Pepsi-Cola Roadhouse - Burgettstown, PA on October 28, 2000

I am calling my visit with Marty a MIRACLE!!!!!!! As most of you know I was not able to go to the Norris, Tennessee show. I felt really bad and really got down because I wasn't able to go see Marty. Also most of you have heard me talk about my daughter moving to Pennsylvania. That also had me down. I was happy for her but very sad about her moving so far away. Anyway her company moved her but there was a lot of stuff that they were not allowed to take with them. Cleaning stuff, candles, light bulbs etc. So Jim was off for a week so he said we would take it up there for her and be able to see her new place and help with a little unpacking. I don't know much about Pennsylvania. Such as what city is near what. So we went and, when we got there, all I heard on the radio was about Marty coming to the Roadhouse and they played a lot of his music (which was GREAT). I kept hearing this so I looked on the map and it was about 20-25miles outside of Pittsburgh. Boy did I get excited.

To cut a long story short, me, Jim, and Diane (the other half of the Knoxville Girls) were able to go. I got so excited I could hardly stand it. We got there and I knew that there would be several there that I would know. The place is really nice. We watched the opening act and they were really good but could not hold a candle to Marty. I walked to the back and got to visit with Margie Brodmerkle and Margie Sullivan. Also saw Jennifer, Patty and Sheila, Pat J, Ellie, Glenda and her husband. There were several there and I don't want to leave anyone out. If I do please forgive me.

Before Marty came out, you could feel the excitement in the air. It was almost electric. when the lights dimmed and Marty came out on stage. The place lit up like Christmas. Not with any lights but with the smile and the energy he put forth. He was so full of energy. It was almost like he was going to explode and he did with his music. He was dancing and cutting up and that big beautiful smile let you know he was having a tremendous amount of fun. He was very relaxed and really enjoying himself as was all of the band. You could tell they all had missed this togetherness with each other and all the fans I won't go into the list as Sheila has already given them to you. It was really great and I wished all of you could have been there. It reminded me of the Fan Club Party only lots cooler.

After was the meet and greet. When I finally got to see him, he looked at me kind of funny and said "Brenda, aren't you a long way from Knoxville?" I said "yea" and then Diane explained to him about her move. He couldn't believe she was leaving Tennessee. We got our hugs (WOW) and kiss (WOW!!!!!) He wanted to know how I was doing? He seemed very concerned I had made the trip. I assured him I was fine and told him seeing him was the best medicine I could ever get. We talked how strange it was how things worked out that I was up in the area. I told him only the Lord could have worked this out. He said that was for sure. I also thanked him for the devotional book and he told me to read it everyday and I said I did. Then with a hug and kiss he said "I'll see ya" and down low he said "also I'll remember you in my prayers." I thought I was going to cry. Boy talk about medicine for the heart, body and soul!!!! The man is so uplifting and he cares about all his fans so much. I know this is long but this was a special moment for me and I wanted to share it with you my friends. It is no wonder we all love him so much.

We made it back home and his words still ring in my ears. "I'll remember you in my prayers. I love ya!!!" It was a miracle in so many ways and one I'll never forget. God does answer prayers. He knew I needed to see Marty and he worked it out.

Review by Brenda Metz, Knoxville, TN

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