RFD Theatre, Branson, MO on October 22, 2010

Marty, was at the RFD Theatre in Branson, Missouri. on October 22 and 23. I got to see him perform on Friday, October 22. I noticed, as the crowd was congregating an hour early outside the theatre, a familiar face of an Native American who looked to be on my Badlands CD.

The show was "packed," and Marty had his B-Bender there. It was great. Electric and acoustic, old songs and new ones from the Ghost Train album. Each Superlative taking their turn up front, demostrating their GOD-given talents. Talk about "icing on the cake, Buck Trent, electric banjoist --former Porter Wagoner band member (Wagonmaster), came out on stage two times and performed with the gang on songs. Marty's childhood Pastor and wife were there from Mississippi. And the American Indian I thought I recognized sitting outside was Marvin Helper -- Lakota Medicine Man from the Badlands album. He, his wife, and son, Noah, drove from South Dakota to Branson to see Marty.

Marty acknowledged them, had them stand, and little Noah Helper,joined Marty on the stage while Marty sang. Someone in the audience did a "train whistle" with their voice. Marty had them do it again. Then he said "I love you." This show was what Marty stands for -- JESUS, Indians, Trains, Bluegrass, Twang, Porter Wagoner, Drinkin', and REAL Country Music!

One of the best,"early" Christmas presents I've ever gotten!

Review by J. Loren "Rooster" Simpson, Jefferson County, MO

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