Birthday Chat Transcript

On September 30, 1998, the chat room hosted a Birthday Chat in honor of Marty. The transcript that follows has not been altered in any way. Twenty-eight fans participated and it was really a lot of fun. We hope to do it again next year so mark your calendars NOW!

smartybell: LOL Today is the big 40 for the Marty Man
I used to see Marty at the Carter Fold when he was with Johnny Cash.
LOVE You Can't Stop Love!!!
Didn't really know who he was then.
Hey, if I disappear occasionally, it's just this computer. It closes my connection sometimes and I have to log back in. Did it once already.
You were into rock at that time, Marty1fan!! Remember? Why else would I be watching MTV!
I see we've got a few folks in here early!
Hi Sherry!
LOL he is good at pickin
I was just going to say that myself Sherry, hecko All
Hey Sherry!!!
I was just going to say that myself Sherry, hecko All
Hi Sherry! Welcome to your own web site. :) Yeah, they started early...I gave up working on your album list!
Marty2go: Hey, TN Pam, is Mel your dad?
Marny93058: Just when I have to go, every one comes in!!!!!!
TennesseePam: No, raised in Tn, but live in NH now.
jenninboro: hecko opishi!
opishi: I swear I said hecko not hecko

opishi: hmmmmmmm, OK then Hi everyone
jenninboro: well i typed hecko and it came out hecko...
Marty2go: Hey, Sherry

Marty1fan: Yes I was into rock in those days (Marty2go)
Marty2go: Is that Judy girl lurking? And where did Marty1fan go?
Marny93058: Well Poeple I do hope you have a great Chat BUT! I have school in the morning so I got ta go!!!
TennesseePam: Goodnite Marny.
jenninboro: Take care Megan! Don't stay away so long!
SherryM: I'll be copying and pasting and putting this on the website at some point

opishi: Bye Meg
Marty1fan: Goodnight Marny,
smartybell: Night Marny
opishi: sorry you have to leave so soon
Marny93058: Bye Sherry bye MARGIE!!!!!! BE GOOD!!!!!!!!
opishi: That is great Sherry
Marty1fan: Marty Fan is here, I had to walk away from the computer for a minute

Marny93058: Oh if Marty just happens to stop by tell he I said Happy 40th!!! ok!!
opishi: So is everyone watching Life and Times?
smartybell: Just finished here
jenninboro: WAS's over with here in TN...
smartybell: Does anyone have it on tape?
TennesseePam: My hubby is watching soemthing else.
SherryM: Not me. I've been typing articles for the website. I have it on tape.

Jill: Watched as much as I could of Life and Times came down to the office for the chat
opishi: Yes here too!
Sunshine: Hi Sherry - It's Helene from Canada here , I'm still high from Marty's Alberta visit - how are you?
jenninboro: drove the cat nuts...bouncing back -&- forth between TV and computer....LOL!
Marty2go: Did anyone catch the Hank Williams exhibit Marty had a hand in setting up in the Country Music Hall of Fame? Great job! Really enjoyed it!
Marty1fan: Anxiously waiting!

smartybell: I would like to find copies of anything Marty for my little girl
Margie/MA: My computer is at work, so I haven't been home yet. I do have Life and Times taped.

opishi: Welcome Helene! So where is everyone from, I'm from Washington State
smartybell: Akron Ohio here
jenninboro: Murfreesboro, TN
TennesseePam: Born in Florida, raised in Tennessee, live in New Hampshire.
Margie/MA: Megan, if you're still there, I'm glad you stopped in even for a while!
Marty2go: I'm from way up north in Michigan, opishi.
SherryM: Hi Helene and everybody else. I'm trying to keep up with posting this directly into my webpage.

hey smartybell....i'm originally from Columbus/Delaware area! small world!
smartybell: I just moved here from Montana
Jill: Greenville S.C.
opishi: I too am coming off a Marty High, I saw him on Sunday!
LaDonna: Howdy everyone

smartybell: I am still learning my way around this state.
Marty1fan: I have 9p.m, what do you have?
smartybell: We are moving South next year

opishi: He performed wonderfully, and looked so relaxed and happy
jenninboro: well,'ve heard Bob Barker! C'mon DOOOWWWWNNN!!!!!
SherryM: Yes Happy Birthday Marty. The Big 4-0!!!!!!

Marty2go: Smartybell, I have a friend in White Sulphur Springs, MT, a MI transplant.
smartybell: I plan in it LOL we are looking for a nice place outside of MusicCity
Trilogy: Hi Marty, HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Margie/MA: Yeah, it's after 9:00...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARTY!!!!

Jenninboro: This part of town is growing FAST.
Jill: Happy Birthday MARTY!!!
Sheila: Hi
bufccmill: Happy Birthday Marty. Hi everyone
Sheila: Hi Everyone
smartybell: Happy Birthday Marty!
TennesseePam: Happy Birthday Marty! Thanks for all the great music.
Marty1fan: I want to live in Hendersonville with Marty
Marty2go: Happy 40th, Marty!! You know they say life begins at 40. Would you agree with that?

smartybell: we want to find a fix it up place that needs some tlc
jenninboro: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTY!!! Don't take the Big 4-0 TOO hard!!!
Trilogy: Hi Every one, It was great to see Marty again but the hour went much too fast
LaDonna: Hey Margie, how does it feel to be back home?

Jenninboro: Takeit with a shot of tequila...then a shot of....(LOL) :-D
Margie/MA: I don't know, I haven't hit 40 yet!
Kim in Ohio: Hi Marty, I love You!!!
opishi: Happy Brithday Marty - welcome to the big 40
Marty1fan: Time does always fly when your enjoying yourself

Kim in Ohio: Happy Birthday Marty!!!!
Margie/MA: LaDonna, it stinks to be back home! I want to be out seeing Marty, and my next show isn't until Owensboro in November.
LaDonna: Sherry, are you feeling better?
Sheila: I'm from Dayton,Ohio where are you from Kim?
Marty2go: Hey, Marty1fan. Quite a switch from when we're here most times, eh?

Kim in Ohio: Hi everyone!
jenninboro: Margie....maybe we can meet @ Owensboro....I'm going, too!
Sunshine: I did forget This is sooo neat - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. MARTY: WE LUV YA!!

Jenninboro: Hi Kim!!!
bufccmill: Anybody doing anything special today?
opishi: Don't feel to bad Margie, I'm lucky to get to see Marty once a year
Trilogy: Life after 50 is great. Look at Dolly
Margie/MA: I'm from Oakham, MA, 20 miles west of Worcester.
smartybell: Dayton? I'm in Akron

LaDonna: margie at least you have a show to look forward to!!
Margie/MA: Once a year, man, that would KILL me!
SherryM: Mel...are you here? Somewhere?

Marty2go: Too bad we can't get a 2-way videoconferencing with Marty!
Margie/MA: I need a show to look forward, after Athens was cancelled.
MaryR.: Hi, am I there yet?
Trilogy: How you doing there in J.C LaDonna.
Marty1fan: Where's Marty?
Kim in Ohio: Hi everyone!
opishi: I thought I was going to be lucky enough to see more than one, but Spokane was cancelled
LaDonna: hey MaryR you are here!!
Margie/MA:Sherry, we haven't heard from Mel yet. I hope it's just because she's busy getting this all copied for a transcript.
jenninboro: Hi MaryR!
smartybell: Owensboro?
Marty1fan: WE WANT MARTY!

LaDonna: The big J.C. town is hot as usual, no rain
Kim in Ohio: same here margie. i'm looking at may'99,how depressing!
Margie/MA: The Spokane show was cancelled, too? Did you hear why? The Athens venue said low ticket sales.
MaryR.: This is a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the greatest guy around.
TennesseePam: J. C. in what state?

Kim in Ohio: Marty!!!Marty!!!!Marty!!!
smartybell: Spokane was canceled?
bufccmill: Trilogy: Hopefully Marty is enjoying a wonderful birthday with his wife and family
LaDonna: Tennessee
smartybell: That is odd
opishi: So how long have you all been Marty fans! I have been a fan since 1989 and a FC member for 6 years
Trilogy: J.C. in Tn.
Margie/MA: Kim, what show are you going to in May'99? I'll be at the Lancaster, PA show
TennesseePam: I was raised in Kingsport!
Kim in Ohio: low ticket sales!?no way!!
LaDonna: Pam is that you in Greeneville
jenninboro: Congrats bufccmill!!!
TennesseePam: No, I'm in NH now.
bufccmill: Thank you
OhioAngel: Hi everybody! It's Mel! I'm here, finally.
LaDonna: Pam where are you now
Kim in Ohio: yea,the lancaster pa. show.i'll be there if i have to crawl. it's been too long since i've seen him!!!
opishi: Yes Smartybell, unfortunately it was
Trilogy: This is June in Greeneville
opishi: Bummer
Margie/MA: I've also been a fan since 1989, and a fan club member for 5 1/2 years.
Marty2go: Some of Marty's band members are from MI. Anyone know them?
jenninboro: Hi Mel!
OhioAngel: I couldn't get logged onto my server and had to come in late.
smartybell: I have liked Marty since 75
BR> Kim in Ohio: Hope to see you there Margie.We'll have to stay in touch.
Lois: Hi everyone! Happy Birthday Marty!
Trilogy: Lisa here yet?
opishi: Wow, how did you discover him Smartybell?
bufccmill: Been in fan club 4 years, fan much longer.He is the reason I love country music!
LaDonna: MaryR did you get a present from me?
opishi: I have a friend who saw him first with Lester, she was 11
marie: Hi everybody - we've been Marty fans since about 1992.

Kim in Ohio: the email's;i would love to hear from every Marty fan.
opishi: she has been a fan ever since
Margie/MA: Some of Marty's old band may have been from MI, but Steve is from Memphis, and Brad, Gregg and Gary are all from TX.
Trilogy: Lisa here yet?
opishi: He as brought many people to County

smartybell: I got to see Marty when he was with Mr. Flatt back when.
smartybell: I was 13
LaDonna: who is IMHERE?
marie: Anyone going to Ft. Lauderdale in two weeks?

Marty2go: Marty kind of crossed over to rock with Hillybilly Rock. Does anyone remember what year it was?
Kim in Ohio: where's Marty? anyone know?

opishi: 1989?
jenninboro: I agree w/bufccmill! First saw Marty when he was with Lester.
Marty1fan: Marty and Alan Jackson brought me to country
Sheila: How did you all celebrate? I cranked Marty music all day long!

MaryR.: Am I the only one getting left behind here?
Margie/MA: Yeah, Marie, you're going to Ft. Lauderdale! :)

Margie/MA: No, Mary, you're not the only one. It's hard to keep up with so many people!
LaDonna: d.j.s mentioned is birthday on the radio here!!
I believe it was 1989

OhioAngel: Hi, MaryR! Yes, Margie's right, it's hard to track so many people
Margie/MA: Kim and Jenninboro, my e-mail is, stay in touch about those concerts!
jenninboro: Will do, Margie! Addin you to address book...
Marty1fan: Marty! Marty! Marty! Marty!
TennesseePam: When I first moved to NH, I was so homesick, but Marty's music got me thru it.
smartybell: I would love to keep in touch with everyone too, my email is
lethlwpn: Happy Birthday Marty!!!!!!!!! you the man!
bufccmill: Celebrated with Marty Cd's
: Anyone going to see Marty in Raleigh?
Sheila: DJ here played 3 songs in 3 hours this am.
marie: Hi Margie, It's been way too long since I've had a Marty fix. The fan club party was the last show we've been to!
smartybell: who else if from Ohio and where? I am in Akron
Margie/MA: Pam, are you going to the Mohegan Sun show in CT in December?

Marty1fan: and that's the truth
MaryR.: Is Pat from CT here?
Marty2go: I think it was before 1989, opishi. Marty1fan was in H.S. and she's older than that!!!
LaDonna: Pam how long since you lived in Kingsport?
TennesseePam: I'm gonna try really hard. Is it on a weekend?
Jill: I am going to try and go to Raleigh.
Marty1fan: Hey, let's not give out ages now!!!!
OhioAngel: Ohio, Canton.
Trilogy: Sherry, How about some in put? You are pretty quiet to night
Margie/MA: I haven't seen Pat here yet. She may be working, I think she has crazy hours.
TennesseePam: LaDonna, I've been in NH 3 years.
Sunshine: Work was not a celebration but somebody did wish Me a Happy Marty birthday! (They know me well)
Kim in Ohio: anyone have the tribute to tradition album/tape/cd?
Jill: Saw Marty in Myrtle Beach in May and two shows in Newberry in August

bufccmill: Anybody who would like to write me
LaDonna: About Raleigh, do you know anything about the place where the concert is?
Marty1fan: Sherry, do you know where Marty is?
smartybell: This is so great, back in Montana it was hard for me to find someone to talk Marty
jenninboro: Mine's --- looking forward to hearin from y'all!
OhioAngel: Sherry, if you want to chat, I am copying this all.
lethlwpn: Anyone think Marty-&-Travis will tour together again...Hopefully!
MaryR.: We could all put Marty's CD's in the CD Rom drive and listen as celebrate!
Jill: From what I understand it is a large bar about like the Wild Horse.
Sheila: I've got it love it
Sheila: I've got it love it
jenninboro: lethlwpn...I sure hope so!!!
Jill: I had one of my customers call me at home to tell me Marty was on TNN
Margie/MA: Mohegan Sun is Dec. 5, Saturday. Supposedly two shows there on Saturdays, and it's in the casino so they're FREE!!
Marty1fan: Wild Horse is great, need another T-shirt Marty2go?
Marty2go: Hey, Marty1fan, how's it going with you? Remember the time we climbed the hill to see Marty at Val-Du-Lakes?
SherryM: I'm trying to copy this too and this is HARD!
Marty1fan: Yes, and then ended up in the 4th row!!
smartybell: Where is Mohegan?
opishi: I just looked at my Hillbilly Rock CD and it says 1989 MCA.
Mary R: Honky-Tonking as we speak.......LOUD!!!!!!!!
Trilogy: Great idea Mary
Marty1fan: I think it was 1989 too, why were you watching MTV Marty2go?
Margie/MA: Some of the last Double Trouble shows were cancelled for low tickets sales, I doubt if Marty and Travis will tour together again.
OhioAngel: Sherry, I have it all since I came in if you want to chat, I'm going to e-mail it to you after the chat.
Trilogy: Great idea Mary
Marty1fan: I think it was 1989 too, why were you watching MTV Marty2go?
Margie/MA: Some of the last Double Trouble shows were cancelled for low ticket sales. I doubt if Marty and Travis will tour together again.
Marty2go: Rub it in, Marty1fan!!!
Kim in Ohio: i sure hope they tour together again,i love them together.
Marty1fan: Hillbilly Rock that is
opishi: So who has a favorite CD or song, I have always been partial to Tempted (both album and single)
Margie/MA: Mohegan Sun Casino is in Uncasville, CT.
Marty1fan: I like Little Things
smartybell: my fav is OLD HAT
SherryM: One of my faves too (Little Things)
Margie/MA: I love a lot of the faster songs, but my favorites tend to lean towards the ballads. But I love all of them!
Kim in Ohio: anyone here been to see him in wheeling wva or the show in june in berea, ohio?
TennesseePam: It's too hard to pick a favorite song. It depends on my mood as to which cd I listen to.
bufccmill: my fave is That's Country
lethlwpn: Seen Marty several times,finally caught Travis this summer, love to see them together!
Marty2go: MarI only watched MTV when you were here, Marty1fan. My country roots run deep, they just come to the surface stronger at times!
opishi: That is true Pam
Marty1fan: Tempted is good also
bufccmill: Anyone from Michigan?
Margie/MA: I saw him in Wheeling last year. He wasn't there this year.
Kim in Ohio: i can't wait to here the new one that will be coming out. i've heard soo much about it.
JODEE: Hi Everyone!
Marty1fan: I hear that Marty2go
Jill: Hi Jodee
smartybell: We saw him in Berea
OhioAngel: Hi, Jodee!
marie: Hi Jodee
MaryR.: Thanks Mel, for getting this all on paper.
smartybell: Hubby had Myracal right up front so she could see Marty.
opishi: Sherry any news on when Marty will go into the studio, I noticed he has 10 days in Oct off
Margie/MA: I had tickets to the Berea show, but we were on the way to Fan Fair by way of Pittsburgh (great show!), and decided to skip it.
opishi: He also has 20 days in November
Marty1fan: hecko Jodee
Sheila: Hi Jodee
Marty2go: I'm from MI, bufccmill. Howdy!
opishi: Hi Jodee
jenninboro: Hey Jodee! Welcome to the chat!
JODEE: What's up?
LaDonna: Hi Jodee, glad you are here
Jill: Tell Marty we all wish him a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Kim in Ohio: i was at the show in wheeling and the show in berea. They were great. I love it when Travis and Marty can get together.
lethlwpn: bufccmill,pretty cool web-site you have.
OhioAngel: MaryR, you're welcome, but Sherry's as hard at it as I am! :) Between us we'll get it all!
Margie/MA: Hi Jodee!!!
Marty1fan: I put hecko, they must think we are putting in a bad word, and change it to hecko
bufccmill: Where? I Grand Rapids
smartybell: It was great my little girl had a blast.
SherryM: I hear they will be rehearsing the album in Sparks.
Marty2go: If some of the Double Trouble tour dates were cancelled because of low ticket sales, people don't have a clue as to what they were missing. Those two are terrific together!!
opishi: ooooo, I want to to to Sparks!
Marty1fan: Yes they are, and should tour together again.
SherryM: Jodee, glad you could make it! This is fun!
JODEE: This is confusing ! ! !
bufccmill: lethlwpn thank you
Margie/MA: I've heard a lot of the new songs this summer, and they're really good. It's going to be an awesome album.
Jenninboro: Jodee....where's the birthday guy tonight?
Marty1fan: Do you know if Marty is going to be here?
marie: We went to one of the shows on the Double Trouble tour and they were great! One of the few times Marty played in NJ.
Sheila: I'm going to Sparks. Can't wait!!
Marty2go: Rockford, bufccmill.
Kim in Ohio: Hi Sherry!
OhioAngel: Jodee, you're right. It's like being in 20 conversations all at once.
opishi: I'm sooo jealous Sheila
JODEE: Hopefully he is having a good time.
MaryR.: Hi there Jodee, how've you been?
MaryR.: Sherry, Thanks to You too!
Margie/MA: I wanted to go to Sparks SO bad, but I just can't do it. I hope they'll be back there again next year.
Jill: I went to a Double Trouble tour in Charlotte N.C. and it was GREAT. Had tickets to the one in Asheville N.C. but it got cancelled
bufccmill: gee were close Marty2Go
smartybell: Hopefully? you don't sound so sure. I hope he is enjoying his day
Margie/MA: You just have to pick out one thing at a time to reply to, you can't keep up with everything.
Marty2go: Pardon my ignorance, where is Sparks?
Marty1fan: We Want Marty!!!
Kim in Ohio: Marty shook my son's hand at the Guernsey Co. Fair last Sept(97). Old Washington, Ohio. It was great!My son was 2.
LaDonna: MaryR did you get a present in the mail from me?
jenninboro: Gotta go! (Hard to be in 2 chat rooms at once!) See y'all in the funny papers! (LOL!)
SherryM: Somewhere in Nevada--maybe near Reno???
Marty1fan: How many Fan Fair goers?
bufccmill: Bye jenniboro
SherryM: Mary R and I were there. Jodee, of course!
Marty1fan: Bye jenniboro
Margie/MA: Jodee, do you know where they are today? The tour schedule I have said they were in WA the 27th-28th, then in CA Oct. 2.
JODEE: Sorry guys, but my computer is freezing and acting stupid.
smartybell: Take care Jenninboro
Kim in Ohio: i want to go to fan fair next year but i'm not sure if i will make it or not.
OhioAngel: I was there, Margie/MA was there.
opishi: I wish, I want to go to Fan Fair, hopefully I will make it in 2000
lethlwpn: If he's not here, I'm sure he's Tempted
LaDonna: me, 2 fan fair parties
smartybell: It is supposed to do that Jodee it is refreshing itself
Marty2go: Next time I see you in here, we'll have to chat, bufccmill. It's always nice to talk to Marty (and country music) fans!!
Marty1fan: SherryM is Marty going to be here tonight?
Jill: Never been to fanfair but plan to come next year and bring my mom. She got to see and Meet Marty in Newberry
Marty2go: Thanks for the info about Sparks, you'all!
Margie/MA: I was at Fan Fair! 1998 was my 15th one, I hope 1999 will be 16, but I have some things to work out.
opishi: the show on the 28th was cancelled
Marty1fan: Fan Fair is the best, I've been twice
MaryR.: Listening to Marty's music while chatting is really great!
SherryM: Not unless someone ties Marty down to look at the computer screen
bufccmill: marty2go email sometime
marie: We go to the fan club party every year and hopefully next year we'll get to stay for the whole week!
Sheila: I was at the party this year
SherryM: Do we really want that in the transcript, Mel? Marty may get a copy of this.
opishi: So who do we emial the rope to!! LOL
OhioAngel: If he can't sit still long enough to gte a haircut, being on the 'net is out of the question!
JODEE: The guys are in California and Sparks is in B.F. Nevada
Marty2go: Fan fair is a blast!! Marty1fan has been twice, once for me.
Margie/MA: Hey, if people are signing off, we need to tell them to sign up for Mel's Marty Mailing List, if they're not on it already!
Marty1fan: I think Marty is the greatest!!!
Trilogy: I hope to go to Fan Fare 1999. I have never been to one and can't wait!
Margie/MA: To get on the mailing list, send e-mail to Mel at, and she'll do the rest. It's a great list!
Marty1fan: What's Mel's Marty List?
OhioAngel: Yes, the info for the mailing list is on Sherry's site, or e-mail me at Thanks, Margie!
SherryM: Hope everyone is on the Mailing List. If not, catch the link off the website and sign up.
TennesseePam: Guys, I got to go. Computer keeps locking up. Stupid AOL! Marty, I love you! You're the best! Bye now.
Kim in Ohio: someone better email me and tell me their Marty stories:
lethlwpn: What time do you guys usually visit this chat room?
SherryM: And I thought only my computer malfunctioned!
LaDonna: Bye Pam , we will have to chat again about our cities!
smartybell: I think that I am on it if it is the one we have been talking about the chat on
Marty2go: Got your message, bufccmill. Catch you later!
Kim in Ohio: Oh and Marty you could email me too.
OhioAngel: Marty1fan, it's an e-mail mailing list where we post messages and talk about Marty.
Margie/MA: A mailing list is where you subscribe and then send messages to one address. It goes automatically to everyone signed up. We talk about Marty, the band, crew, schedule, concerts.
smartybell: Kim in Ohio here is my email
OhioAngel: Smartybell, that's it!
Margie/MA: Yes, Smartybell, you're on the mailing list.
Marty1fan: Thanks for the info, can Marty e-mail us personnally, I would like that.
smartybell: Hey all of us Ohio crew could take a road trip
bufccmill: sounds good Mart2go
Kim in Ohio: i think i'm on
OhioAngel: We Ohioans have to meet up sometime! Especially Canton and Akron are so close.
Kim in Ohio: the mailing list too.
smartybell: I wish the girl who took pictures of Myracal and Steve would send us a copy of the picture
Margie/MA: I doubt if Marty will be e-mailing anyone personally, but that's not why we're on the mailing list. It's just a place for his fans to get together and talk.
MaryR.: I'm sure Marty computer skills are as good as his British accent (in Knoxville).
smartybell: Myracal wanted to kidnap Steve it was cute
Marty1fan: I must have been under the wrong impression that Marty was going to chat in here tonight.
OhioAngel: I don't think Marty would have time to e-mail all his fans, he'd never get anything else done! :)
Marty2go: Hey, Marty1fan, I think I'm going to go! Talk at you later!! Marty, I love you, man, and I hope this birthday is the best ever. Chow!
Margie/MA: No, as far as I know Marty doesn't even know how to use a computer.
SherryM: Nobody ever said Marty was going to be part of this BD chat.
Marty1fan: It's a nice thought, though
Kim in Ohio: i'm about an hour and half south of canton. we will have to stay in touch.
OhioAngel: No, it's just a way for the fans to get together and celebrate his birthday.
opishi: By the way Sherry, I should get my pictures back from Sunday's concert tomorrow, will will scan the best ones and email them to you
bufccmill: Bye Marty2go
Jill: Gotta go. Thank you Sherry I enjoyed it. WIll try to scan some pictures and send them to you
smartybell: Yes let's. I am up near Fairlawn
Marty1fan: That's cool too!!!
opishi: Bye Jill
Kim in Ohio: Thanks for all you do Sherry!
SherryM: Good night everyone who is leaving! Thanks for stopping by.
Trilogy: Once again Marty, Happy Birthday, We all love you and your wonderful music. Bye for now Guys . Thanks for all your hard work Sherry -&- all of you that work so hard for the fans
Margie/MA: Bye, to everyone who's signing off!
MaryR.: Ladonna , yes I did get the pics! I sent a big thank you earlier, but I don't think it got there.
SherryM: Thank all of you guys who are on the mailing list and who constantly check out the website.
opishi: So I'm sure this room has a few good Marty stories, anyone got a good short one?
bufccmill: I have to go as well. Thank you Sherry. It's been fun! :-)
Marty1fan: I love the Fan Club and I think you all do a fantastic job!!
Margie/MA: I'm one of Marty's Massachusetts Cookie Girls.
Kim in Ohio: fairlawn? where is fairlawn?
marie: Sherry thank you! You are definitely appreciated by us!
opishi: Anyone remember their firs meeting?
LaDonna: MaryR how did your pics turn out?
smartybell: Between Akron and Medina
LaDonna: Jodee are you still here?
Margie/MA: That's not much of a story, but it's cool, anyway. :)
SherryM: Everyone remembers their first meeting with Marty.
marie: Opishi - do I ever remember! I was as nervous as could be!
Marty1fan: Anyone ate at a Waffle House lately? Any Marty spottings?
smartybell: Waffle House?
Margie/MA: My first meeting with Marty was Fan Fair 1989, at his booth. He was alone, no one knew who he was, and a friend and I stopped to talk to him.
SherryM: I haven't looked for Marty--so I haven't seen him anywhere.
opishi: Me too Marie
Margie/MA: Marty LOVES Waffle House restaurants!
lethlwpn: Good Night, Country Girls!!! Thanks -&- talk with you again soon.
OhioAngel: Waffle House is one of Marty's all-time favorite restaurants, Smartybell.
smartybell: oh ok thanks lol
Margie/MA: I think Jodee was having trouble with her computer
smartybell: night lethlwpn
Kim in Ohio: my first meeting waas in 97 in Old washington ohio(fair), when he talked to my son and shook his hand. it was great.
Sheila: I remember mine Sherry fixed me up in Wilmington walked on air a month got a hug
SherryM: Are we thinning out a little bit?
Marty1fan: I first met Marty at a concert in Michigan at Val-Du-Lakes
opishi: I hardly remeber what was said! But I did meet one of my very best friends there
OhioAngel: I was at that Old Washington show. Connie was with him and sang and was fantastic!
Kim in Ohio: not much of a story but it's mine! lol
Marty1fan: Marty is the best!!!
opishi: Me to Kim
Margie/MA: Any Marty story is a good one. He's just a really special person.
OhioAngel: Sherry, I think we are. It was set from 9-10 and it's about 10 now, probably that's why.
Marty1fan: He will take the time to chat with you
Kim in Ohio: It was raining at the fair. i live just 30 minutes from that fair grounds.
SherryM: Marty is one of a kind.
MaryR.: I bumped into Marty accidentally in front of the men's room in Chattanooga at the No Hat's Tour!
OhioAngel: Yes, it was raining, but Marty didn't care!
Marty1fan: When do most of you chat in the room during the week, because when I come in there is nobody to be found.
Margie/MA: I was supposed to be at Old Washington, remember Mel? Judy couldn't go, and I couldn't drive that far alone.
SherryM: Oh yes, Mary R's story is quite cute.
marie: MaryR, accidentally?!?!?!?
LaDonna: MaryR did you follow him in!!!
OhioAngel: I remember, Margie. Fortunately, you came the next week for the Delaware show, though.
opishi: Ok lets hear it Mary?
MaryR.: Now, before you get too excited, I was waiting on my boyfriend.
SherryM: Actually, there's no special set time to chat. But, we'll do this more often.
Kim in Ohio: It didn't matter to me that it was raining but it took a toll on the picture that i had him sign.
OhioAngel: Suggest a time and I'm sure Sherry will put it up on the site to get people to come in.
lethlwpn: PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
opishi: You mean you don't hang around the men's room as a usual thing??? LOL
Margie/MA: I've drowned but good a couple of times for Marty. I won't do it for anyone else, but I'll sit in the rain for him.
smartybell: Miss Loretta is coming on TNN
Marty1fan: Sounds good, especially to have a set time like this chat was, then we can all make it a point to chat about Marty.
SherryM: Megan got a chat up at the last minute and it was a blast.
Kim in Ohio: if there was a set time for a chat i would be here.
Margie/MA: It needs to be earlier in the day, or on a weekend, for Megan to join in now that school's going again. She was here early and had to sign off before 9:00.
opishi: Those are the most fun, I remember a chat some friends and I had with Steve on AOL once, it was great
opishi: Just spur of the moment
SherryM: It would be neat to set up something for Wednesday at 9 ET every week.
Marty1fan: Saturday nights are good for me for chatting
Margie/MA: I might even make the drive in to Worcester (20 miles, my computer is at work) to talk about Marty. :)
opishi: Wed night is good for me
OhioAngel: It would be nice to have a few, all at different times, so that people in different time zones can make it.
Marty1fan: I usually work on Wednesdays, but I took this night off because it was special, Marty's B-day
SherryM: Margie, we've got to get you a computer!!!
Margie/MA: 9:00 is a long time for me to hang around here, waiting. I get off work at 5:00.
OhioAngel: Anybody who's on the mailing list can always suggest a time there and work it out with other people!
SherryM: I guess I need to check my own chat room out more often. I just missed someone this morning my seconds.
Kim in Ohio: wed at 9:00pm sounds good to me.
SherryM: Oops, that's BY seconds!!!
smartybell: My Hubby builds puters when he is not playing music
OhioAngel: Margie, you've gone over and above the call of duty!
SherryM: Indeed you have, it's 10 p.m. your time. Might as well sleep on the desk.
opishi: Yes you have Margie
MStuartfan: Am I the only one here?
OhioAngel: Anybody who's still here, say your birthday greetings for Marty!
SherryM: Jana, are you no longer on AOL?
Marty1fan: Hey it was great talking to everyone! Hope you have a wonderful evening. Happy Birthday to Marty!!!
smartybell: Happy Birthday Marty!
MStuartfan: Sorry, I didn't see any other folks till I scrolled
OhioAngel: Happy Birthday Marty, and thanks for being the special person you are. Nobody else has such great fans, that's for sure!
marie: Happy Birthday Marty! We think you're the greatest!
Kim in Ohio: Happy Birthday Marty!!! I Love You!!!!
smartybell: Best wishes and Prayers for safe travel
Sheila: Happy 40th Marty!!!!!
MStuartfan: Happy Birthday, Good Lookin'!
Margie/MA: Marty, I hope you had the best birthday ever, and I wish you many more. You're very special, and I love you lots.
SherryM: H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y M-A-R-T-Y! We love you!
opishi: I've been off AOL temporarily due to a computer glitch
smartybell: May your moccasins never fill with sand and may the hard wind be always at your back
opishi: But will be back on as of tomorrow
OhioAngel: Margie, Sahara's here with me!
MStuartfan: May he NEVER have the winds We just had!....Georges!
Marty1fan: Happy Birthday Marty Stuart, and may you have many more!!!
MaryR.: 40 ain't so bad!
Marty1fan: SherryM thanks for setting up the chat it was great!!!
Margie/MA: And Marty, I LOVE my shirt! :) Thank you so much.
Marty1fan: SherryM thanks for setting up the chat it was great!!!
opishi: No, 40 is just the beginning
OhioAngel: 40's just fine, as a matter of fact!
SherryM: I just don't know your screen names--so who are you Marty1fan?
Marty1fan: Hit say it too many times, sorry
LaDonna: Sherry, THanks once again!!
Margie/MA: Mel, pat Sahara for me. Is she going to wish Marty happy birthday, too? :)
Sheila: No Mary it's not Been there done that
MStuartfan: I was just checking how long everyone's been idle and see that Jodee is or was here. Is she still here?
OhioAngel: Always! She loves Marty's music, she meows to it, LOL! You should hear her on Arlene!!
Kim in Ohio: Thanks bunches Sherry!
Marty1fan: Margaret
SherryM: Jodee's computer was acting up, and I think she left.
marie: This was great, thanks Sherry and Mel. Hope everyone has a good night! Bye!
MStuartfan: Sherry, is this YOUR web page? I haven't checked it out yet but it looks FANtastic!
Margie/MA: Hey, I'm Margaret, too! Just don't call me that, I'm Margie to everyone who counts. :)
OhioAngel: Bye, Marie! Thanks for being here!
MStuartfan: Cathy
Kim in Ohio: Hope to see you all real soon! Goodnight!
Marty1fan: HI Margie!!!
smartybell: Toni
Margie/MA: Bye, Marie! Hope to see you in CT!
LaDonna: This has been great, I have to go pack, going to Mrytle Beach in the morning!
opishi: I'm Jana
OhioAngel: LaDonna, have a great and *safe* trip!
MaryR.: Oh yes it, Sheila :
MStuartfan: I got to see Marty in Mobile a couple of weeks ago. I had a www.onderful.time!!
smartybell: Night to who ever is leaving sweet dreams
LaDonna: I hope to talk to you all again soon Bye!!!
SherryM: Please check out the page before you go. I think I did a good job on it.!
Margie/MA: Some new people came on after I said this...if you're not on it, write to Mel at and join her Marty Mailing list!
opishi: You do a great job Sherry
OhioAngel: Yes, you've done an excellent job on the website, Sherry. Margie, thanks for the plug for the list, we can never have too many Marty fans!
SherryM: Thanks--I'm still taking names for the Wall of Friends that I'm adding.
Margie/MA: Bye LaDonna, have fun! Drive careful.
Sunshine: Sherry - when are you going to see Marty next? Thanx for the invite to Marty's birthday party by the way!
MStuartfan: What kind of stuff is usually on this mailing list?
opishi: Cool, I can hardly wait Sherry
Marty1fan: You've done a excellent job with Marty's Web Page, SherryM
MaryR.: Have a safe trip, Ladonna!
Margie/MA: Hey, I tell everyone I see. :) About Sherry's web site, too.
SherryM: Mario and I will see Marty in Owensboro, KY on Nov. 7. And who are you, Sunshine??Margie/MA: Bye LaDonna, have fun! Drive careful.
OhioAngel: MStuartfan, we talk about Marty's concert, tv appearances, music, anything related to Marty, and we share info on upcoming shows, etc.
Sheila: Yea Thanks Sherry and Mel
MStuartfan: It's been short -&- sweet but, I've gotta go...had a bad headache all day.
Margie/MA: We just talk about Marty, the band and crew, tour schedule, concerts, who's seeing them where, a little about us, that kind of stuff.
OhioAngel: MStuartfan, if you're ever interested in more info on the list, e-mail me at and I'll send you info.
Marty1fan: Goodnight all!!!!
Margie/MA: Bye MStuartfan, hope you feel better.
SherryM: By MStuartfan.
Sheila: How many names have you got Sherry?
MStuartfan: Thanks!! I'll send in my name and see what it's all about. Ok...I take it, you're Mel??
Marty1fan: It's been wonderful talking to all of you
opishi: bye Marty1fan
smartybell: Sherry do you know what the tickets are going for ?
OhioAngel: Well, I have to say goodnight to everyone soon too, I'm leaving for Indiana in the morning.
SherryM: For Owensboro--$25 each per show (he's doing two shows)
OhioAngel: Yes, MStuartfan, I'm Mel. :)
MStuartfan: Thanks...a good nights sleep ought to get rid of this pain in the neck!!!!
MStuartfan: Good nightOhioAngel: Yes, MStuartfan, I'm Mel. :)
MStuartfan: Thanks...a good nights sleep ought to get rid of this pain in the neck!!!!
MStuartfan: Good night
Sunshine: Sherry - when are you going Sherry - Sunshine - Helene from Alberta, Canada
OhioAngel: I hate to jinx myself, but I'll be at Owensboro, too! :)
SherryM: I'm not sure how many names I have--at least 200 at this point.
Kim in Ohio: Goodnight everyone!
opishi: That is great Sherry
Margie/MA: Owensboro tickets are $27.00 each, two shows. Phone is 800-626-1936. We got a room for that night, too, they weren't very expensive. Shows are 8:00 and 10:30. Get VIP, front sec
opishi: Good night Kim
smartybell: night to all who are leaving
SherryM: Hey Helene. Owensboro is November 7. Margie? Tickets are only $25. I paid $100 for four! (maybe they are cheaper that way?)
smartybell: What is the Venue?
Margie/MA: Did you get VIP section? I don't know, what I have written down is $27.00 each. I'll be mad if they charged us more!
SherryM: Easy to find. It's off Hwy 60 right on the river.
MaryR.: Thanks Sherry and Mel and Thanks Marty for being the kind of person that makes us proud to say I'm a Marty Stuart Fan!
SherryM: I know that the gal who got them got the best they have.
smartybell: My little girl has orthepedic problems and I want to make sure she will be able to see
OhioAngel: OK, I have to get out of here and pack. Thanks to all who came, this was really special! Sherry, I'll clean up my transcript of any duplications and send it to you.
Margie/MA: The shows are at the Executive Inn Rivermont.
SherryM: Executive Inn-Rivermont in Owensboro, KY
OhioAngel: Margie, be careful going home, you've had a *very* long day!!
Margie/MA: Sherry, maybe you got a better deal if someone you know got the tickets for you?
Sheila: Good job Sherry I'd love to go to Owensboro but after Sparks Dave is cutting me off!
Margie/MA: Thanks, Mel! This time of day, it'll only take me a half hour, no traffic! You drive careful tomorrow, and have fun!
smartybell: hubby and I are talking it over now.
SherryM: I'll see what I got here too, Mel. I'm sure we got it all!!!
OhioAngel: Great! And thanks again ... bye, everybody ... and Margie, I have your message for tomorrow! :)
SherryM: I probably won't get this posted until tomorrow night!
Margie/MA: Toni, tell hubby that a lot of us will be there, and you need to meet all these people you talk to all the time! :)
SherryM: Good night, Mel. Thanks for your help! I appreciate it more than you know.
Sunshine: Sherry got to go - Thanx for the fun this evening - give Marty a kiss n hug for me when you see him. I gave him one for you -- honest. I'll send you pics from the Cowboys shows.
smartybell: Oh that is not the problem
SherryM: Thanks Helene--your review was super!
Sheila: Good night all
SherryM: Helene, join the mailing list--it's a lot of fun and you can keep up with the latest on Marty.
smartybell: Sherry will they let my little girl in?
opishi: Good night Helene your review was great
Margie/MA: Hey, Marie has a message posted to the list already! I still use an old computer for e-mail, so I have that on, too.
SherryM: Goodnight Sheila! Thanks for stopping by!
SherryM: Toni, I'm sure there isn't a problem. Is your child in a wheelchair? You sit at tables in Owensboro.
Margie/MA: Toni, I don't think it's a bar show, but call them and ask. It's a hotel so they're probably open 24 hours, 800-626-1936.
Margie/MA: Goodnight Sheila and Helene!
smartybell: No she is ambulatory, she had deformed ankles and has trouble in crowds, she is 5 years old and weighs 35 pounds.
SherryM: Oh yes, kids are allowed at the shows in Owensboro!
smartybell: We are working With the Shriners to get her ankles fixed
Jodee: I'm back
MaryR.: Good night everybody, it's been fun.
smartybell: She loves to dance and b-bop to Marty but she hurts all night
opishi: Welcome back Jodee
smartybell: Welcome back Jodee
Margie/MA: Hi Jodee. Don't you hate it when your computer does that? This one gives me lots of trouble.
Sunshine: Sherry, I would like to join the mailing list as long as I can figure out the technicalities- Ill try tomorrow. Thanx.
SherryM: As long as Mario and I get the seats right up front :)
MaryR.: Good night everybody, it's been fun.
Jodee: How did it go?
Margie/MA: No, Toni, you don't need the membership to get tickets. That only gets you into the M-&-G!
SherryM: No you don't need to be a fan club member to sit in the VIP section. But you need your M-&-G cards to meet with Marty.
Sheila: I'm not gone yet. Jodee you are doing a great job with the fan club Thanks!
Margie/MA: It went pretty good, Jodee. There were a lot of people, it got pretty confusing at times, but it was fun.
smartybell: I will get our renewals in as soon as possible. It took forever to get my original membership
opishi: Hey Jodee, do you know how many members are in the FC, just curious
SherryM: Margie, you and I are on the same wavelength here. Jodee, the chat was a blast! Between Mel and me, we think we have it copied so everyone can read the transcript.
Margie/MA: Between Mel and Sherry, they were saving everything that got said and will post a transcript of the chat on Sherry's site. You'll be able to see what happened.
Jodee: I've already upgraded my memory once and I'm waiting for one now to come in the mail to upgrade to the fullest.
opishi: It has been fun!
Margie/MA: I hope the fan club membership is going up. I have a friend who is going to renew, and I almost have another friend at work talked into joining. :)
SherryM: Keep 'em coming, Margie.
smartybell: hubby is going to be on my renewal
MaryR.: I'm not gone..just haven't been able to do anything. Just thought I'd get that in before everyone left.
Jodee: This is too confusing for me.
opishi: How much memory do you have on your computer Jodee?
Jodee: I'm having a hard time thinking tonight without having to stay in touch with several conversations
Margie/MA: Jodee, I want to thank you again for sending my renewal out on faith. It took my check almost three weeks to get there!
SherryM: Jodee, people are answering previous questions and things aren't getting posted in order. Typical of my life--confusing!
opishi: It just takes some getting use to
SherryM: I have 80 MB of RAM and my computer still has problems.
Tms: hecko
MaryR.: Do we know how many memberships there are now?
opishi: Really? wow it shouldn't
SherryM: Okay, who's Tms????
Tms: hecko marty fans
SherryM: Hecko tms.
Margie/MA: Hi, Tms, whoever you are!
Jodee: Hi Mary. I thought you were gone.
opishi: Hi TMS
smartybell: hmmm hubby gets another pay day on the 9th I can get my renewals in then
Tms: when i try to say hecko it shows up different
SherryM: Jodee, we still want to know....are the numbers going UP in the fan club???
opishi: Yes, it did for me too TMS, I'm not sure what the problem is
Margie/MA: Someone was saying that earlier, too!
Jodee: I have 64MB now (or 48, I can't rember) but am upgrading to 128
Tms: ok every thing i type comes out alright but the other word for hi
SherryM: What problem? Everything's fine on MY end.

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