Carter Fold , Hiltons, VA on April 26, 2002

I survived my trip to the Carter Fold and had a GREAT time!!! What a wonderful place to visit and the goodness, I don't know when I've laughed as hard or enjoyed anything quite as much as I did those guys!! Marty looked and sounded WONDERFUL!!!!! He did signings after the first show and I think after the second show, I got a poster autographed after the first show and said my howdy's, also gave him a can of our world famous potted possum, from our little Floyd Country Store. He got a laugh out of that! After the second show Rick (hubby) was ready to hit the road, but I saw Marty chatting with some people near the back of the bus so I went over and said something again real quick before we headed home.

It was great seeing LaDonna and Gary, also saw some friends I had met at Myrtle Beach and Raleigh, they drove up from NC to see the show. The first show had a pretty good crowd but the second one was packed!!! The band consisted of Tim Crush (I think or hope that's right??), Darren Vincent (Rhonda's brother), Mike Armistead and his Dad Lester, Carl Jackson, Dave Talbott and of course, LeRoy Troy! What a bunch!!!! I don't know that I have ever seen Marty have such a good time doing a show, they were laughing and cutting up like no tomorrow! Janette and Joe Carter along with Dale Carter, I think he's Janette's son, sang some songs and enjoyed the show from the stage. Joe got up and did some farm animal impersonations and the band members, who had taken seats, were falling out of their chairs laughing!!

Marty was even able to make light of his recent 'situation', told one of the band members that they shouldn't be drinkin' Janette would throw them out for that, and that you could even get arrested for that! Then he cracked up and said "My advice is to stay out of Wal-Mart!!!" Later in the second show he asked LeRoy Troy if he knew what a bar stool was, and LeRoy said, "NO but YOU do!!!!!!" Marty lost it again!! If any of you guys ever get a chance to see Marty with the Jug Band GO!!!!! It is so worth the money and the time to get there. Don't know that I could do a review of any of the songs cause I can't remember some of them or who sang what, it was just a great, great set of shows. One of Connie's daughters was there with her friend. Marty took time to sing her a song and recognize her. Very pretty and nice young lady.

Review by Serena Wimmer, Copper Hill, VA

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