Pepsi-Cola Roadhouse - Burgettstown, PA on October 29, 1999

All I can say is what a wonderful night with Marty and the Rock and Roll Cowboys! Last night at the Pepsi-Cola Roadhouse, Marty did a fantastic job of entertaining his crowd. It was a total sell-out for him. Way to go Marty. Of course he did his usual songs like, "Long Black Veil" and "Hillbilly Rock" "Western Girls," all of which were great!!!! He asked if anyone would mind if he did a couple of his new songs from The Pilgrim. Of course everyone shouted "no." Before he sang, he told everyone that, "Red, Red Wine and Cheating Songs" was one of his favorites and he also did, "Sometimes the Pleasures Worth the Pain."

Again a very fine job done by none other than Mr. Stuart. Marty also mentioned that somewhere in the crowd was his sister Jennifer. He also made a statement about liking Pennsylvania. He said that he might not mind moving here someday. I'm sure he was kidding. But then again you never know. There was a most touching and heartfelt time during the show when he told us about Johnny Cash needing our prayers. He stated that Mr. Cash was not doing to well and would we all say a prayer for him. Marty asked if we would all sing along to "Ring of Fire"? Everyone did a real nice job and, as I said, it was very touching.

At the end of his show there were so many people in his line to get autographs. We were herded out back by his bus. Someone had told us that Marty would be interviewed by the radio station first and then would start to sign. After a little while I heard everyone start to scream!! Out comes this gorgeous man in a long black coat. Guess who? Yes, Marty. Finally when he started to sign for everyone, he was his very polite self. He has a way of keeping people moving quite quickly.

Before I end this concert review I have to tell everyone about the interview with the radio station from Ohio that Marty had the morning of the concert, which was October 29th. The DJ, Steve Klein from the Morning Rocky Crew was just so excited about the concert that night. He could not say enough about Marty. What stuck with me the most was the fact that he commented on Marty being one of most true and down to earth entertainers. Don't we all know that? That's why we are his loving fans. Love you Marty!!! I can't wait to get my hands on his new book. I hope everyone enjoyed what I had to say about Marty.

Review by Rosalie Keough from Pennsylvania

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