Billy Bob's Texas, Fort Worth, TX on September 7, 2001

We started out around 5 p.m. to our destination -- Marty! We laughed, sang songs, laughed a bunch more and talked about how excited James was for going to his first concert. I am so glad it was to see the best man on earth. We got there in no time flat. Bev drove with the pedal to the metal, but we must stop first to eat for the hungry teenagers in the back were growling. We found a few interesting places but I can't mention them. LOL

After dinner -- off to Billy Bob's. We raced to the door with tickets in hand and after the ID check, we had finally made it. I was looking for the nearest Martypal when all of the sudden stood the most to nicest, beautiful people the MARTYPALS Darlene and Mike. I was just as excited to see them as I was to be there to see Marty. I ran over and hugged Darlene, at least I was hoping it was her for she had long blonde hair the last time I saw her and it was shorter. If it wasn't, this lady I was hugging was really wondering by now. After all the wonderful hello's and smiles we all walked around with excitement waiting to be seated. Then the time came, we got seated and watched time pass for we knew it was almost time when I shadow appeared on stage tuning a guitar. It was Steve! I knew we were in for a good time.

As the announcement came across, we all screamed and I couldn't believe I was finally there. The music played and I sang to every song. I looked back and James had this permanent smile on his face. He was clapping, tapping his feet and in awe of it all. To me that was one of the best parts. I know how talented Marty is and I love to watch others enjoy his music as much as me. As the music played and "Hillbilly Rock" was almost over I knew the night was ending.

Marty left and the crowd yelled for more except me I was hoarse by then so I stomped my feet. He threw the towel (way out of my reach, darn it) and played two more songs the last one being "Hobo's Prayer." We then made our way to the meet and greet site where we then saw Brad and Steve. We talked to Steve. He asked me how I was doing and we all laughed and I told them how great they sounded. They all looked good and sounded so wonderful. As the time came for us to see Marty, Steve signed our things and gave us a hug then we had to go.

As I watched my fellow Martypal, I really didn't have much on my mind to tell Marty, can you believe that? After two years without a Marty concert, I was out of words. So as I approached he stared at my shirt. It is pretty, but see-through. I told him how glad I was to see him down this way and try to make it back soon, asked him to sign my picture and, yes, I told him I wasn't the tennis star. He laughed. Then I got a nice hug and waited for Beverly. She was talking about their anniversary. As I waited for her, I went around the corner and there stood Jarred and James. James had this death grip on his picture and a smile that was not going to be removed any time soon. I laughed at him all the way home. He wouldn't let go off the picture! So girls, it looks like Marty has another fan.

As we headed back toward Oklahoma, we laughed told stories and talked about how this will be another Marty night we won't forget. I returned home around 5 a.m. and was on a high. There was no way I was going to fall asleep anytime soon. The hugs and night were one I will surely treasure.

Review by Serena Williams, Noble, OK

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