AOL Chat Transcript - June 8, 1999

OnlineHost: *** You are in "The Bowl". ***

Marty Stuart: Thank you! I'm proud to be on with everyone. This is the first time I've ever done this, so be nice!

AOLiveMC2: Oh, this should be fun, Marty. And here's our first question:

Question: What's your favorite story you like to tell about Travis Tritt?

Marty Stuart: He's getting ready to have a new baby and this time its going to be a boy. I'm going to be with him when it happens I asked him what you have to do when a baby is born and he said you just have to get a case of beer, go to the hospital and wait!

AOLiveMC2: LOL. That is indeed a good story.

Question: Marty, I am from Mississippi. Do you miss the little town atmosphere and after you finish country music will you come back to Philadelphia, MS?

Marty Stuart: I do miss small-town atmosphere. But when I do, I still have a place. I was just there over the weekend, and it's not a question of when I'm through with country music, but when it's through with me, that's exactly where I'll return to.

Question: Marty, I have been a fan of yours and your wife, Connie Smith's, for years. You are both such talented artists. I would love to hear an album of you two performing together. Have you two ever considered that?

Marty Stuart: I co-produced her last record, but as far as doing duet records, probably not. She's the kind of artist that doesn't need duet music. I like to just listen to her.

Question: Marty, who were some of your earliest influences?

Marty Stuart: Marilyn Manson, Yogi Bear, Daffy Duck, and Johnny Cash! And Merle Haggard!

AOLiveMC2: How versatile you are, Marty!

Question: Hi Marty. I have really enjoyed your music. My question is do you have someone special make all those jackets you wear? We sure can't miss you when you walk in a room. LOL

Marty Stuart: If Wal-Mart don't have them, I usually go to Manuel. He's been making clothes for me since I was 12. He's the King of the Cowboy Tailors. He has a shop in Nashville. As Mae West once said, I'd rather be looked over than overlooked!

Question: What advice would you give to someone who knows they have the talent and ability to make it big in country music, but don't know where to start?

Marty Stuart: The best place to start is to try to get in with a local band in your hometown that plays the kind of music you enjoy. So many of us started at church. They'll always let you sing at church! If you feel it's right, keep going further!

Question: Marty, I'm planning to be at Fan Fair next week, are you planning on being there?

Marty Stuart: Absolutely! Bring a fan!

Question: Hey Marty! Love your "Hillbilly Rock"! Country music could sure use an injection of it about now. Country has gotten so homogenized. What changes will we hear on this long-anticipated album?

Marty Stuart: I returned to my roots with this album. It's almost every kind of country music I've ever played, from bluegrass to newer country. There's something in The Pilgrim for everybody!

Question: Are you a member of the Grand Ole Opry? During a Grand Old Opry show some time ago you, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs and Earl Scruggs sang together. What terrific music that was. Have you ever thought of making an album with those guys (and possibly Alison Krauss or Patty Loveless)?

Marty Stuart: Alison Krauss was in that group that night. We tried to get our schedules together to record that band but the logistics didn't work out, so it fell through.

Question: How did you like touring with Travis Tritt? I think you two make a good team.

Marty Stuart: We had an absolute blast! I love him like a brother. We set everything up on the "fun factor".... if it wasn't fun, we didn't do it!

Question: How did you get started in the music business?

Marty Stuart: Professionally, with a group called the Sullivan Family Gospel Singers when I was 12. I met a guy named Roland White who played with Lester Flatt. I got kicked out of school, met Lester Flatt, and he gave me a job at the Grand Ole Opry.

Question: Where did you find the people you used in your video "Hillbilly Rock?"

Marty Stuart: The lady that produced it was Joanne Gardner, and she cast it. They all reminded me of my friends and relatives so it felt like family.

Question: I have one of your Martin guitars, can I get it personally signed somewhere?

Marty Stuart: Absolutely! If we ever play a concert close to your home, if you bring it, I meet with my fan club after every concert. I'll do it then! Hope you like the guitar! If you're in the mood to buy another, Fender is putting out another Marty Stuart Telecaster. I designed it, and it'll be out this July.

Question: Marty, are you doing strictly bluegrass at Huck Finn? And how about your new album, is it country, bluegrass, or both?

Marty Stuart: We won't be playing strictly bluegrass songs, but we'll be playing some. We'll be plugged in part of the time too.

Question: I never owned a country album until I bought one of yours. I am a fan of rock groups like Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Tool, and hard stuff. Do you have any harder rock influences or likes?

Marty Stuart: I love the Stones and Metallica!

Question: How is your friend, Johnny Cash doing?

Marty Stuart: Better than us! He's in Jamaica on vacation! Last week, I understand he recorded 10 new songs for an upcoming album, so he must be doing fine!

AOLiveMC2: That's wonderful news!

Question: Marty, you have been around for a long time, what do you think of the NEW country music?

Marty Stuart: It's just like old country music... some of it's good, some of it's great... and some of it will do you with just one listen.

Question: What album did you have the most fun producing?

Marty Stuart: The Pilgrim. It was absolutely one of the happiest times of my life.

Question: When was the first time you picked up a guitar?

Marty Stuart: I think the first one I remember having was when I was 3 years old.

AOLiveMC2: Here is a comment from one of your greatest fans, Marty.

Question: Hi Marty. I guess I just wanted to say thanks for being around. I listen to you all the time with my grandpa. He has been gone for two years now but every time I hear you I think of him and it makes me happy. Thanks. God Bless.

Marty Stuart: God bless you, too! Thank you!

Question: Marty how long did it take to get your career started?

Question: Marty how long did it take to get your career started?

Marty Stuart: I'm still trying! LOL!

Question: When did you first know that making music professionally was your goal in life?

Marty Stuart: The first time I heard a round of applause, signed an autograph, and got a letter from a girl who said she liked the way I looked onstage.

Question: Marty - love the new record... where is your favorite place to play?

Marty Stuart: The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, and I'm so glad you like The Pilgrim!

Question: What other female singer would you want to duet with? I think Patty Loveless would be a classic!

Marty Stuart: My band and I just scored Billy Bob Thornton's new movie, Daddy and Them, Sheryl Crow, and I just did a song for that. It should be out in the fall.

Question: Will you be at the TNN Music Awards on Monday, June 14 at the Nashville Arena?

Marty Stuart: Yes, I'm presenting an award.

Question: Marty, why did you decide to go into the career that you are in now?

Marty Stuart: Because I felt early in my life that it was what God wanted me to do and I wanted to honor that.

Question: Were your parents musicians?

Marty Stuart: No, they love music, but they really don't play it.

AOLiveMC2: We have time for one final question.

Question: Who would you say is the best guitarist in Nashville right now?

Marty Stuart: I think B.B. King is in town. I'd say him.

AOLiveMC2: Marty thanks for being with us tonight and answering our questions. It was a pleasure having you here.

Marty Stuart: I enjoyed it, and look forward to seeing you next time. God bless you, and God bless America.

AOLiveMC2: And we will be excited to have you back. Thanks to all the Marty Stuart fans who showed up to ask these great questions. Goodnight, everybody.

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