Here's what the fans are saying about All The Pretty Horses

I've heard some of Marty's work on country radio and, quite frankly, I'm not into country billboard stuff. But when I saw the rolling credits of this movie with Marty's name on the written music, I was shocked and amazed. Marty Stuart wrote this music??? In fact, my wife, who has never heard of Marty Stuart before or his music affiliation, fell in love with this music. God has truly given Marty a unique talent to write beautiful music. Cormac McCarthy would be truly proud of this priceless treasure. Bottom line, this music touched our very souls! -- Mario and Virginia

This comment in response to a review in The Reader: "I wanted to be at that Mexican dance with the Mavericks (you did catch that, didn’t you)? Oh, that’s right, the overwrought — it was overwrought, I think you said — score by Marty Stuart; well, it was different from the normal film score of today. And maybe that’s where the trouble lies. There were no computer-generated effects, no plot mechanisms to push you along at a frenzied rate, no pulsating Dolby-enhanced modern soundtrack. Good. There are enough films like that." -- Joseph Watson

"CDs getting a lot of play these days include the All the Pretty Horses soundtrack, written by Marty Stuart, Kristin Wilkinson and Larry Paxton. Stuart's mandolin and guitar work are in great form and he turns in a gorgeous vocal on one of the few songs, 'Far Away.' The album ranges from a Tex-Mex flavour to an Appalachian one." -- Charles de Lint

"When I decided to move out here a few months ago, I was listening to Marty Stuart's score for All the Pretty Horses. And gosh if it isn't stuck, in that same headspace just below and behind my ears, where I hear music when none is playing. The first four-and-a-half minutes of Track 23."

"During this chapter, the music by Marty Stuart seemed to me all wrong...a bombastic, stereotypically American anthem, announcing that something quite exciting was going on, when it wasn't. The occasional flourishes of the musical score by Daniel Lanois sound much more fitting to the tone of the story... tentative, spooky, spiritual. I suspect that the Marty Stuart soundtrack was inflicted on the picture by the studio, to give it a more commercial and traditional flavor. Thornton had worked with Lanois just fine on Sling Blade, and I can't imagine why he'd toss away such evocative work." -- Jeffrey Overstreet

"For those of you out there who have not seen this film yet, please do. It is definitely not for everyone but if you are the type who doesn't have to have quick cuts and fast action to enjoy a movie, you will most likely enjoy it. Just keep in mind, the biggest complaint from the critics was the pacing which they described as "hopscotching" from one scene to the next. This is not a flaw. The original cut was just a shade under four hours long, if it seems that something is missing, there is. Roughly half the film. It has been stated that the full, original version will make the DVD release. On the big screen, the amazing cinematography really does its work. The film is not so much of a love story between two people as it is a love story about two young men's love of a way of life in a time when that way is rapidly dissapearring. It's a story about taking a turn off the beaten path in search of a better way of life and sel-discovery. Matt Damon, Henry Thomas, and Lucas Black are perfectly cast and turn in GREAT performances. Now the music. Mr. Thornton has a wonderful sense of music and a brilliant insight as to how a film's score can make or break a movie. So he hired on country veteran Marty Stuart and put him in charge of the music. Smart move indeed. I don't usually buy soundtracks, especially not scores, but upon seeing the movie, I had to have it. It's also a great accompanyment for the book. There is not a bad note on the whole thing. I am sure that anyone who liked this movie will enjoy the soundtrack." -- Bill Allison, Kimberling City, MO

"It is very good! I like the Spanish influence throughout. The mandolin playing is very recognizable as Marty's music. Some of the songs are very romantic; some are toe-tapping and some are kinda sad. Some songs are kinda short. I find myself just getting into a song and then it's over. One of my favorites is 'Strawberry Tango'. That's a longer one and Marty wrote it. It's great to hear Marty sing 'Far Away', the only track with vocals. It is very different than what we are used to hearing from Marty, but I really enjoy the music. I've always liked Spanish music, flamingo dancers, etc., so this CD fits that void in my music collection. I'm glad I got it." -- Lori Shirley

"I absolutely love it. I play the music when I go to bed at night. It is also good music to listen to when I am drawing. Marty never ceases to amaze me. The man is so gifted." Bev Kerr

"All the Pretty Horses is positively the best soundtrack ever. Been playing it over and over. Such a talent. -- Sandy Ryan, Harrington, DE

A perfect score to enhance a beautifully shot film.

"Marty Stuart has always been a country traditionalist and it shows in his score to "All the Pretty Horses". His use of mandolins, acoustic guitars and traditional fiddle set the mood and accompany the amazing landscape scenes beautifully. I usually don't leave the theater thinking more about the music than the movie, but this time I did. The spanish song "Porque" is absolutely gorgeous and is sung beautifully by Raul Malo of the Mavericks. He also has a cameo in the film as well. I would highly recommend this cd to anyone yearning for the music of the old west and simpler times." -- angst24, Hartsdale, NY

Purty Dam Gum Good!

"Oh that Marty! This is really a wonder. Each moment is divine. Each song is special . Each track evokes this film perfectly. Marty Stuart is an incredible talent as a songwriter and now he's proven himself to be a natural at scoring film. This is really special music. It is music to be savored as well as music to tap toes to! The Golden Globe should be as easy as pie...and justly deserved." -- Mary Willard, Los Angeles, CA

"My husband and I wanted to say that the musical score for the movie All the Pretty Horses is the most beautiful and sensual music we've ever heard. Congratulations to Marty for doing such an outstanding job. I've seen that movie 4 times and I attribute a lot of it to the music that puts me there in time. Hope he wins the Golden Globe award and we will be watching." -- Jim & Carmen Warkentin

"I saw the movie, All the Pretty Horses today. I noticed in the credits at the beginning that Marty Stuart wrote the music for it. He also sings a song at the very end as the full credits are running - very pretty. I hope a soundtrack will be available. Marty seems to have many talents! Movie was good also." -- Betty Rivinius

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