Here's what some fans had to say when Marty popped up as a band member and sideman to Bob Dylan

Marty surprised the audience of Dylan fans when he decided to join the band on September 8, 1999 at the First American Music Center in Antioch, Tennessee. Here are some of the comments:

From Paul Williams: "I notice there's an extra person on stage playing mandolin. I take a good look through my binoculars: Marty Stuart. I've always wanted to see Bob with a real bluegrass band and throwing Marty into the mix transformed Bob's band into just that. Bob was talking to Marty in between songs all night long, as much as I've ever seen him verbally communicate with anyone on stage.

" ‘Tangled Up In Blue' finished off the acoustic set and as many times as I've heard this song, I don't know if I've ever heard it quite so beautifully rendered. Bob was genuinely inspired by Marty's presence and he pulled out his harp and played it better than I've heard him play it in a long, long time. He and Marty were standing right next to each other, trading off and it was quite a moment. Marty's mandolin added so much to the sound of the band, making them sound even tighter and more rhythmic than usual.

"This was the first time I'd seen anyone sit in the while night and, as great as those other folks were, this was definitely the finest overall contribution I've ever seen anyone make in a walk-on role. It was night and day seeing Bob with Paul Simon and then with Marty Stuart. It was obvious whose company Bob preferred, which is not to put down Simon, who the large crowd seemed to enjoy, as it is to say how much he seemed to immensely enjoy Marty's presence on stage. I know I did. I would love to see him join the band or at least make the trip down to Memphis on Saturday. All in all, I'd have to say that this was quite possibly the best Dylan concert I've ever seen and I've seen some great ones. Last night was pure magic."

From Joe Cox: "When the lights came up, we all noticed Marty Stuart was right up there in the thick of things. Marty had the mandolin and his presence was certainly welcome. Bob mentioned special guest Marty Stuart, who got a nice hand, and then launched into ‘Tambourine Man'. Bob's vocals were a little low and growly on this one and this was the first song where he was really hamming it up with Marty Stuart. Bob proceeded to play his harp right into Marty's face and the two of them were having a great time.

"Bob was having a great time with Marty on ‘Tangled Up In Blue' and, as the song ended, Marty pointed at Bob with this look of amusement and admiration. An excellent performance! On ‘Not Dark Yet', Marty started the song with an electric guitar but he quickly called for a mandolin, got one, and proceeded to play some nice riffs under the melody. I really have to salute his musicianship–he did a fine job coming in as a one-nighter like this.

"On ‘Like A Rolling Stone,' Marty joined in on the singing for the chorus and he did so quite well, I might add. You know....the band COULD use another member. After the third verse on ‘Blowin' In The Wind,' Marty steps up and counter-solos with Bob on the mandolin. I was just amazed at the brilliance he displayed with this. Bob enjoyed it so much that instead of singing the chorus that fourth time, he turned and mouthed ‘one more' to Larry and let Marty solo through the chorus. The band followed with the final chorus, framing a very solid performance. "This was a genuinely odd show. Certainly very entertaining, though. What a great crowd! What a great effort from Marty Stuart! And it was a very solid performance from Bob and the boys."

Magnolia had this to say: "Coming from Denver/Boulder, I don't have many connections to contemporary country music, so I had to ask ‘Who is this guy Marty Stuart?' He's got big hair and stuff. The mandolin playing was a very nice addition and very hillbilly. I say that in love. He played some electric axe too, but the mandolin was the cherry."

From Carsten Wohlfeld: "There was a guest on stage for the whole night, playing mandolin for almost every song during the acoustic set and electric guitar for the rest: Marty Stuart. Stuart's presence really seemed to fire Bob up. He seemed a lot more animated than usual and talked to Marty after almost every song. ‘Like A Rolling Stone' was a nice version with Marty joining Bob on vocals during the chorus. It was great to see the two together and see Bob having so much fun. I don't think I've ever seen him interacting with a guest that much before. A very, very strong show thanks mainly to Marty Stuart who brought a whole new feel to the band and obviously had a big impact on Bob's perfect mood."

Mark Rothfuss says: "What might have been an average performance became a very memorable one in large part to the multi-talented Marty Stuart. Ole Marty lit a fire under Bob's butt last night; something Paul Simon has failed to do as of late. Bob and Marty did a lot of genuine interacting, laughing and pointing, ‘You the man!' .....'No, Marty! You the man!'

"Marty Stuart's mandolin work on ‘Not Dark Yet' makes you wish he would join the band full time. Bob introduced his wonderful little string band. No jokes, but lots of genuine thanking of Mr. Stuart throughout the show."

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