCoury, just mandolin & guitar. We sang "Travel, Travel On".

Charlotte, NC: Enjoyed seeing you at Coyote Joe's recently and appreciate the autograph. My guitar teacher said you were first known as a guitar player, later as a singer. How long have you been playing and how did you learn? Thanks....

Marty Stuart: I started playing guitar when I was nine. I'm self taught. And I basically learned by doing it.

Knoxville Tennessee: Does your belief in Jesus Christ inspire you to write some of your songs?

Marty Stuart: Absolutely!

Ward, Arkansas: I Love all your jackets....What do you do with your hand-me-downs?

Marty Stuart: They go to my warehouse and to various museum collections.

Johnson City, TN: Happy Wedding Anniversary!! Are you and Connie going to record together?

Marty Stuart: No immediate plans but never out of the question.

Wilkes-Barre, PA: Marty, I love the Electric Barnyard Tour idea. Are you guys planning to add more dates? Would love it if you made it a little closer to the hills of Eastern Pennsylvania.

Marty Stuart: I know yesterday they added Winston-Salem, NC. It's not out of the question.

Reno, Nevada: Hi again Marty, A couple of years ago the phrase "Too Country" was being thrown around. It seems like "Country" is back. Do you agree? What are your feelings on "Too Country"? Linda and I miss you a lot. Love Ya, John & Linda Ammons

Marty Stuart: As the song says, "What is too country?" In my world, country never goes away. Thank God for country!

York, PA: Is it true you and Billy Bob had a falling out of sorts? And do you and Travis have any plans to record or do any thing together soon. A lot of fans love you both! Kim

Marty Stuart: Absolutely not! You have me confused with Angelina Jolie! Billy Bob is my brother... he's my favorite knucklehead on planet Earth. I just saw his butt for the first time over the weekend on my TV screen in a film called "Monster's Ball". How could anybody have a falling out with somebody with a butt that cute? It's unthinkable! If you don't believe it, ask Travis Tritt. He was in his video about Bonnie & Clyde. As a matter of fact, Travis and I are writing a song about it right now! It's called, "Bummed Out"'s a cheeky selection, etc. etc.

Hummelstown, PA: We know you will be coming to PA. in August. What do you like about the Dutch Country?

Marty Stuart: Some of the greatest music fans on planet Earth inhabit this sovereign state of Pennsylvania. I miss Sunset Park.

Comment from Marty Stuart: I enjoyed it! Thanks for all the comments. Be sure and check out the new record. I look forward to seeing you out on the concert trail this summer.

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