Transcript of online interview with Marty Stuart after TNN Birthday Bash Festivities Marty is on his way to the set now.
Welcome to the auditorium Mr. Marty Stuart.

Bobby_17: Are Marty and Travis going to record another single??

Marty Stuart: He's too busy being a daddy right now. And I'm too busy being a new uncle to baby Tritt, so we haven't had a chance to talk about it.

LoveMuffin: Okay Marty, how do you get your hair to stand up like that?!!!

Marty Stuart: Duck doo-doo with a splash a mousse. (laughs) If you are just joining us, our guest in the chat room is Marty Stuart!!!!

rola: Marty, you are a mean mandolin player, who influenced you into county music?

Marty Stuart: Johnny Cash, Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs. You can see all of Marty's tour dates on his artist page in

ladylobo: This is for Marty Stuart when he gets there. I've seen some country stars at Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ this past summer. I was wondering if Marty will be there also? Summer of '98 '99 ??

Marty Stuart: I think so.

LilFilly For Marty: When is your next album coming out???

Marty Stuart: Early 1999. You can see Marty's discography on his page in

#1342 Abbie: I know you like Mexican food, but what is your favorite dessert?

Marty Stuart: My mama's applesauce cake. Send in your questions now for Marty Stuart.

Bummed in Hawaii: I heard you recently married, is that true? Who is your bride?

Marty Stuart: Yes, I married Connie Smith, and I'm bummed cause I'm not in Hawaii too. I wish I were in Maui.

opishi: Marty are you planning on touring with anyone in particular this year? If so who?

Marty Stuart: We've just been touring with BR5-49.

Miranda from Missouri: Are you Tyler Tritt's godfather?

Marty Stuart: No. I'm her favorite uncle, though. Did you know Marty has been a member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1992?

Judy and Andy from Woodstock, IL: Do you remember your first appearance you made on TNN? What year and which show?

Marty Stuart: It was Nashville Now in 1987, I think.

ModCC: I love your "Hillbilly Rock"! What is your most requested song?

Marty Stuart: Probably "Tempted." Feel free to send in more questions for Marty. Now Katie Haas is here too!!!

ModCC: Will you and Connie record an album together? You sound great together. Congratulations on your marriage!

Marty Stuart: Thank you. Welcome to the room Ms. Katie Haas. This will be our last question with Marty.

ModCC: Huh Marty, tell us about the time you spent playing with Lester Flatt.

Marty Stuart: It would be like a young painter getting to hang around Picasso. I learned all the rules by being around Lester Flatt. Marty, Thanks for chatting with us!

Marty Stuart: Thank you. See you out there in the world. Good night!

dawtrip: Katie and Marty, you two were great on the show tonight, did you ever think of teaming up and doing a talk show?

Katie Haas: I'd love to if I could find a network that would have us.

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