Imperial Theater, Augusta, GA on March 12, 2010

Who would drive 2-1/2 hours in the pouring rain, fighting Friday evening traffic just to see a concert??? That would be me!! Anyone in desperate need of a Marty fix understands that! As we finally reached the beautiful Imperial Theater, the rain let up for the first time in hours. We found our seats with just minutes to spare and settled in for a great show. As usual, Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives did not let us down.

The show started right on time with a new song called "Glad To Be Here" which is a perfect "welcome to the concert" song. As he is known to do, Marty re-worked some of the words to fit the town he's performing in and the good folks of Augusta loved it! Marty looked great in a faded pair of jeans, black shirt and sparkly jacket, with his silver concho belt around his hips. He welcomed all of us to the theater and thanked us for coming out in the rain to see the show. "Stop the World And Let Me Off" was followed by "Country Boy Rock & Roll" and then "The Whiskey Ain't Workin'.'' Marty never sings this song without telling a Travis story afterward. Tonight it was the one about he and Travis buying insurance during the days of the No Hats tour. He had the theater cracking up with his Travis impersonation.

After all the Travis foolishness, the theater got very quiet as Marty and the guys sang "Long Black Veil" and "The Wall." These songs always seem to be audience favorites. We were all clapping along as the opening notes of "Tempted" started and then cheered loudly as Marty introduced Apostle Paul, Handsome Harry, and Cousin Kenny. "La Tingo Tango" was dedicated to everyone who watches RFD TV. Marty started playing the music to "Now That's Country" but then switched it up and started singing "In The Pines" which is one of the songs I love to hear them do. The audience was really enjoying the show and seemed to appreciate the the old songs. Marty and the guys were having a ball and the crowd responed by cheering, whistling and shouting. When an especially loud shout was heard, Marty would grin and point out toward the audience and say "That's a Georgia girl!!!"

Cousin Kenny was feeling shy but with a little encouragement we managed to get him to sing "Country Music's Got A Hold On Me" and "Walk Like That." Paul then took us all on a ride on the "Bluegrass Express." The Fabulous Superlatives just keep getting better!!

As the guys took a short break, Marty talked about his dad and told the story of how he lost his job after 30 years of working at the same factory. He then sang "'Hard Working Man" for anyone who has ever been in John Stuart's position. Before singing "Trip to Little Big Horn," he talked about the Lakota people and how special they are to him. He encouraged all of us to adopt a tribe of Indians one day. Johnny Cash stories and "Dark Bird" were next, followed by "Mandolin Rip." He worked a few notes of "Dixie" in there, which always has a Southern crowd cheering!!

Once the guys joined him on stage again Handsome Harry took the lead on "Workin' On A Building." I've always loved Marty to do this song but I have to admit Harry takes it to a whole new level! Marty acknowledged members of the legendary Lewis Family who were in the audience and asked Janice Lewis to come up on stage and sing a song. Marty requested "Matthew 24." Janice said she could only do the first verse and chorus, but the audience was cheering and encouraged her to keep singing. Marty was just beaming. It was really a precious moment. Before Janice left the stage, Marty said that he and the band performed with the Lewis Family at their final concert before retirement last year. He reminded Janice of a song he, Paul, Harry and Kenny had just written and were hoping to record. As Janice stood on the side of the stage, Marty and the guys sang "Heaven" for her.

Next was a new favorite of mine "Tear The Woodpile Down." Marty was dancing all over the stage and even had Kenny jumping around! The audience was loving every minute of it and "Hillbilly Rock" came around much too soon. Fortunately for us, they were soon back with more cutting up from Marty and Kenny as they told us what we could buy at the merchandise table. Marty asked for requests and everyone started shouting out suggestions. "Ring of Fire" won and Marty did a fine job on the old Johnny Cash hit. Next was "This One's Gonna Hurt You (For A Long, Long Time)" and then "Porter Wagoner's Grave."

When the show was over, I looked at my watch and couldn't believe an hour and fourty five minutes had passed by so fast! But that's always the way it is when I see Marty and the guys - the time goes by much too quickly!

Review by Judy Simonton

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