Paramount Arts Center, Ashland, KY on November 6, 2004

I was invited to attend the concert at the Paramount Arts Center in Ashland, Kentucky with Diane Gilmore and her family. It took approximately six hours to arrive at the Center. We got to listen to a local talent doing soundcheck, Tony Ramey.

While we were waiting, we walked down the steps and found the merchandise table where Marty would be signing autographs after his performance at 9:30 p.m. Jim Hill came in with some more t-shirts and saw us and spoke. I was surprised that Mr. Jim knew my name; he called me "Evelyn."

When people were coming in, I saw Ellie, Pat Johnson, Margie B. and Glenda and Clarence arrive inside, Ellie, Pat, and Margie sat on the same row we did, and Glenda and Clarence sat behind them on the end. Ellie came over and spoke to me and so did Margie.

All the performances were great. When the shows were over and time for Marty to come on, Mr. Jim came out to host and introduce Marty, and he acknowledged us being there and Margie B. Pat, and Ellie being there as well. He played a game with three of the audience members.

He said when it was time for Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives to come on, he would let us know to give them a countdown to come on stage. He did say Marty had a special guest too! And that Marty would be signing autographs at the merchandise table after the show. Mr. Jim left the stage for a bit while they were getting things ready for Marty and his special guest.

One of the local talents, Paul Pace, came out and sat in a rocker and introduced Marty to come out so he could interview him. Marty told Paul his guest would be Leroy Troy. Marty wore a beautiful black suit with designs on it. And perfect hairdo. It has gray in it more now.

Then they got up and went backstage, and Mr. Jim came out and introduced Leroy. He was funny. He told us he would sing on more song after doing two. He played the heck out of his banjo and even made it sound like a clock. After the third song, he got a standing ovation from some of the audience, and Mr. Jim came out and asked us if we wanted to hear more of Leroy. So, he came on for an encore, and Marty came out with him and played the mandolin.

Then after that song was finished, Marty and Leroy went to the side of the stage, and Mr. Jim came out for us to do the countdown for Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives. The band was dressed in black suits as well.

The show was an acoustic bluegrass, gospel show. I loved it! I love hearing Marty play the mandolin, and he did play it lots, also his regular guitar as well, not the electric ones he uses for his rockabilly shows.

Kenny Vaughan sang "I Like It When You Walk Like That." Brian, Harry, and Kenny joined Marty for a beautiful slow gospel song. I loved it, but I can't remember the name. Marty told a story about Travis Tritt and the bank with Mr. Cobb. It was funny! Then he sang "The Whiskey Ain't Workin'." Marty spoke of Kentucky having Christmas stuff out already before Halloween, and that put him and the band in the spirit of singing a Christmas song early, "Even Santa Claus Gets The Blues."

Marty was great as always. He joked around with the audience and was serious too. He said he hadn't been home in a while. I thought he said 1972 (sounded like it), and that he wished he was holding Connie right then, so he sung "Homesick"!

Some guy yelled, "Whoa", and Marty had already started singing, but took time out and yelled back, "Yea"! He mentioned going to the White House to help President Bush light the Christmas Tree next month, and he said he intended to tell President Bush, there is "Too Much Month (at the End of the Money)", so he sang that. He did a solo by himself on the mandolin and got down with it When he ended the song, he said "That's it." I know he did a couple of other songs, but can't remember the names.

Then he called Leroy Troy to come out and sing a song with him and the band. He told Leroy, "Take your hat off. It is gospel song." So he did and they did "This Little Light of Mine." After that, Marty told Leroy he could stay out there and dance the hula or whatever he wanted. And Marty finished the show with "Hillbilly Rock" playing it on his mandolin! Great job! Leroy danced and then he did a slow dance holding his own shoulders. It looked like someone was holding on to him! Then Marty said, "Thank you. Good night everybody."

Everyone stood up for Marty and the band, and Mr. Jim came on and asked if we wanted more of Marty. We all yelled and he came back out. He told the story of being a boy in Mississippi. Some lady behind me yelled, "Me too." He said, "Okay brother." And she yelled, "Sister." He told of seeing trains and hobos, and ended with the encore song "Hobo's Prayer."

Lots of people left and others of us lined up for the meet and greet at the merchandise table. I left the line long enough to get a new picture of Marty. There was around 100 people. As the line was moving, I handed Diane's husband, Jim, my camera to get a pic of me and Marty at the table. When it was my turn to talk to Marty, I handed Marty my new pic of him, he said, 'Hi Evelyn, how are you?" I said, "I am better." He said, "Great, I knew you had surgery." I said, "You did know." He signed my pic with my name on it, and I asked about a pic of us and he said, "Wait, we'll take pictures after the signing." I said, "Okay." So, I walked on down to the band and let them sign the pic by where Marty signed and told them I loved the slow gospel song they sang, and so did a lady in front of me.

After Diane, Jim, and Jamie talked to Marty, Jamie got her pic taken with Brian, and we were gonna leave. That is when I told Diane, Marty wanted me to wait and he would take a pic with me after the signing, even Jim heard him. So we went back and waited.

When the signing was done, Marty came out from behind the table and took pics with some. When it was my turn, I gave Diane my camera, but somehow the first one didn't take. Marty gave me a big hug, so had to tell him it didn't take the first time, and he grabbed me and hugged me again for the second time. It still didn't work, but I didn't want to worry Marty for another try with one of my other cameras. After I walked away from the second time, I told Marty, "Love you." He said, "Love you too."

Marty had on a black shirt and black pants for the meet and greet. I did get my pic taken with Brian, and Leroy Troy though. Another great night getting to see Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives.

Review by Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, KY

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