Beaver's Bend State Park, Broken Bow, OK on June 19, 2004

Okay, it's time for the next night. This show was held at the amphitheater in Beaver's Bend Resort Park in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. This is way southeastern Oklahoma. There are black bears, cougars and panthers in them thar hills. OH, MY! But really it is a beautiful place. When it's not raining which it did, a lot.

We had spent the night before in Durant. We got up the next morning and the sky was darker than it had been the night before. The sky was dark with rain clouds except for the lightning flashes and then the thunder. Oh what fun. It rained on us most of the way to Beaver's Bend. We finally got there. Right after we found the amphitheater and set out our chairs on the front row. We barely made it into their wildlife building. The sky opened up and flooded our chairs. While we are in this building, my niece found out they had animals in the place. Which cousin Serena was not impressed because the animals were not animals. They were reptiles. They were SNAKES. The girls thought it was really funny to take Serena in there. She hates snakes. She was bitten by one when she was young.

While waiting in the building as it was raining, a dark blue bus backed in. It was the star of the evening. And the only star that shown that night. The clouds kept the stars away. They must not have been too far behind us. Gov. Jim said they had left their hotel around 10 am which was about the time we left. But we weren't at the same hotel.

Anyway, the rain cleared and the sun came out. So, we thought we would sit in our chairs in case someone tried to move them. Which they wanted to move us. As it got closer to show time, some people showed up and said we moved their chairs. But we didn't. The people setting up speakers and stage stuff moved them. They had to back their truck up to the stage to get the speakers out of the rain. They had moved all the chairs back about 4 rows. We didn't know that when we set our chairs up. So we got accused of moving their chairs. After about 30 or 40 minutes of this woman complaining and saying mean things about us so we could hear, the man sitting in the group next to us went over and told her the story of the stage people moving the chairs. Apparently he was tired of hearing her complaining. Before he could tell her the whole story she called us "the jerks on the front row." Serena and I turned around at the same time. And the man continued his story. She then said "I should apologize to the jerks in the front row." We didn't think it was funny and I think she knew it. She didn't say anything else to or about us. At least not where we could hear it.

We sat through an awards presentation, and talent show winners and an opening band called Rockin' Horse. They were pretty good. The drummer threw out drum sticks to the kids. My niece got the first one. Then all the kids came down front. He kept throwing out drum sticks and the kids kept fighting over them. There were 6 or 8 hands on one drum stick. There was just a big mound of little boys rolling on the ground and not one of them letting go of that drum stick. After about 20 minutes of rolling around one of the boys finally got out with the stick.

It was finally time for the main attraction. We had a beautiful sunny afternoon. But as soon as it was time for Marty, the clouds started rolling in. Jim came out doing his song-and-dance with the free stuff. Laura was ready for him. She had her picture of Abe Lincoln. She carried that penny around all day. She thought she was gonna get Jim. But it backfired. When he gives you the prize, he asks if you want to trade it for door #1, you give the prize back and there is no door #1 and no prize. Well, Laura was gonna tell him she didn't want to trade because there wasn't a door on the stage. But he got her. He told her he wasn't gonna try that one with her cause she had seen it done. So she got to keep her prize.

After the drum stick rodeo, the kids all decided they would stay on the little patch of grass between us and the stage. So, Laura, Ariel and Kaitlyn took a blanket right in front of the stage and sat there for the show. Of course they sat right in front of Brian. He had his own little groupie section. I think he had to show them how to clap at the right time. They were clapping and not one of the three girls was clapping at the right time.

The playlist was pretty much the same as the night before except they started with "Back to the Country" and Brian sang a different song. He sang "Next Time, Maybe I'll Get it Right." I think that is the correct title. He did an awesome job. By this time the rain started. It started out light then got heavier. Marty cut the show short a couple songs. Unfortunately they were the mandolin songs and Harry's solo. But all in all it was a great show.

Marty jumped out in front of our girls on the blanket and played to them. You know they were thrilled about that. Then we ran up the hill in the rain to our meet and greet which is mass confusion cause everyone there decided to get in line. We were close to the front of the line. We got our autographs and told them we would see them in August in Muskogee, OK. We can't wait. So, until then, later.

Review and photos by Beverly Kerr, Rush Springs, OK

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