Birthday Chat Transcript

On September 30, 1999, the chat room hosted a Birthday Chat in honor of Marty. The transcript that follows has not been altered in any way. Twenty-four fans participated and it was really a lot of fun. We hope to do it again next year so mark your calendars NOW!

Mpartygirl how are you doing tonight
Mpartygrl: Hope it went well...
how do you get bold letters up here
Mpartygrl: I'm ok... thanks... and you? May I ask... who are you?.. LOL
marty is probably enjoying a romantic dinner with connie
Mpartygrl: To get the bold letters, pick a handle... your screen name, if you'd like
I am Judy Trickett and things are better tonight than yesterday
MartyFan: Yes you're probably right on that.
Mpartygrl: Hi Judy!!!!! Good to hear!!
MartyFan: Hi Judy
so how do we get a handle
Mpartygrl: Sherry should be here any time, I would think....
Judy Trickett: I hope that Marty had a good day
MartyFan: select get/change handle from below
Mpartygrl: Below the room is an area where you can do that...
SherryM: I am here, everyone
how long has everyone been a fan club member
Mpartygrl: Hi Sherry!
Mpartygrl: I've been a member for 6 years now
hi sherry
KimMOh: hi everybody
MartyFan: Hi Sherry!!!!
sue martin here
SherryM: I've been a member since 1992. Glad to see you guys here already.
KimMOh: hi everybody
ive been a member for 6 years too
JudyTrickett: Hi Sherry I made it.I have known Marty for almost 20 years but only joined the fan club this year
Mpartygrl: Missed my first fan club party this year :-(
SherryM: Hi Sue! Did you not get yourself a handle???
hey sherry how can i help with fan club?
not yet
MartyFan: How did everyone's Marty day go?
do i need too
KimMOh: great if u like to do housework!lol
DawnFl: Hey everybody how's things going tonight?
KimMOh: but i have been hoping Marty has had a great day!
Mpartygrl: Hi Dawn!
SherryM: Hi Dawn--welcome aboard. Has everyone wished Marty a Happy Birthday?
KimMOh: hi Sherry
Judy Trickett: My day sure was better than yesterday got most of my computor problems fixed.
SallyPA: Hi everyone!
DawnFl: I sent a electronic card to him a few days ago with a happy birthday.
SherryM: Hey Kim!!!, Bobbi, you're here, Judy, Sue, --anyone else? Hi Sally! Happy BD.
KimMOh: my mom had problems yesterday and she's on MSN
Mpartygrl: Sally... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
DawnFl: Happy bear hugs birthday Marty!
KimMOh: happy birthday Sally!!
suesue: ok i tried getting a handle so we will see now
SherryM: Judy, what was wrong with your computer? Was it BellSouth?
Lisabufccmill: Happy Birthday Sally and Marty!!
SallyPA: Thanks SOOOOOOOOO much everyone again for all of the BD cards that I received today you have made my BD this year very special!
suesue: ok sherry, i did it
DawnFl: Happy Birthday Sally!
KimMOh: When did u find out about the venue in Columbus Ohio Sherry?
Judy Trickett: I sent Marty a card by snail mail last week also happy birthday to you Sally.
Lisabufccmill: How is everyone tonight?
suesue: sherry, is marty getting on this chat?
Evelyn: Hi SherryM, I made it!
DawnFl: A friend my mom works with just turned 27 today too.
KimMOh: great lisa, u?
DawnFl: Hey Evelyn thanks for the card!
Mpartygrl: Hi there, Evie, my friend...
SherryM: It was posted on AOL the other day. Cindy was going to get a phone number for the venue.
DawnFl: Marty bears hugs to everyone, i love to say that and it's so true.
Lisabufccmill: Hi Kim, I'm fighting another rotten cold
SherryM: Hi Lisa, Hi Evelyn! This room will be crowded tonight!
Hey KimM/OH
Judy Trickett: Yes partly and me being scared instialling att reuined a friend said her att showed up with a bunch of errors on her Norton Utilies so I was scared
KimMOh: brb
DawnFl: Hey how's about a BIG bear hug to Marty too! My arms a bit short to reach him though. : )
SherryW: hello all
Lisabufccmill: Hi SherryM
SallyPA: Hi Sherry!
Mpartygrl: Hi SherryW
DawnFl: Hi KimM So happy to see you again! Hey SherryW!
Evelyn: Hi Dawn, Judy, Bobbi,Lisa,KimM., and everyone else.
SherryM: All together now--{hug, hug, hug}! Hi Sherry W, you're early.
Mpartygrl: It's so good to be chatting with fellow Marty fans on his birthday!!
suesue: hugs back
suesue: marty needs to be here
DawnFl: I'm so happy (wipping tear away) hug-able friends!
SherryW: i know...had to e-mail someone, so here i am
Lisabufccmill: Hello Evelyn, Judy, Bobbi
SherryM: Marty is scheduled for the Grand Ole Opry on October 16. Another radio station announced it last night.
DawnFl: Is he going to be?
Judy Trickett: Hi to all the Martypals I haven't spoken with yet
Mpartygrl: Hi Lisa :-)
Evelyn: Wonder if Marty is reading these messages?
suesue: hello
Mpartygrl: Sherry.. maybe I'll see you there!
DawnFl: I envy anybody that's going to see Marty some time soon. lucky yawl!
Lisabufccmill: Hello SherryW, Dawn Did I miss anyone?
Sam/Nk: Hi KimM
Judy Trickett: Sherry M. is this right that Marty will be on the Opry Oct. 16
SherryW: marty stuart? please he doesn't even know how to turn on a computer!
KimMOh: hi sam
Evelyn: Marty hugs to you, I got that from Dawn!!!
suesue: when will he be in chicago area
DawnFl: That's true Evelyn I wonder too. A few people but the gangs all here.
SherryM: I don't know if I'm going!
Mpartygrl: All right!! Good luck!
Sam/Nk: So Kim, r we gonna go to Col.?
DawnFl: Maybe somebody could show him how to turn on the computer.
suesue: im sure he knows
KimMOh: hi sam, dawn,evelyn,..sherryw,sherrym...everyone else!
Evelyn: I agree with Dawn, maybe someone will show him how to turn a computer on.
SherryM: Sue, Marty's not scheduled for the Chicago area!
suesue: he isnt that dumb
suesue: wish he was
KimMOh: i volunteer for the job of showing him how to work the puter!lol
DawnFl: At least help him out with all those big words. NOT! Just kidding!
suesue: in chicago i mean
SherryW: no, sue, i'm not kidding he really doesn't know a thing about computers
Sam/Nk: Two Marty fixes in same month, I can handle that
SallyPA: I wore my Marty shirt today and I was going around telling everyone it was Marty's birthday - they thought I was going crazy
Judy Trickett: Hey Mpartygrl are you going to the Opry that night if Marty's there
KimMOh: i was looking up the info for the venue here in Columbus oh a little while ago. i might be going!!
suesue: good kim i couldnt show much on computer
Evelyn: How come some of your words are red, and blue on mine?
HeyBaby-1: Hi Everyone!!! How are you all doing tonight?
Mpartygrl: Judy... I would like to ...
KimMOh: Me too Sam!!!
suesue: my husband shows me what to do sometimes
Mpartygrl: Heyyyyyyy Baby!!!!!
DawnFl: You're not crazy, at least not like me. BG
SherryM: Hi Sam/Nk--obviously Kim knows you! Hi Cindy!
KimMOh: It has to do with the settings there where u set your handle Evelyn.
Mpartygrl: Cindy.... how are you girl?
Evelyn: Hi heyyyyy baby!!!!!
DawnFl: Good evening Hey Baby! I sound like dracula out for the hunt.
KimMOh: Sam is LisaS/Oh.
suesue: lol
Lisabufccmill: Hello Cindy !!!!
Evelyn: Have ya'll sung Happy Birthday yet?
KimMOh: She is in the pic from the Lancaster Pa show.
suesue: we should all sing happy birthday to marty after all this is his day
DawnFl: I'd sound like a bullfrog croaking singing.
suesue: hes 41 and still looks great
Judy Trickett: I would like to go too if I can find the funds they are short because of sick puppy and sick computor and oh by the way I would volunteer to show Marty about computor
SherryM: Hi Lisa S from Ohio! Yeah, we need to sing Happy Birthday to Marty and Sally
HeyBaby-1: Hey SherryM., Thanks for that info on the Opry show. I'll be there!!! Hey Bobbi, you gonna be at the Opry?
KimMOh: ok, singing!!!!................
DawnFl: Hhhhaaappppyyyy ok somebody take over
Mpartygrl: Cindy... I am hoping to
suesue: i have to wait until december for mine
SherryM: Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to You
SherryM: Happy Birthday Marty and Sally.......Happy Birthday To You!
Lisabufccmill: If my throat wasn't so sore I'd sing!
KimMOh: I can't believe he will be in Columbus Oh on the 15th!
suesue: happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday sweet marty, happy birthday to you
DawnFl: Happy birthday dear Marty!
Evelyn: Here goes Dawn, HappppyyyyBirthdaaaay dear Sally and Marty,happy birthday to you!
Sam/Nk: Anyone going to see Marty on the 29th of Oct?
suesue: sorry and sally
DawnFl: OOps! got out of step there.
HeyBaby-1: Hey Lisa, sorry I got behind there. This is the first time I've done this, but I'll get the hang of it in a minute, maybe!!!
KimMOh: I can't wait!!!!
SherryM: Cindy, did you get a phone number for Columbus,OH?
DawnFl: Lots of huggsss! and Kisses too!
KimMOh: I can't wait!!!!And do u believe he will be in Columbus Oh??on the 15th!!???
SallyPA: yes how many are going the 29th of Oct?
DawnFl: Bear hugs and puppy kisses that is...
suesue: sherry are you going to post any more pictures from fans at his shows
Lisabufccmill: You'll get it Cindy! :-)
KimMOh: I can't wait!!!!And do u believe he will be in Columbus Oh??on the 15th!!???i looked up the site for columbus but haven't found the # yet.
SherryM: Yes, Sue I am! I am just way behind. Hopefully I'll work on it this weekend.
Rk.: I am going to see Marty on the 29th. I am 10 rows back.
KimMOh: Cindy are you in Ohio?
suesue: ok
Evelyn: Ya'll have fun, happy birthday to Marty and Sally!
Sam/Nk: Kim and I are going on 29th and maybe 15th too
suesue: sherry how do we get a chance to help with fan club
Ahhh! Work! Actually I've got some work to do tomorrow and Saturday. A double trouble deal.
KimMOh: I can't wait!!!!!
suesue: i would like to contribute also
KimMOh: who are u RK??
suesue: i would love to be albe to help in someway
Evelyn: double trouble, Dawn, sounds like Marty -&- Travis!
SherryM: I don't have anything to do with the Fan Club except for my page in the newsletter.
DawnFl: hey SherryM, you still working on that board of names for the Hall of Fame?
HeyBaby-1: Hello to Evelyn and DawnFL too. Kim I've been trying to find out some more info on that OH show (a friend called), but no other info yet. No, Kim I'm in AL
KimMOh: who are u RK??I'm blonde and can't keep up too well here. sorry.
Sam/Nk: Kim, what row r we in?
suesue: how do we get one
Lisabufccmill: SherryM your page is wonderful in the newsletter
RK: is Marty 41 or 42 ?
SherryM: Yes, Dawn, I'm working on it! Hopefully it will be up on the site next week.
suesue: or better yet if you need help at all think of me ok?
DawnFl: Yeah Evelyn like my brother and I were me being Marty and him being Travis.
KimMOh: table 108
suesue: 41
KimMOh: table 108right side of stage to the back.
SallyPA: 41
RK: sorry meant to say or!!!!
Mpartygrl: Sherry... I loved seeing my quote on your page in the newsletter!
DawnFl: that's great looking forward to the page!
Evelyn: SherryM., you do an excellent job on everything you do!
SherryW: sherrym: got the hall of fame donation form today; i'll be sending off the check soon
SallyPA: I agree 100%
SherryM: Thanks everyone! Were you talking about a page in the newsletter Sue?
SherryW: thanks, by the way for sending it since i don't have a printer.
KimMOh: RK-- u gonna be there at the roadhouse on the 29th?
RK: thanks
suesue: i am greatfull that you put my picture in this fan page of marty and i
Lisabufccmill: I agree you Evelyn!
Evelyn: Marty's 41
Sam/Nk: Ok, not rows but tables
SallyPA: i'll be sending my check also soon
suesue: yes sherry
Mpartygrl: I'm going to have to run for now.. y'all have fun...
KimMOh: RK-- u gonna be there at the roadhouse on the 29th?i got a card in the mail 2 days ago that they just started assigning table #at the roadhouse(PA.)
Mpartygrl: MARTY BIRTHDAY HUGS to all of you!!
KimMOh: sorry!
RK: yes, I can't wait!!!!
Evelyn: Me, too Bobbi, loved seeing your quote in the newsletter!
DawnFl: Marty doesn't look a day over 20. Well except for those little highlights in his hair but that's what makes him so special!
Sam/Nk: Kim, set up a time and place to meet others before we go in
Evelyn: Did Marty have a concert tonight?
SherryM: Bye Bobbi--your quote on The Pilgrim was too good to not use in the newsletter.
Mpartygrl: Bye bye
suesue: well everyone hope to talk to you all soon take care and god bless you all
KimMOh: bye Bobbi
Mpartygrl: :-)
SallyPA: I have to run too my son needs my help on homework! Thanks everyone! MARTY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!
DawnFl: One of these days I'll get to meet everybody here.
Lisabufccmill: brb
RK: they are doing that, that's how I know that I am 10 rows back.
DawnFl: Good night Sally pleasant Marty dreams!
suesue: bye all
Evelyn: As I said, ya'll have fun! MARTY HUGS TO EVERYONE!!!!! I LOVE MARTY AND ALL OF YOU!!!!
Hi everyone
KimMOh: oh, ok RK.
DawnFl: Oh no! that means he might be reading what we're writing?
Judy Trickett: Marty Birthday hugs to all of you and according to the tour schedule he didn't have a show tonight
KimMOh: nite sally.
SherryM: I'm also copying and pasting so the transcript will be on the website for all to read, so sorry if I don't post much.
Lisabufccmill: bye Sally
Evelyn: Bye and have a good MARTY night!
DawnFl: You leaving Evelyn?
RK: Kim are you going to be in Pa on the 29th?
Judy Trickett: bye to all of you Martypals
KimMOh: u have a # for the show on the 15th in Oh Sherry?
Evelyn: Bye Dawn, yea it is bed time!
KimMOh: u have a # for the show on the 15th in Oh Sherry?Yes, me and Sam will be there at table 108!
SherryW: marty doesn't have a home computer; sherry m will give him a copy of the transcript i me - he won't sit here and read us yacking!
SherryM: No, Kim, I don't have a phone # for that show.
KimMOh: sorry again!
DawnFl: Ok have pleasant Marty dreams, lots of them with hugs!
bevkerr: Hello, have I missed anything?
HeyBaby-1: Bye Bobbi, hope to see you at the Opry. SherryM. I think I did something wrong, I put something in and it just disappeared
bevkerr: Hello, have I missed anything?
KimMOh: i'm working on finding it or one somewhere close.
KimMOh: hi Bev!
RK: Happy Birthday Marty!!!!!
Lisabufccmill: Hello Bev! :-)
SherryW: hey haven't missed much
bevkerr: Serena should be here soon.
DawnFl: (snapping fingers) Oh well it'll give him something to do.
KimMOh: Happy Birthday Marty!!!
RK: Hi Sherry!!!!!!
DawnFl: Hi Bev!
bevkerr: Good, I had to go see my dad. He had galbladder surgory.
SherryM: Cindy, you may have pressed *clear* instead of *say it*. Hi Bevy!!!
Lisabufccmill: I'm sorry to hear that Bev, how is he doing?
bevkerr: So, how is everyone doing on this fine Marty day. LOL
RK: Kim what part of Ohio are you from? I have a brother who lives in Columbiana.
SherryM: Hi RK--who are you???
KimMOh: pretty good Bev,U?
bevkerr: He is doing fine. Just disappointed. He wanted to go fishing this weekend.
HeyBaby-1: Thanks Sherry.
bevkerr: I'll being doing great this Sat. night.
KimMOh: RK,, i live in southeast(kinda). I'm 1/2 hr west of Wheeling WVa.
DawnFl: Could I send a small hug to your dad Bev?
Lisabufccmill: My dad has his operation 1 week from now.
KimMOh: Don't tell me Bev, you're going to see our man!!lol
RK: I am the one who typed up the review for you, from Stereo Review!!!!.
SherryW: i've been sick bev, but thanks for asking
bevkerr: You sure can Dawn. He is sore, so just a small one
bevkerr: How did you guess Kim. Jodee called me last night to give me the time.
SherryM: Hi Rosalie!!! Glad to have you aboard!!! Thanks for joining in..
DawnFl: Oh small soft hug coming up. (hug)
HeyBaby-1: Bev, did you ever get any more info on the show Sat. night in Ft. Worth?
bevkerr: Yes, Jodee called me.
KimMOh: I just found out about the columbus ohio show and i can't believe it, me and Sam(lisaS) just might be seeing him 2 times this month!
RK: This is actually my first time in on a chat.
DawnFl: Tons of hugs SherryW, I'd send old Marty over to yeah if there was a way of doing so. G
SherryM: Well, the answers don't come right up after the questions, but we do have fun in here.
KimMOh: RK where do u live?
bevkerr: The guys take the stage at 9:00pm. It is an Octoberfest.
Marty: Thanks so much to all of my great fans for the Happy Birthday wishes
KimMOh: no way!!!!!!!
Patricia: hi everyone! happy birthday Marty -&- Sally!!!
SherryM: Okay, we have a clown in here??? Marty doesn't know how to type or use a computer!!
KimMOh: oh really Bev?? thanks!
DawnFl: HI Partricia!
RK: This is really different. I am trying to read and get things typed in quickly!!!
SherryW: doubt it....okay, sherrym, can you verify this green person????
RK: This is really different. I am trying to read and get things typed in quickly!!
DawnFl: Now I'm all shook up! Uh huh, yeah yeah!
SherryM: Well, I'm sure the last thing Marty would do on his birthday is join us in the chatroom.
KimMOh: and the green doesn't show up very good.
Lisabufccmill: Hello Patricia :-)
HeyBaby-1: Sorry Bev, my webtv is SSLLOOWW. Just saw what you said about Jodee calling you. I was gonna tell you what I knew if you hadn't heard yet. I was told they go on at 9:30 though.
RK: I am about 21 miles from Pittsburgh.
SherryW: yeah, sherrym! the only time ever marty is involved with computer is if HE'S talking while someone ELSE is typing!
SherryM: Hi Patricia--can you work the chat room okay???
DawnFl: Yeah but that green does catch your eye and blind you a bit too.
KimMOh: which way away from Pitt?
SherryW: Hello Patricia? How's the elbow?
SherryM: Well, Marty, speak up!!! What's new with you???
bevkerr: That is what Jodee told me. 9:00. But they do start late sometimes like last sat. nite.
KimMOh: So Marty, where r u going to be tomorrow?
DawnFl: It's the mystery person in green...hum...
SherryW: gee....where'd *MARTY* go?
DawnFl: Yeah marty are you enjoying the night off?
Lisabufccmill: Come out of hiding!!!
bevkerr: Is anyone going to be at the ft.worth show? Besides me and Serena.
KimMOh: how do u know about the 15th in Oh, Bev? any extra info like a phone #?
DawnFl: Like Batman he's here and then gone...spooky mystery.
SherryM: Someone is just playing games! That's not allowed in this chat room!!
bevkerr: No Kim, I don't know about that one. Try Jodee.
SherryW: looks like you may have to go back to passwords again sherrym
KimMOh: that's right you tell em Boss Sherry!
KimMOh: Thanks Bev.
DawnFl: I could see if somebody had the same name as Marty. But to give my old heart a good racing...geez
SherryM: Ah, someone is just having fun--it's Marty's BD, so it's okay!!!
HeyBaby-1: Thanks Bev. My best friend Lisa and I are leaving in the morning Ft. Worth bound. Hope to see Serena and you there!!!
bevkerr: I don't think Marty would have picked green anyway.
DawnFl: Safe trip to Ft. Worth HeyBaby and Lisa.
SherryM: Marty would have said something clever!!!
bevkerr: Cool, Hope to see you there.
DawnFl: Maybe red then?
Patricia: elbow hurts. also very hard to keep up with this chat
Lisabufccmill: Have a great time Cindy
HeyBaby-1: Thanks Dawn.
SherryM: With these ISP numbers, I can research and find out a lot. It's a footprint, so to speak!
DawnFl: You're right SherryM, he would've.
SherryW: sorry Patricia. hope it gets better soon
bevkerr: Heybaby and Lisa. Where are you leaving from
DawnFl: You're welcome.
KimMOh: everyone has a great time seeing Marty! Right??
SherryW: this chat is verrryyy sloooowww on web tv
SherryM: Patricia--hope you heal real soon!!! And be careful!!!
bevkerr: According to the recording, tickets are $6.00
RK: What does that mean on the side of the screen?? I have know clue.
KimMOh: 6.00 where, bev??
SherryW: so, sherrym, i'm guessing it wasn't marty???
SherryM: Sorry, I have no control over WebTV. Rosalie--are you referring to the names on the side?
DawnFl: I don't think Marty will ever forget my mom either. She shook him up telling him that she was a Process Server.
bevkerr: ft.worth
KimMOh: i think it's safe to guess that!lol
KimMOh: oh ok.
SherryW: those are ISP numbers on the side of the name, right sherrym?
bevkerr: Jodee said doors open at 10:00am.
SherryM: Yep, it's safe to assume that Marty was an imposter!!!
DawnFl: He didn't get any papers but it was fun to see him jump.
bevkerr: She said there will be local talent all day
Lisabufccmill: I have webtv and I just keep clicking on the refresh button to get the messages instead of waiting for it to show more messages
SherryM: Oh, the numbers??? That's the ISP provider. Actually, all websites have numbers like that. It's like an ID number
SherryW: not complaining about the speed, sherrym, it's easier to keep up that way (if it's slow)
DawnFl: Whew! Thank god.
SherryM: SherryW, you're and Lisa is
SherryW: that means we're webtv-ers!
SherryM: All WebTv'ers are 209.240. and the last numbers tell you WHO it is!!!
DawnFl: Hey SherryM, I had a thought is there anyway of getting a poster made from the cover of the September issue of the newsletter?
RK: I hope that Connie will give Marty a big kiss from all of us!!!!
KimMOh: I'm sure she has! Oh to be her!!lol
HeyBaby-1: Thanks Lisa, we will!!!
DawnFl: I hope so to RK.
SherryM: Some places maybe can do a poster from the picture. I don't know! You just want him lifesize???
SherryM: Yes, to only look like Connie and to be able to sing like Connie!!
KimMOh: see ya the 29th RK,, what is your name?? i don't remember if u told me.
SherryW: well, i got my computer lesson for the day sherrym! LOL!
RK: How lucky can one person be??
bevkerr: AMEN!!!!!! SherryM
KimMOh: well with the tour schedule i wonder how often they do wake up together.
SherryM: Rosalie, are you seeing Marty soon???
DawnFl: yeah that will do too. i've got one life size stand from 1995 but that cover would make for a great life sized stand.
RK: It's Rosalie
SherryM: Even ONE time would be nice!!! LOL
KimMOh: oh ok.
DawnFl: or have Marty standing at the holding one of those guitars and having a big smile on his face would work too. BG
HeyBaby-1: Have I missed anything guys? Got a phone call that disconnected me.
kermit: Hello there I made it
SherryW: oh, boy here we go with the fantasy thing....LOL!
RK: I'll be at table 60. Come on over and say, hello.
DawnFl: Definitely!
KimMOh: i'll be at the roadhouse ont he 29th Rosalie, maybe i'll see ya there.
bevkerr: It's about time kermit
SherryM: Are you hooked into a phone line, Cindy??? Hi Serena--who's waiting on the *deal*
SherryW: brb
RK: Sounds good to me.
KimMOh: i'll be at table 108
DawnFl: Hi kermit! Hey a dirty mind is a bad thing to waste. Just kidding!
Lisabufccmill: time for me to go. Bye everyone!!
KimMOh: bye
kermit: sorry it took so long i just got home
DawnFl: Good night Lisa and Marty hug able sweet dreams!
bevkerr: Yeah, Serena, Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
LaDonna: Howdy! Everyone!!
RK: I wonder just what Marty is doing for his Birthday???
SherryM: Good night, Lisa. Thanks for joining us for a while. Sweet dreams.
SherryM: Hey LaDonna!!
RK: Bye Kim, it was nice chatting with you!!!
DawnFl: Hi LaDonna!
kermit: Hello sherry,bev and Dawn
KimMOh: hi LaDonna
LaDonna: what's happening
kermit: so did I miss anything good?
KimMOh: u leaving RK?
KimMOh: u leaving RK?hi Kermit
KimMOh: oops
DawnFl: RK, does it have to be clean fun or the other?
kermit: and no I don't know what Marty ment by that, I am going to ask Saturday
KimMOh: yea!! Marty was here!!lol
kermit: Hello Kim, Kermit is me serena
bevkerr: Serena is going with me to see Marty in Ft. Worth
LaDonna: somebody fill me in
DawnFl: Well it did shake me up for a moment but...
RK: Most likely it's the other!!! Yee Ha!!
KimMOh: not much really.
kermit: Marty was here, and I missed him :(
SherryM: SherryW, I am still laughing!!!
DawnFl: Oooooo!!! Kinky! NOT!
SherryW: okay, gotta find out what the deal was with marty's autograph!
bevkerr: It was an imposter
SherryM: Well, somebody claiming to be Marty was here--a little green person!
SherryW: figured you would sherrym....
kermit: I told him he looked really tired, and he said yes
SherryW: brb
bevkerr: it was probably one of those gremlins that always knock us off line.
DawnFl: An alien from a ufo with the name Marty.
KimMOh: I have seen Marty when he looked really tired and i felt guilty.
SherryM: I am sure Marty's with family blowing out the candles -- all 41 of them.!
kermit: Me too I just wanted to make him feel better
KimMOh: I feel like making him go and rest or something. know what i mean?
bevkerr: He may have been tired but very lovable. He was full of hugs.
kermit: yep
KimMOh: He is such a great person.
DawnFl: Hey Kim have ever thought that maybe one time while hugging Marty, when he was tired that he might fall asleep on your shoulder?
LaDonna: I sometimes wonder how he does it during the fan club party with photos and all
RK: I am sure he is too!!!
KimMOh: We are so blessed that he loves us.
kermit: I wouldn't let go
KimMOh: No neverthought that Dawn. lol
DawnFl: I wouldn't mind if her did I'd just keep him held up until he felt better.
DawnFl: Or say can I take him home now?
KimMOh: i get sooo nervous and i'm afraid to say anything for fear that i'll sound so stupid.
kermit: Bev have you heard from darlene tonight
KimMOh: it's hard to think of what to say with the small amount of time we have with him.
kermit: i think we all think we sound stupid
SherryM: Maybe Darlene will show up for the chat!!
DawnFl: Agreed, Kermit I wouldn't either. I don't think you could say anything real stupid that Marty wouldn't grin about Kim.
bevkerr: Serena doesn't get nervous anymore. She'll ask him or say anything. LOL
kermit: I will ask him though what he ment on my shirt then tell you guys the details
MaryR.: Whoops, got in a hurry I guess. Dance is over and I'm home eating homemade veggie soup for Marty's birthday!
RK: Goodnight everyone, this was really fun!!!
bevkerr: No, I haven't heard form Darlene
DawnFl: I tried to get Mike C. to let Marty come home with me but he wouldn't let 'em go. shoot!
KimMOh: well that's a luxury that i hope i can have someday.(not being nervous).
SherryW: maryr - did i see you're here?
SherryM: Hi Mary R--I just mentioned to Mario that you should be here any second.
bevkerr: Hi MaryR goodnight RK
KimMOh: I can't wait to hear what that means on the t-shirt.
SherryM: Rosalie--thanks for joining us! Have fun seeing Marty in PA!
KimMOh: hi Mary.
LaDonna: hi MaryR!!!
DawnFl: good night RK! marty dreams!
SherryW: bye RK
KimMOh: See ya in Pa Rosalie.
RK: Love ya, Marty. Have a great night.
MaryR.: Hi everybody! Has it been a party?
kermit: goodnight rk
kermit: yes and waiting for more
SherryM: Is everyone going contribute something to the Hall of Fame??
RK: I can't wait to do it again. Marty dreams for sure. See you in Pa.
LaDonna: yes, soon
DawnFl: Well I've got to be going dad's coming into the room and I've got to get up bright and early tomorrow. happy birthday Marty and pleasant screams...dreams everybody!
KimMOh: Yes! Will be sending it out soon. Sherry.
kermit: I am, when I get a little bit ahead
bevkerr: Yes SherryM
MaryR.: Any surprises? I wish! Yep, my donation will probably go out tomorrow.
kermit: Is there a time limit on when to have it in
SherryW: yes, at some point before 11/1
bevkerr: bye Dawn
SherryM: Rosalie already sent hers in, so has Dawn!!! And Evelyn sent hers to me as well as Sheila Walters.
kermit: wow, I will try to get mine in soon then
MaryR.: Night Dawn and RK.
LaDonna: what about the book, any news
SherryM: Several others sent them on to the CM Foundation. SueSue donated too!, So we are on a roll here.
SherryW: bye dawn
MargieSummer: Hey everyone its Margie and Summer
kermit: goodnight dawn
bevkerr: Mine will go out this week
MaryR.: That's a good start. BTW, Sherry the Suite is in the mail with the Power Point.
SherryM: Serena, the fundraising is ongoing, but I'm hoping the fan club can reach it's goal of $5,000 by December 31..
kermit: hello margie and summer
KimMOh: hey margie and summer
SherryM: Hey Margie/Summer--Margie are you moved or moving?
kermit: ok that gives me an idea
bevkerr: HI Margie and Summer
SherryM: Got everything in the mail today, Mary R, thank you! I'll need the weekend to install it okay?
SherryW: hi margie and summer
MaryR.: Are Margie and Summer together? Hi there!
MargieSummer: I am at summers house, mine packed
MargieSummer: I am moving thisa week-end
HeyBaby-1: Hey Margie and Summer, you got over there quick girl!!
kermit: sherry did I tell you I got my 5 year pin
MaryR.: You did what! I just mailed it yesterday! Hurray!!!!!
MargieSummer: I only live 3 miles from summer
SherryM: Yes, you mentioned it in an email, Serena--congrats!!! Now you're working on the 10-year pin.
KimMOh: where margie/summer?
MaryR.: Is everyone like me, I've got my newsletter sitting in front of me as we have our Marty Party.
KimMOh: where margie/summer?
MargieSummer: Congrats Serena on that 10 yr pin
kermit: Bev and I are seeing marty Saturday anyone want to meet us
KimMOh: yep my newsletter's right here. i keep it by the puter.
MaryR.: Makes it seem like he's here! LOL
Patricia: sherry m. will send check for hall of fame at first of month!
SherryM: Thanks, Patricia!! You guys are the best Marty fans around
KimMOh: wish i could but hopefully i can get to columbus onthe 15th and definately the 29th in PA.
MargieSummer: We live in Smyrna TN
kermit: yep got my newsletter here too
LaDonna: i am very jealous of all of you getting to see Marty so much!!!He never comes around here
MaryR.: Sherry, are you going to start a goal chart on the website?
KimMOh: oh i love tenn.
kermit: I have a friend who lives in symrna
HeyBaby-1: Serena, we'd love to meet yall. Are ya'll gonna stay over in Ft. Worth?
MargieSummer: We love TN too!
KimMOh: It seems like i never see him and then all at once he's in this area.
kermit: we are thinking about it
bevkerr: Marty usually doesn't get to this area much. That is why we are taking advantage.
MaryR.: Tennessee is number 1 in my book. But I'm prejudice, lived here all my life.
MargieSummer: What's your friends name? Kermit
kermit: LeAnn Freeman
bevkerr: I'm Serena's cousin.
MaryR.: Do we know where Marty might be tonight?
bevkerr: Ooops I should have said kermits cousin
Patricia: too hard to keep up signing ypi guys!!! Bye!!!
MargieSummer: Sorry, I don't know LeAnn but is she a Marty fan?
KimMOh: hubby and i vacationed there in april or may. Fairfield glade area, it was beautiful!
bevkerr: bye patricia
SherryW: bye patricia - sorry it's so hard for you! love ya!
kermit: Heybaby, are you going to be there Saturday
SherryM: MaryR, I need to first of all find out if I can get the dollar amounts from someone (Jodee) and then I can post it on the site.
SherryM: Good night Patricia.
kermit: yes, but not like we are
KimMOh: we were there!lol
HeyBaby-1: Serena, yep. A friend and I are driving over from AL tomorrow.
kermit: goodnight Patricia
MargieSummer: Summer is doing dishes so I'm talking for now
MaryR.: Fairfield Glade is also Mario's favorite place to play golf, huh Sherry?
kermit: cool, what time will you be there Saturday
bevkerr: Serena and I will be wearing our pilgrim shirts
MargieSummer: HeyBaby, Summer says hello!
KimMOh: you guys have a safe trip and i'll be seeing y'all somewhere someday hopefully! Goodnite everyone! Gotta go.
SherryW: bye kim m!
MargieSummer: HeyBaby, Summer says hello!Night Kim
KimMOh: I hope to be in Columbus oh the 15ht and definately the 29th in Pa. See ya!
MargieSummer: Night Kim
kermit: and maybe our black marty hats, depends on what kind of hair day it is
MargieSummer: Night Kim
SherryM: How'd we get on Fairfield Glade anyway, Mary R??? Mario leaves at 11 a.m. tomorrow!!! By the way, the Opry is on for Oct. 16
bevkerr: goodnight kim
kermit: night kim
HeyBaby-1: Hello Summer, where's my little buddy? Is she in the bed yet? Give her a hug for me.
MargieSummer: Is Marty doing both shows on the 16th, Sherry?
SherryM: Good night Kim! Thanks for joining us tonight!!! Check the website for a phone number. I'll post it when I get one.
KimMOh: Hope you have had a great Birthday Marty!!! I Love You!!!!
MaryR.: So Marty is at the Opry just the 16th?
LaDonna: is Marty on the Opry??
kermit: heybaby what are you wearing saturday and bev and i will look for you
kermit: we met nandar last week
SherryM: WSIX said he will be. And the General Mgr of the Opry said so as well.
SherryM: Well, I guess it's the 16th since he has a show on the 15th.
MargieSummer: Cool! I hope to be there at the Opry!
kermit: bev are you still here
MargieSummer: I know HeyBaby will be there with me too, RIGHT?
MaryR.: Ahhhh, we were just saying he hasn't been close by lately. Here's our chance Tennessee.
SherryW: where's darlene at anyway?
bevkerr: Yes I'm here
MaryR.: Margie, didn't she say she was going to Texas?
kermit: I don't know where darlene is
LaDonna: but I want to see a full concert!! whine whine
MargieSummer: HeyBaby is going to TX but she will also go to the Opry on the 16th, Iknow her!
SherryM: No, Darlene can't make the show on Saturday!
kermit: are you daydreaming?
kermit: I told you about that
MaryR.: We have to take whatever we can get Ladonna. :) Sorry, brain dead here. Texas is this week.
SherryW: now, now, no whining....i won't see them until sometime next summer!
MaryR.: Now SherryW has a right to whine!!!
HeyBaby-1: I heard about yall meeting nanadar. That's great, she's wonderful!!! Don't know what I'm wearing yet.
bevkerr: Texas is this weekend
kermit: I would wear my onelist shirt saturday but marty wrote all over it last weekend
SherryM: Let's all feel sorry for each other here!!! Hey, Bev and Serena will tell all, right???
LaDonna: how far is it to columbus from us Mary
MaryR.: Every little detail!
bevkerr: We always tell all. Can't seem to keep my big mouth shut.
kermit: well, look for 2 girls wearing pilgrim shirts and most likely black marty hats and we are not too skinny
kermit: well we might tell all LOL
bevkerr: That's a nice way to put it serena
MaryR.: Let's see, when is Columbus again?
LaDonna: Bev usually has beautiful drawings in hand!!
kermit: Plus we will have 1 tall blonde pilgrim with us, that is bevs son
bevkerr: I'm not anywhere near skinny
MaryR.: Yes, you would have to tell all. No secrets! LOL
bevkerr: I didn't get my new drawing done. :(
kermit: do we have to tell all?
SherryM: All I know is that Bev and Serena are very nice folks!!! Spent a lot of time with Bev during Fan Fair. She's GREAT!!
MaryR.: We are very close knit family here, no secrets. LOL
kermit: that was a joke bev, you know (skinny)
bevkerr: It is looking good. It is just taking some time.
SherryM: And Bev's son is one cool dude as well!!! You'll love him.
kermit: ok If I must tell
MaryR.: And a DJ to boot, playing Marty songs!
HeyBaby-1: I wasn't on the list yet to get one or I would wear that.
bevkerr: I know serena
kermit: Bevs son tries to whip me but it doesn't work
SherryM: Serena, he mentions you with only words of love. (Right Bev?)
kermit: yes, bevs son plays marty for all of us okies
SherryW: well, i gotta run for awhile. i will try to check back later to see what's going on... have fun!
kermit: LOL, I know better
LoriS: Hi Everyone! I finally made it!
bevkerr: Yeah, right sherrym
SherryM: Does Jarred want to move to Nashville???? LOL
kermit: hello lori
MargieSummer: Hi Lori
MaryR.: Hi LoriS, not been here long myself.
SherryM: Hi LoriS! Hope things are slowing down for you! Hope you had a great BD.
bevkerr: Yes SherryM and so do I and Serena
MaryR.: We could all buy a radio station and Jarred could be our DJ!
bevkerr: howdy lori
kermit: Jarred would love to move to nashville as long as he takes me and bev
SherryM: What's holding you guys back?????
HeyBaby-1: Hey Lori
LoriS: My server hasn't been letting us on the internet all day and I didn't think I was going to ever get on. But finally it let me. How's everyone?
MaryR.: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$??????????
SherryM: Heck, I just think Jarred is a real cool kid!!! He's got a super sense of humor! I love that in a man--er, boy.
bevkerr: Jarred would love that
kermit: does marty need another body guard, bev can verify I am a good one
SherryM: Needed to tack a LOL on that one! Bev will kill me!
bevkerr: During Fan Fair he thought he looked like kenny chesney.
MaryR.: Jarred probably preferred
kermit: yes sherry you are right. jarred is one good kid, he keeps bev and I in line
bevkerr: After seeing Meet Joe Black, he thinks he's Brad Pitt.LOL
SherryM: Jarred??? He's better looking than Kenny and has more hair!!! LOL
MaryR.: Bev, once they get that much taller than us, that's what happens. They keep us in line. Or they try!
kermit: sherry, bev said I am going to fan fair if it kills her
bevkerr: I think Serena could whoop Mike Copelin. LOL
SherryM: Bev, don't tell Jarred we're talking about him. His head will swell!!
LoriS: I'd like to say Happy Birthday Marty!!! Does anyone know what Marty (and Connie) are doing to celebrate?
kermit: ok bev when did he see that movie
bevkerr: That was funny SherryM.
bevkerr: Jarred will be 17 the 27th of next month
kermit: Ok bev, whip Mike?
SherryM: We've already sung Happy Birthday to Marty, LoriS!
bevkerr: I rented that movie about a month ago. He like the scene where Brad got hit by the car.
MaryR.: Of October Bev? Dustin will too. And Travis, Jodee's son is 17 in October.
SherryM: I don't know what Connie and Marty are doing right now!!!
MargieSummer: My birthday is the 20th
MargieSummer: Did Connie fly out to TX?
MaryR.: Dustin's is the 12th and Travis is the 19th.
kermit: sherry, is there any question you want me to ask him this weekend
bevkerr: Yes, Oct. 27th
kermit: just call on me when you need the answer to the impossiable question
SherryM: Of Marty???? Lordy no!!! He'll start looking at you as *the girl with all the questions*
MaryR.: Sounded like a loaded question. LOL
kermit: lol
LoriS: I missed it, what's the question now?
bevkerr: just find out the what the message on your shirt meant. that is all.
kermit: its that 14th day of that month that did it :)
MaryR.: Actually Dustin was 2 weeks early. I had my wisdom teeth out and was on pain medication.
LoriS: OK, thanks Bev.
kermit: so you don't remember? Mary!
SherryM: Just sort of tied in with Serena's comment. Sorry!
LaDonna: I am getting all kinds of sugars now as we speak!!!!!
MaryR.: Should we ask, Ladonna?
kermit: sugar! I only get that from my cat
LaDonna: my little Scotty Zac says it is time to play Ball!!!!!
SherryM: My oh my...where are we going with this???
LoriS: Lucky you LaDonna!
bevkerr: what kind of sugars Ladonna
kermit: im jealous
LaDonna: puppy dog sugars, the best kind!!!!!!
bevkerr: are you getting doggie sugars. I get them from my dachshound.
SherryM: You'd better not let Gary read that!!! LOL
bevkerr: Serena, you know you get sugars from your pug that thinks he is a cat.
LaDonna: Gary probably knows it!!!!
kermit: I have a dog but he thinks he is a cat
kermit: yes, he is a true catdog
SherryM: I've heard of cats that thought they were dogs!!! Does your doggie purr?
LaDonna: I am going to drag Gary to the fan club party next time!!!!
kermit: the catdog named OTIS
bevkerr: he snorts alot
MaryR.: I've heard of cats who think they're dogs, but dogs who think they're cats.
SherryM: Mary, are we on the same wavelength here?
MaryR.: Sherry took the words right out of my mouth!
kermit: yep, bev has seen it for herself, he thinks he is a cat!!!!!!!
SherryM: What does he snort, Bev????? Or did you mean *snore*
bevkerr: Serena has 3 cats, so he figures he can't beat em so he'll join em
kermit: I need to contact Nickleodean
MaryR.: Was he around cats as a puppy? Had to think about that one before I typed it, LOL.
kermit: he does both, snort and snore loudly
LaDonna: Well folks I am going to say good night, catch you all on email, lets do this again soon!!!
MaryR.: Was he around cats as a puppy? Had to think about that one before I typed it, LOL.
MaryR.: Sorry did it again!
bevkerr: He snorts. Or should I say snot. He is a pug and has no nose
kermit: hey darlene just got online
MaryR.: Good night Ladonna! This is just the best way of getting to talk to everyone.
kermit: ok mary what kind of meds are you taking?
LoriS: LOL Serena my son loves Catdog on Nickelodeon We watch it often and I get that song in head.
SherryM: Goodnight, LaDonna! Sorry, it's getting CRAZY in here. Are you going to love up your babies???
LaDonna: good night!!!!
MaryR.: Serena, I had homemade veggie soup just a little while ago. Does that count?
LoriS: Good night LaDonna. Take care.
LaDonna: yes it is their turn now!!!!
SherryM: IM Darlene and let her know we are here. Invite her over!
kermit: goodnight ladonna, happy sugars
bevkerr: nighty nite LaDonna
kermit: i did, i told her to get in here
sherryw: i'm baaaaccckkkkk!
MaryR.: Let's all say Hi Darlene, before she gets here!
sherryw: checked cmt sched: the video is on tonight at 8:30 EST
sherryw: checked cmt sched: the video is on tonight at 11:30EST - SORRY!
bevkerr: Hello again sherryw
MargieSummer: HeyBaby---Read you e-mails!!!!!!
SherryM: Hi Darlene--welcome aboard!!!
kermit: Darlene said she is having a hard time getting on the web
sherryw: it's also on 10/1 @ 5:30pm EST and 10/2 at 6:30amEST
LoriS: Hi SherryW
bevkerr: Hello Darlene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MaryR.: HI DARLENE!!!!!!!
sherryw: bye bye ladonna
SherryM: Hey, SherryW - thanks for keeping us informed of the schedule!!! I need to request the video again and again.
sherryw: bye bye ladonna
sherryw: hey loris!
LoriS: Hi Darlene
MaryR.: Hi again SherryW
sherryw: i'm just mad that web tv users can't request a video on CMT
bevkerr: Serena hasn't seen the video yet. I will show it to her tomorrow.
kermit: Darlene said she will keep trying and she says hello to eveyone
SherryM: We're waiting for Darlene to come on in! Is AOL acting up?
sherryw: and i love marty...but forget that 900#!!! my phone bill is high enough!
kermit: yep, and it did last night too
MaryR.: I didn't know web TVers couldn't make requests. I was just going to mention the 900 # LOL
SherryM: SherryW, don't worry about it!!! Those 900# are expensive!
bevkerr: We'll all take turns requesting it for you
MaryR.: I used the 900 # when Marty was up for an award on MCN a few times. No kidding!
MaryR.: Good idea Bev!
bevkerr: I don't get cmt here, but my mom and dad do. They recorded it for me.
sherryw: yep, mary r, for some reason all us webtv'ers get error codes when we go to the cmt request line
SherryM: I voted too, Mary, but my phone bill was never charged. Think my votes counted???
sherryw: thanks bev!
MaryR.: I feel so fortunate to be able to get CMT and GAC and TNN.
MaryR.: Good question SherryM. Makes you wonder if they went through.
SherryM: You get BOTH Miss Mary?????????????????
sherryw: wonder if the video will ever actually make the countdown?
LoriS: Wow, I just checked my email. 97 messages! and mostly from you guys. I can't seem to get caught up!
bevkerr: TNN isn't much anymore. I get TNN. Not enought music.
sherryw: are you on satellite maryr?
sherryw: makes me wonder what will become of TNN..they say there are 4 new shows coming on, but none of them are country!
MaryR.: Yes SherryM, on basic cable at that. No SherryW, just the regular basic cable company.
LoriS: You got that right Bev. TNN is awful now.
bevkerr: I hope it does. It is better than a lot of the videos on cmt
kermit: I get cmt and don't get mtv. they made a good choice
MaryR.: SherryW, unless you count The Real McCoys, LOL
LoriS: I'm glad they are giving Marty's video a chance. Anyone have info on the book?
sherryw: what's with all the teenagers and girl groups now on CMT???
MargieSummer: HeyBaby! Are you still out there?
sherryw: you got it maryr - don't forget flo on *alice* too!
MaryR.: SherryW, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is the answer to that.
SherryM: The book should be out in a couple of weeks, LoriS!
kermit: Ok guys, I have got to go, I got to get up at 5a.m.
bevkerr: It's too bad they are giving up real talent for comercial dollars.
MaryR.: I have that and the other book in the shopping cart at Amazon to order.
LoriS: Good! I'm saving some of my birthday money for it.
kermit: have fun and I enjoyed myself.
SherryM: Serena, enjoy your Friday--and have fun seeing Marty on Saturday. Just hug him extra hard from us!!!
MaryR.: Bye's been fun!
SherryM: Give us the speel (spiel/speal) on the deal!
sherryw: you're probably right is everything. it's all quantity, not quality
LoriS: Well if they are trying to be country/pop, then when can we expect to see CMT2! (like MTV2)
bevkerr: Goodnight Serena, I'll see you tomorrow and off to Ft. Worth on Saturday.
MaryR.: Bev, what was the name of that other book?
sherryw: bye serena...have fun
SherryM: I ordered the book FROM as well but t We wish were going
LoriS: Bye, Serena! Have fun seeing Marty!
bevkerr: ooops I didn't say anything
sherryw: although, i do love *the real world* on mtv...i'd like to see a nashville version of that on CMT!
bevkerr: yes I'll see you then serena
bevkerr: They have something on cmt with some young people that look like they should be on mtv
kermit: bye bye
sherryw: okay, how sick do i feel? mary asked if we wished we were going.....i don't!
MargieSummer: they have a road rules type show on cmt that I have seen-Summer
SherryM: SherryW, I think you've just worn yourself out over Charo!
bevkerr: I can't remember the name of the other book something about the king of bluegrass
MaryR.: Yes, Sherry, your temp is at least 110, you're delirious.
sherryw: that's true bev, but it's not like *real world* or *road rules* those kids on cmt are just goofy!
SherryM: Bev and Mary, I think Marty only wrote the forward for that book!
bevkerr: I'll e-mail the url again for that book
sherryw: not 110, maryr - about 101!
MaryR.: I think I read that, come to think of it, SherryM
sherryw: but, that's how i know i'm sick - i wouldn't care if marty was here or not! he'd be too loud for me anyway!
bevkerr: I think your right Sherry M. it has the authors name and the Marty Stuart/forward
SherryM: I think at 110, you're DEAD!
LoriS: 101! I hope you get to feeling better SherryW.
MargieSummer: Margie says goodnight she is going home!!!
MaryR.: Bev, you're right that sounds like the title. It cost about 12.95.
bevkerr: goodnight Margie
sherryw: sherrym: worn out over charo, maybe...but our weather change didn't help. we went from 75-80 to 102-104 in 24 hours!
LoriS: Bye Margie. Sleep tight.
bevkerr: Our temp. here went from 95 ot 75 that quick
sherryw: you got it sherrym! 110 would be COOKED!
sherryw: thanks lori - i don't like being sick...
MaryR.: SherryW, I thought you were kidding! I worry about SherryM getting sick too.
sherryw: bye margie
MaryR.: Bye Margie! See ya......
sherryw: nope mary, not kidding. headache since tuesday night, slight fever, swollen joints. NOT fun!
MaryR.: Taking care of babies, human or not will wear you down quickly.
sherryw: m.d says all you can do with this is take motrin or tylenol, drink plenty of fluid and rest
MaryR.: What is it?
MaryR.: Sounds like flu, but already?
SherryM: Good night, Margie, let me know when you get the computer set up and you can go back to getting mail!
sherryw: i knew we'd be cursed for having a 70's summer here in southern we're having the dreaded indian summer ...and fires all over!
bevkerr: There has been a lot of flu going around here in oklahoma
sherryw: no mary, it's not the flu, just some weird virus that's going around. with the flu, you have congestion, runny nose, etc.
MaryR.: Just wondering about you Bev, getting my flu shot next week. Haven't had one in three years. But haven't been sick.
sherryw: my immune system has been depleted and with my *Charo stress* and drastic weather change, i was doomed!
angel: Hi Everyone, Hi Sherry M. Kyle Here
sherryw: hi kyle
MaryR.: I went to a safety meeting the other day, and got all kinds of information about differences in viruses and bacteria; flu and other infectious diseases.
angel: Sounds like someone is not feeling well. Sorry
bevkerr: So far I'm ok. My manager at work has been sick with the congestion and all that stuff
SherryM: Hi there Kyle. Welcome to the chat. Things have thinned out a little.
sherryw: there's some weird stuff going around...everyone try and stay healthy!
SherryM: What state do you live in Kyle? You may have told me, but I don't remember.
angel: Thanks Sherry. How are you tonight?
MaryR.: I take lots of vitamins (don't I Sherry?) and echinacea when I start feeling sick. I speak highly of it.
angel: I live in NJ. I just saw Marty on the 19th
MaryR.: Hi Kyle, pretty name.
sherryw: echinacea is good - i use that as soon as i feel a cold coming on
SherryM: Why don't you do a review of the show for the website?? I don't have one for that show.
angel: Thank you Mary, unusual for a woman's name these days
sherryw: how was the show kyle?
LoriS: I must have had more colds last winter than I've ever had. Any suggestions on what to take now to avoid so many?
MaryR.: Yes, I have a two nephews by that name. Still pretty for a girl.
LoriS: Hi Kyle
SherryM: Kyle emails me about the website--and that's how I know Rosalie as well.
angel: Lori, the show was good but, very short.
SherryM: LoriS, you need to get your immune system up and running! Vitamins help.
sherryw: echinecea and multi-vitamins, i say.
SherryM: Wasn't that the show where Marty fell? And then Brad couldn't sing so Paul Martin helped out?
MaryR.: Rosalie? Lori, along with vitamin C every day and a few other anti oxidents, echinacea is a natural antibiotic.
bevkerr: Well, it's been fun tonight. I have to get up early to be at work by 6:00 am. So I'll catch yall later
angel: Sherry, I don't know about Marty falling but, yes Brad was sick and did not sing
SherryM: Bevy, you and Serena have fun with Marty Saturday night. I want you up bright and early Sunday with a review!!! LOL
sherryw: bye bev...have fun at the show!
MaryR.: Good night Bev and have a great Marty Party!
LoriS: I tried echinecea last year but it didn't seem to help.
angel: Bye Bev
SherryM: Rosalie was in here earlier chatting. Lori, I think you need to take Vitamin C and Garlic as well!!!
LoriS: Good night Bev. We'll be waiting for your review. Have Fun!
bevkerr: I'll be thinking about all of you. and i'll have a review with pictures.
Bye Bev, see you Sat. Have a safe trip!!!
SherryM: There was a show where Marty did fall--it was the one after Albuquerque and I think he was just so tired.
MaryR.: Echinacea is something I keep in my system during the winter, Lori. But shouldn't be taken for more than a couple of months at a time. It becomes immune somehow.
LoriS: Thanks for the tips. Vitamin C I'll try, but garlic? Does it give you bad breath?
MaryR.: You can get deodorized supplements of garlic. Isn't that right Sherry?
sherryw: there are some garlic tabs or capsules out there that don't give you bad breath/ the labels
SherryM: Deodorized garlic doesn't!!! But it's a great anti-infection, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial tablet. I take three a day of that!
angel: Sherry, well it was the night right after New Mexico.
sherryw: as far as vitamins and supplements go too, i get mine at wal mart. it's cheaper and they're just as good
MaryR.: No ones complained about me. I take it. LOL
LoriS: What I took were Zinc lozenges with vit. C and Echinacea.
angel: But, I never saw Marty fall. I know he wanted to leave ASAP, because he was exhausted
MaryR.: You need at least 500 mg of Echinacea.
SherryM: So, Kyle, when did you become a Marty fan? And how?--What caught your eye?
angel: My younger brother took me to a Marty show like five years ago.
MaryR.: Oh boy, a Marty Moment!
LoriS: Oh, these are only 23mg. Looks like I need to visit Wal marty and stock up! Thanks Doc's.
SherryM: Continue, Kyle.
MaryR.: And.....
angel: Marty sang to me, and then I met Steve and everyone was so nice
SherryM: Was it the music, the personality, the look--what *grabbed* you to become a real fan?
MaryR.: You know you can only get a couple lines on here at a time Sherry LOL
SherryM: Marty sang to you??? Steve is very very sweet!
angel: I had been a die hard Rock fan but, was suprised at the down home attitude of these guys.
sherryw: ah, you met my little brother, eh, kyle?
LoriS: What did Marty sing to you?
angel: The music and Marty
SherryM: Speaking of Steve......did you hear from him SherryW? Thought he might drop by tonight.
Sheila: Hi everyone
sherryw: hi sheila!
angel: Yes Steve is a doll, we have been friends ever since.
MaryR.: Well, hellooooo, Sheila. Long time....
sherryw: no sherry, i don't think he's home yet. he always answers me right away and i haven't heard from him
LoriS: Sheila's here! Hi there.
SherryM: Hey Scoop, you made it!!! Welcome. Most everyone else has gone home for the night.
HeyBaby-1: Hey Sheila!!!
SherryM: That's the thing about country artists--most are very down home. Marty, in particular, has wonderful people around him (for the most part)
Sheila: Long time is right all I do is work!
MaryR.: Cindy's still here? Been quiet
sherryw: lol sherrym!
MaryR.: Still working two jobs Sheila?
SherryM: I thought you gave up your *second job* Sheila
LoriS: Still at K Mart, Sheila? I love those now Judd comercials!
Sheila: I did t working 12 hour days at the new one
SherryM: Kyle, do you know the other band members too? Brad, Gary, Gregg?
angel: Not well. They are nice too though. They are all very nice people
angel: Not well. They are nice too though. They are all very nice people
MaryR.: Kyle's mouse has the hiccups too. LOL
Sheila: Not at the mart anymore and haven't seen the ads, the Judds huh? to bad its not the man doing them!
MaryR.: Mine just got over them. :)
angel: Sorry everyone, I am fading fast here. Long day
SherryM: How can you do that? I thought you were union!!! Or are you doing it because you want to?
MaryR.: Kyle, I'm just brain dead here. I hit it 3 times while ago. :)
SherryM: Kyle, I know the feeling!!! I get less than 5 hours of sleep a night and I am just a dragging!!!
Sheila: I got Clint Black's new cd today the song Marty is on is pretty neat
MaryR.: Sheila , going to Columbus?
angel: I understand Sherry, the days are not long enough
SherryM: Especially for all I want and need to do with the website!!! Sheila sent me some pix from Winchester that I need to get on.
MaryR.: I want to get it too. D'Lectrified, right?
SherryM: Sheila is abbreviating!!!
angel: I don't know how you keep up with work and the website and it is always perfect
Sheila: Thats it Mary, Its different the song with his wife is really good
MaryR.: And tending a sick Kitty to boot.
SherryM: I stay way behind, unfortunately!!! I guess Macreena Doyle isn't lurking--she'd be happy to hear Clint sold another album.
angel: Who's kitty is sick?
SherryM: By the way, Rodney Crowell called her today!!! I could just DIE!
MaryR.: He did a song with Lisa? Seems I did hear that somewhere. Wish Marty would do one with Connie!
SherryM: My Kitty is not doing very well. She's old and diabetic and got really sick a couple of weeks ago.
SherryM: Clint's new single features his wife, Lisa! I think she's in the video too.
Sheila: No darn it, I'll be in Florida, wait frever for him to come close and as usual I'll be at the airprt when my ship comes in!!!
SherryM: Hey Marty sings on Connie's album!!!
SherryM: Now Now, Sheila..that's what you said about that interview in Sparks and look what happened! You GOT it!
sherryw: well, kids, i gotta go. i'm starting to slide again and need to lay down. goodnight!
SherryM: You take care of yourself SherryW--Charo needs her mommy!
Sheila: I swear! this dog is all over me and can't spell either!
angel: Good night SherryW
MaryR.: Good night SherryW, you take care of yourself too. Charo needs a healthy mom.
Sheila: Night SherryW
MaryR.: SherryM, what is with us?
sherryw: thanks sherrym - charo's doing great!
SherryM: Your baby is happy to see you!!! Wants all the attention! What is what with us, Mary R?
LoriS: bye SherryW. You and Charo get better!
sherryw: bye all - have a good one
SherryM: SherryW, you just get Charo back to feeling half normal, and something hits you! STRESS!!!
angel: It was great speaking to you all. I am off to bed
MaryR.: We practically repeated the same words again.
angel: Everyone have a great night.
SherryM: Kyle, thanks for stopping by and thanks especially for being a strong supporter of the website and Marty!!!
LoriS: Bye Kyle, hope to chat with you again.
SherryM: Gotcha, MaryR. I missed that!!! GREAT minds think alike, right???
MaryR.: Good night Kyle, take care and see ya next time!
Sheila: Night Kyle
angel: Thanks everyone for making me feel welcome. Hope to see you all soon
SherryM: Nice to have a couple of gals in here who aren't on the Martypals list!!! I enjoy hearing from both Kyle and Rosalie!
MaryR.: Help, I'm eating chocolate and I can't stop!
Sheila: You aren't are you Lori?
SherryM: Well, I have yours and Evelyn's and Lisa's should arrive tomorrow. I know of 8 households that have donated.
LoriS: No, not close at all. I want Marty to come to Iowa this fall. Hope he adds more tour date.
MaryR.: That is wonderful numbers, Can't wait to see how it goes.
Sheila: Eat some for me!
LoriS: My first payday is tomorrow (for my new job) so I'll have a check sent to you next week, Sherry
SherryM: Anyway, I only know what six of them contributed and it totals $132.50 so far!!! Those numbers are GREAT!
Sheila: Its only an hour from me. I think Jamie might try to go
MaryR.: I'm quitting now, I've started counting calories and man they add up.
LoriS: I sure hope everyone gives just a little. We need to make Marty proud of his fan club.
SherryM: Doesn't include Mario's and my donation yet either!!!
MaryR.: And you have to go to Florida and Marty's a mile away from home?
LoriS: And you can't go Sheila?
SherryM: I still have more people to email and more letters to send out!!!
Sheila: You got out of retail also didn't you Lori?
LoriS: And glad I did, Sheila! So far I don't miss it at all. I work 8:30 to 3:00 M-F, no more weekends, holidays or nights! YEAH!
MaryR.: Sherry, you should be able to count your postage toward your donation.
Sheila: About the time our man will be here I will be in Atlanta
MaryR.: Gosh, Lori, those are bankers hours if I ever heard it.
SherryM: Actually, I'm doing a whole lot more emailing than letters!!
LoriS: Yes, the hours are great. I work while Nick is in school and have more family time now.
SherryM: Sheila really has an important *date* in Florida--you can see Marty any ole time, but a dad's BD is special!!!
MaryR.: Sheila, you must be going crazy, I would be. The night Marty was inducted into the Opry I was going to Arkansas. I was sick. Because I could have been at the Opry.
Sheila: I heard that! I DO NOT miss it. I am on 2nd shift and doing weekends as well, but no more rude customers!
SherryM: Boy, I'd love those hours, Lori!!!
MaryR.: Hey, those dad's are more important than anything!
SherryM: And the best part is that Sheila is a surprise!!! So, I think that's wonderful.
LoriS: Last year, Marty played in upper Iowa and it was 4 shows at a casino and they were free and we couldn't go cuz it was during the week. I hated that.
Sheila: I made my flight plans the day before Sherry let info out I about died! My dad will be 70 nd I am the surprise at his party. haven't seen him in 13 months.
MaryR.: That's sweet, we need to enjoy them while we can. My dad died when I was 17,
SherryM: Seeing Marty for free??? Yikes! What a bargain!!! You hate to miss that, but I understand about the weekday thing.
SherryM: Sheila, I'm glad you're going, believe me!!! And your family will be so happy to have you there. You are doing the right thing.
MaryR.: But, man oh man, couldn't I have called in sick? LOL
MaryR.: Four free shows! Wow!
SherryM: Mary, don't you need a note from a doctor??? Those four shows would have taken up like 4 days of sick leave! A day to travel, two days of shows, day back.
Sheila: My dad is pretty special, will not give up Marty for just anybody

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