Sandstone Amphitheatre - Bonner Springs, KS on September 4, 1999
Riverport Amphitheatre - St. Louis, MO on September 5, 1999

Cindy Allred drove up from Alabama and we left her car at my house in Smyrna; then we drove to St. Louis where we spent the night with Tami Krato. We left my car at Tami's house and she drove us to Bonner Springs on Saturday. When we got there, is was sprinkling outside. Luckily Tami had 3 Marty Stuart ponchos and we were ready. We sat in the rain for quite a while until Marty was to come on. They had an opening band but they really didn't announce who they were.

Then Marty came on and the weather had changed and it stopped raining. Marty gave a great performance as always. He wore his favorite all black and the Cowboys were dressed in the same. They played for 45 minutes with (I can never remember the order of songs) "Blue Train," "Hillbilly Rock," "Red, Red Wine....," "The Pilgrim," etc.

When Marty left the stage, we listened to Deana Carter; then Dwight Yoakam Willie Nelson was last. When Willie came out, it started to rain again; only this time it started to pour! We stood in the pouring rain and listened to Willie. The rain started to blow on the stage and a guy held an umbrella over Willie's head and he went on. Finally it got so bad that Willie said, "I don't know if Trigger can handle this". They stopped and pushed all the equipment back and Willie continued to play. What a great performance by both the guys! There was not a Meet & Greet as there were 4 people performing that night. Only the backstage pass winners were allowed to go back and see Marty. We then left right after the concert and drove back to St. Louis that night and stayed at Tami's house. (Only to dry off!)

On Sunday, we went to Riverport Amphitheatre. We were not allowed to even bring our cameras in, so no pictures! We had seats off to the side of the stage but close enough to see great. When our Man came on stage, we stood and cheered. We stood during his whole performance!

The line up of songs went about the same as the night before. When the guys started "Red, Red Wine......," Tami, Cindy, Karen and myself started shaking our heads as they played, like in the video. The guys noticed and they all started to laugh on stage. No one else knew what was going on, but we did! When Marty got ready to play "The Pilgrim, he said, "This is a special night for me. 28 years ago today I went on the road for the first time. This is my anniversary." Everyone cheered. They all played tremendously! When they finished, the crowd of probably 2,500 stood and gave them a standing ovation. You could see the sparkle in Marty's eyes as he was so proud. It was a great anniversary present. When Marty finished, they were getting ready for Deana again.

We walked around back were the backstage pass winners were and Mike saw us. He motioned us over and let us go in to talk to Marty. there was not suppose to be a M&G that night either, so this was a great surprise! Of course Marty was his usual self and I couldn't help catch one of the winners. She looked very nervous when she went up to shake his hand. It was a good chuckle, as we all know that Marty is so down to earth and easy to talk to and our first experiences with meeting him. After she got scared, we all just hugged him. I think this young lady was surprised. Maybe she realized that his is a wonderful man and not scary at all. We all hugged Mike too and thanked him for letting us back there.

Cindy and me left that night to come back to Nashville. When we pulled out, Marty's bus was right in front of us. That was a good thing as we had never been to St. Louis before and when Ponch took this exit, we followed and we would have missed it if we were on our own. Thank the guys for another one! We made it home safely, Cindy slept and then had to drive home to Alabama once again. The weekend was so short! We thank Tami for her hospitality; she was a great hostess. It is always great to have a group of Onelisters to meet and greet with and to share our experiences with.

Reviews by Margie Sullivan, Smyrna, TN

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